Dolphins game not sold out, but will be televised in Miami

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Like the Buccaneers, the Dolphins did everything they could to help sell enough tickets to allow the home opener to be televised locally.  Unlike the Bucs, the Dolphins are writing the check for the leftover tickets.

According to Craig Davis of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, the Dolphins said that, even though the game against the Raiders isn’t sold out, it will be televised locally.  This means that owner Stephen Ross and/or one or more team sponsors will be stepping up and buying up the remaining tickets at 34 cents on the dollar.

The move comes even after the Dolphins reduced their non-premium ticket minimum from 100 percent to 85 percent, taking full advantage of the relaxed blackout rule.

“As we’ve said many times, keeping the games on local television has been a priority of Steve Ross’ since he purchased the franchise,” Dolphins CEO Mike Dee said.  “Any remaining unsold seats will be offered to Dolphins premium seat-holders and season-ticket members on a first-come first-served basis.”

It’s unknown how many tickets weren’t sold.  The 85-percent rule reduced the Dolphins’ manifest by roughly 9,000 seats.

Regardless, there will be plenty of orange in Sun Life Stadium on Sunday, regardless of the colors the fans choose to wear.

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  1. The Miami Mullets strike again until they start wining and stop getting rid of every good player I am just gonna think they are tanking the team so they can move it to LA where said owner Ross can hang with Clebs all day

  2. Dolphins and Bucs fail to sell out despite 85% rule, Jags declined option and have announced sellouts for the entire regular season and look it up on ticketmaster people the tickets are all sold. So which team needs to move to LA? I think you have your two options.

  3. Sitting in the stands in Miami in September might be harder to bear than Chicago or Green Bay in January.

  4. Hey NFL… how’s that putting a 3rd nfl team in the worse economically stricken state, and lowest income state working out for you? Not well if all 3 can’t fill their stadiums.

  5. Ross wants stadium upgrades, Florida wont give him any public money, he is going to try and continue to be the good guy showing he is doing everything he can to keep the team in Miami Gardens, but he will be taking this franchise(leaving behind the name and history) to LA, where he will forever be loved by the celebrity community, he will go down as hero in the community he so wants to be apart of, and it will all look like its South Floridas fault for not supporting the team.

    Ross owns the stadium and would create a unique opportunity for two franchises that cant sell tickets if Ross takes his team to LA, play four home games in Tampa and 4 in Miami( both stadiums draw a majority of visiting team fans anyways) . And then you make Miami and Tampa the home of the Pro Bowl.

  6. @phinfan
    I am thinking it has more to do with winning vs the economy. Afterall, the good people from South Florida have no problem finding money to sell out Miami Heat games. So because the weather is almost always great down there that must be where the term “fair weather fans” was coined.

  7. Well when they did had a lot of promise were talking almost 20 years ago.
    When FL was first expanded to 3 franchises state was in a economic growth of course things have changed.
    Still doesn’t mean the state can’t support the teams.

  8. Wow, Stephen Ross is paying in every direction for the privilege of having Jeff Ireland destroy the Miami Dolphins.

    Good luck with all that……

  9. Let me help you guys out, economic is in NO way the problem in MIAMI OK, This has everything to do with MR. Ross and his lap dog Jeff Ireland and his bad draft picks the last two years, We will not show up until we see a better plan and better talent in place. Do you people understand, Not ECONOMIC. Get IT

  10. Atlanta is alright if you follow the rules of which to live by.
    1. Don’t give money to any of the street people that Will accost you.
    2.Do not make eye contact wih anyone.
    3. Drive at least 20 miles an hour over the speed limit all the while following rule#2.
    Come to think about it, Atlanta does suck. I will take Indy anytime. Go Blue.

  11. Unlike other cities, Miami residents only go to sporting events where there is a high chance of the team winning the game.

  12. For all the HEAT references…. You might as well call them the South American HEAT!! First off, that arena is not filled during the season and secondly, it’s filled with millionaires from South America only during the playoffs and with people that have no idea of american sports not to mention any grasp of basketball,except that they know LeBron is the best basketball player in the world! That’s what the Dolphins are competing with in this market!!

  13. I love football, the Seahawks are my favorite team and have a great stadium. I have money. I would never go to anything other then a preseason game again though. The product is so much better on TV, even with free tickets, free parking I would so much rather sit in front of my 65 inch TV, with my IPAD watching the redzone channel and my laptop showing my fantasy score.

    Also I’ve been to SunLife Stadium before to go to a baseball game in August, the heat is unbearable. Honestly I think it’s tougher to make it through that then a night game in January in Chicago.

  14. Last time I checked, the Orange Bowl was torn down. While we’re at it, lets resurrect Three Rivers, the Kingdome, and Texas Stadium?

  15. This article has nothing to do with that third team you guys are mentioning. The Jaguars are in great shape. Tickets are and have been selling. You people took one bad year in 2009 when 17k season Jaguars ticket holders cancelled their tickets b/c people were losing jobs and homes at a high rate.
    Dolphins having ticket problems even with 85%, Tampa has ticket problems at 85%. Raiders tickets problems at 85%. Jaguars are doing very well. Don’t let facts get in the way of trying to make your clueless point. Nice try though sheep.

  16. IOWNU2:
    Jag fans, you do realize you TARP OFF OVER 10,000 SEATS TO EVER GAME? So if Miami and Tampa tarp off over 10000 seats, we would no issues selling out either and would not have needed the 85% rule.

  17. The jags use those giant tarps to reduce the number of seats by what 20%? If those are still on then that is the only reason they will sell out. I thank Steven Ross for keeping the fins on tv at least for the opener but i doubt he does this all year.

  18. One more thing, the dolphins have been mediocre at best for nearly a decade yet but haven’t had a blackout up until last year, if they had one at all, but before last year they hadn’t had one since like 03 or something. And i gave up on the fins last year after 0-5 so i just watched them on red zone.

  19. The Dolphins have had 109 consecutive regular-season games on local television since an Oct. 18, 1998, game against the St. Louis Rams was blacked out, take that Jag fans….

  20. We have been a very average team for a long long while now with the odd good year and the odd very sad year but on the whole a very average team over the years. With all the temptations that Florida has to offer i am surprised that we sell as many tickets as we do. I know cities like Pittsburgh, Baltimore have great loyal fans but surely they might struggle to sell out if they had to put up with the dross our fans have had to put up with not just for several years but 15 or so. We have had some great players over those years most of them on defence but that has never been enough to take us to that next step it. You cant blame everything on Ross, Ireland, Hard knocks etc. Time will tell if our current people can take us over this very long hump and then we will put the bums back on seats. All this talk about London, LA etc is quite interesting do you really think these cities will sell out regularly once the novelty wares off if their team is no good you know there is only very small number of top QB`s to go around and it seems that what you do as club depends on this. Go Miami

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