Drew Brees: Offense can rebound without Payton

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The Saints have no shortage of ready-made excuses for their stumble out of the gate against the Redskins.

If they were so inclined, they could blame an offseason filled with distractions of their own doing and Mother Nature’s, they could blame quarterback Drew Brees’ holdout and they could blame the absence of head coach Sean Payton and interim head coach No. 1 Joe Vitt. Brees is choosing to point the finger in a different direction, however. He doesn’t think there’s anyone to blame other than the players who were on the field for starting the year with a loss.

“It’s not any coach’s fault when you have a holding penalty or when you have a (false start) penalty. That’s just execution by the guys that are on the field. There’s ways that I can improve that. There’s ways that the guys up front can improve that. There’s ways that everyone on the offense can improve that. It has nothing to do with coaching and who was or wasn’t there,” Brees said, via the Associated Press. “Sean brings a lot. So not having him, you can certainly say, ‘Hey, you’re missing Sean.’ But you’ve got so many other great strengths with the guys that you do have, and we’re going to manage.”

Brees had his lowest completion percentage in almost six years against the Redskins and it’s hard to believe he won’t bounce back from that performance against the Panthers this week. That won’t cure everything for the Saints, not when their defense got lit up like the sky on the Fourth of July, but it will go a long way toward making it feel like business as usual in New Orleans again.

Brees and his teammates are the only ones that can make that happen. We’ll find out if they do on Sunday.

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  1. the Redskins fried that bacon for ya’ll. but the Saints will bounce back, i think last week was more of a testament to where the Redskins are heading than of how bad the Saints played. 32 points will win you most games in the NFL

  2. I predict more pain for the Saints. The Panthers are also coming off a painful 1st game. I see them bouncing back at home and beating the Saints. The Saints are not only in disarray, but obviously in denial about it.

  3. I was at the game and yes the offense was a little off to start the game but they rebounded after the 1st half and moved the ball in chunks against a good defense. They are the least of my worries.

    The problem is the Defense. They flat out stink. They were never that great before but the blitz heavy schemes of Greg Williams covered up personnel flaws, for instance Roman Harper can’t cover so blitz him. The line can’t generate a pass rush so blitz LB’s. The Spaggnolo system isn’t as kind the line is on its own and sinking and Roman Harpper is out in coverage see Pierre Garcon TD. They can’t do much other than wait to the offseason to change out personnel or switch back to some of Greg Williams’ packages.

    Don’t worry about Drew Brees and CO. they will do fine. Worry about a defense that doesn’t fit its personnel.

  4. To all you Wash fans…I actually picked Wash to win this game. Wash gives NO fits and I think Payton would have been the difference. Plus Shanny’s O with even a competent QB gives a lot of great defensive coaches fits and Spags’ system is still taking root. I figured RGIII would be good enough to win with in his first game but not as good as he was on Sun…wow.

    It’s not that Payton’s just being there makes Brees not throw INTS or not complete a lot of passes, it’s that Payton is such a good gameday coach at managing situations plus his playcalling skills are so good that Brees wouldn’t have been in some of those situations to begin with. It’s not the fault of the Saints staff, they are doing the best they can. They just aren’t Payton.

  5. “they scored 32 points against a pretty good defense. they dont need to bounce back at all.”

    They scored 25 on the defense. Seven more on an abomination of a punt attempt.

  6. Saints ofense is just fine. but the Defense is Pop-Warner level at best. Williams used smoke and mirrors to mask the saints lack of talent on defense but spags can’t do that for some reason. If the saints cut all of their defensive starters in one day only 3 would be picked up by other teams to start. The rest would be either depth or out of a football job….think about it it…its the truth…Will Smith and Jenkins and Greer would get signed as starters but the rest wouldn’t. The only way the saints make the post season this year is if drew and the O can outscore everybody they play….the saints D couldn’t stop anybody the last 2 seasons with coach and with williams so how does anybody think they can do better without coach and without williams……crazy…..!! Geaux Saints!

  7. xviixxiixxvi says:
    Sep 13, 2012 1:36 PM
    “they scored 32 points against a pretty good defense. they dont need to bounce back at all.”

    They scored 25 on the defense. Seven more on an abomination of a punt attempt.


    Colston fumbled out the end zone on the 3 yard line. Might as well just count that botched punt as an offensive score….saints would have scored anyways

  8. I hate Drew Brees.

    They are going to miss Carl Nicks more than they think they will. And they are DIDDLY… POOOOO… defensively. Gonna be a long season for them. Can’t wait for them to come to East Rutherford and play in the elements and not that fast track, like they seem to always do vs. NYG.

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