Eli says Giants’ problems against the Cowboys are correctable

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Giants quarterback Eli Manning isn’t overly concerned about the Week One loss to the Cowboys.

Manning said the Giants have had a good week of work since losing their opener on September 5, and they’re focused on having a much better performance on Sunday against the Buccaneers.

“I think guys did a good job of coming in with the attitude after the game on that Thursday saying we’ve got to play better, but everything that occurred is very correctable and it’s just going to come down to fixing it, making better plays, better decisions during the game,” Manning said. “Guys said, ‘We can fix this. We’ve got to work a little bit better this next week.’ Enjoy the weekend off. Came back to work on Monday. Had a good practice and had another good practice [on Wednesday].”

Manning’s comments echo those of Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, who insisted that there’s no panic and no freakout for the Packers after their Week One loss. The Giants and the Packers were generally recognized as the two best teams in the NFC before the season, and their quarterbacks haven’t lost confidence after one game.

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  1. “everything that occurred is very correctable and it’s just going to come down to fixing it, making better plays, better decisions during the game,”

    That’s funny, because Dallas said the exact same thing last year…

  2. I’m not a NY Giants fan, BUT:
    If you honestly are ready to dismiss the Giants after just 1 poor performance in a regular season game, then you haven’t been paying attention to football the past 5 years.

  3. As a Cowboys fan, I have a few observations.

    First, I wasn’t as excited as some people about our Week 1 win. It was impressive, on the road, against the defending super bowl champs. We looked leaps and bounds better than we have. However, The Giants always start slow. They always correct their mistakes, and I expect and even harder game later in the season than this one last week.

    Secondly, all teams have problems in week one. Cowboys couldn’t block a tackle dummy and if it wasn’t for Romo being great, and escaping most pressures, we would’ve been toast.

    Same with the Giants, Cruz in his first game since his blow up rookie season from zero to hero in a matter of months. Nicks was in no way 100 percent, and they didn’t seem to have their run blocking up to par.

    This is a good division, and is quickly turninf right back into the NFC Beast we all know and love. I’m excited for the rest of the season and “How ’bout them Cowboys!”

  4. Can’t wait for the rematch, this time Jerrah aka Jenny Jones will have some of his devoted fans cleaning his glasses after the GMen take the Cowgirls to the woodshed…lol

  5. Giants, Cowboys and Redskins BLOW!!!

    Most of you are jealous of Mike Vick because he is a young African American that makes more money than you.

    Eagles will win Super Bowl 47 and Mike Vick will be Super Bowl MVP

  6. Lol The Bucs suck as usual gtfoh I can’t wait till they prove all the Giants”Fans” so wrong who’s going to Block McCoy and Clayborne and then there s. the Secondary of Aqib ,Barber , Wright and Barron who I hopes lays out Victor Cruz and Company I respect the NY Football Giants but you’re not gonna get an Easy game plus don’t. Discount Freeman to VJack and Mike19 DClark vs a maligned Giants Secondary didn’t a hobbled Miles Austin and A 3rd String receiver just embarrass you nationally ? Lol Giants”Fans”

  7. That’s because unlike the New York media, which thrives on panic, Eli is a smart veteran who knows better than to freak out over one bad game. The Giants always have a few of them anyways.

    As a Bucs fan, I’m just hoping it lasts for one more week. Because if the Giants are focused this time around it could get ugly. Hopefully our run defense wasn’t a fluke and we can make them one dimensional…that and the offensive line will have to play way above their ability on pass plays for us to have a chance.

  8. “Luckily for them, Philly will rot in the bottom of the east.”

    Except for the fact that the Eagles have beaten the Giants seven out of the last eight times. Not to mention the Giants haven’t beaten the Eagles at their home stadium since September 30th 2007. Yeah it’s been five years since the Giants had a home win against the Eagles. So maybe it will be the Giants that rot at the bottom of the NFC East. They couldn’t beat the Redskins last year, now they have RGIII, uh oh.

    By the way that picture of Eli is priceless.

  9. I like Eli. He is a great QB. And I am sure the Giants will have a winning season! But I am a Bucs fan . So I hope the “fixes” are not in by this Sunday! Eli will meet the “new ” Buc defense! If Freeman and Martin get rolling it should be a tight score and we have our franchise field goal kicker as insurance. GO BUCS!

  10. [quote]congocash says:
    Sep 13, 2012 10:29 AM
    Enjoy mediocrity this year giants fans…


    Good news is that if they’re mediocre, I’ll have more time to rewatch last year’s Super Bowl and Eli will have more time to polish his 2 SB rings.

  11. Bucforever we also have LB LaVonte David FS Mark Barron& Vincent Jackson. And the giants secondary is banged up

  12. Please note the 2007 Giants gave up 80 points and were 0-2 to start the year. They went on to beat TB, DAL, GB on the road in the playoffs and ended by beating the 18-0 Patriots.

    Last year the Giants laid an egg against the Skins in wk 1. They lost 5 out of 6 from 11/13-12/4. They went on to beat Atlanta, GB. SF in the playoffs and ended by beating the Patriots in the SB.

    Winning the first game of the year is not as important as winning the last.

    I understand fans of others teams enjoying the champs wk 1 flop however the Lombardi is ours until another team can say otherwise.


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