Harrison, Polamalu both miss practice for the Steelers


Before practice on Thursday, Steelers linebacker James Harrison told Ed Bouchette of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette that he would be playing on Sunday afternoon against the Jets.

“I’m great, I’m full go, I’m playing on Sunday. Run it,” Harrison said.

Bouchette ran it and then Harrison sat out yet another practice as a result of the knee injury that has kept him off the field for a long time now. Harrison made several promises that he’d be playing in the season opener at the end of August before missing that game, so we’ll just keep taking things with a grain of salt until we actually see Harrison in a uniform during a game.

Harrison’s absence isn’t the only one causing some concern around the Steelers on Thursday. Safety Troy Polamalu was also sidelined during practice because of a calf injury, which led Bouchette’s colleague Gerry Dulac to remark that he wouldn’t be surprised if both veteran defenders missed the game against the Jets.

The concern about Harrison is obviously well justified given how long he has been on the shelf. Polamalu missed many practices last season only to be on the field come the day of the game, so we’re a bit less convinced that he will be out of the lineup as the Steelers try to make good on linebacker LaMarr Woodley’s guarantee of a tie or victory.

15 responses to “Harrison, Polamalu both miss practice for the Steelers

  1. old and slow will not cut it this year bottom dwellers of the AFC….. Bens pick six was awsome against denver

  2. I think stoogy falls in the ravenator class a stain on the good fans of the ravens. Give it a couple of games before you spew yoou stupid comments. Your grade school taunts are not in the ravenators class so you need practice. Put some thought into your posts or stay after class for extra credit

  3. stoogy: Watch what you say about Ben, “steelersownyou” is very sensitive on that subject. She claims he is a winner and always finds a way to lead the steelers to victory, but what happened Sunday night. All these stiller morons want to talk about the D, but Ben had a chance and CHOKED. If the D does fall off, the steelers will struggle to hit .500 this year because the offense sucks! Ben got 2 rings through a great defense, and a little help from the refs. The D is probably getting tired of carrying Ben, let Roethlisberger put the team on his shoulders and take over games like the elite QB he’s supposed to be. If this defense is any worst than 1st, this team will be irrelevant.

  4. Yinz whatever you are another stain on the good fans of the ravens. Be smart, be original and turn it for your high school project in ethics or logic. Say after school for help and off this site.

  5. Steelers 35, Jets 14. Ben throws 4 TD passes and Sanchez is sacked 7 times.

    And Vick beats the Ravens.

    Got it?

  6. I never worry about ben… Hes elite for a reason. He has the heart of a champion. I know him personally. I never waiver in confidence with him. He wont win everytime in last drives. But more than not he will. Sit back and enjoy the ride you’ll see. Just dont go disappearing when he does carry this team to the super bowl cause I know that’s what haters do!

  7. vasteelerfan: Just to let you and the rest of the butthurt stiller homers, I’m not a ravens fan. Do you really think a raven fan would use “yinzgotsix” as a username? I live directly in steelercountry and have built a serious hatred towards the steelers, their fans, and most of all their mediocre QB. The username mocks all steeler fans cause yinz throw it in the face of fans from other teams even though most of yinz weren’t alive for the first 4 SB’s won in the 70’s. Go ahead and tell me you remember every one.

  8. Yinz whatever, Iam 66 and sonny boy I do remember them . Your response indicates you need a life or least some life lessons. Maybe try the military to teach you some humility,or the peace core for compassion. High school for common sense, but please grow up as you are a tool as you are now.

  9. vasteelerfan: I was starting to think you were illiterate on some of your posts. I see it’s just your age showing. Don’t worry about having to remember another steeler SB win or appearance in your lifetime.

  10. I’m noticing that Polamalu (The Hair) spends a lot of time running around the field doing nothing over the past season or so. I like to watch him since he’s perpetually overrated and he is entertaining as he runs all over the field and shows up after the play is over. He reminds me of a little mutt that loves to run around chasing squirrels and rabbits but never catches anything. Perhaps he should get his hair cut and start earning his paycheck.

    Note to NFL – tell the players to either cut their damn hair or to stuff it in their helmet. There needs to be some look of professionalism on the field and these ropes of hair or split ends is simply hideous peeking out of the helmet.

  11. This is what happens when you over pay for aging defensive players. Have fun fighting to stay out of the AFC North basement

  12. @laserw: just by displaying the capability of being here, there and everywhere in a matter of milliseconds is Troy’s specialty and makes quaterback’s think twice about throwing near him. You obviously do not watch much of any Steeler game as you would see he catches plenty of squirrels and rabbits. As far as doing nothing, ask the coaching staff and he himself how many injuries including concussions he’s had over the years – doesn’t happen by standing around doing nothing.

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