James Harrison gives $100,000 to his alma mater


James Harrison’s contributions to the NFL’s fine pool don’t represent his only six-figure donation.

Harrison, the Steelers linebacker who entered the NFL as an undrafted free agent out of Kent State in 2002, has donated $100,000 to his alma mater.

We are extremely grateful to James for his commitment to Kent State and the football program,” Kent State Athletic Director Joel Nielsen said. “He is one of the most recognizable figures in the NFL today and his support is sure to have a lasting effect on our student-athletes now and in the future.”

The school announced that it will name its weight room the James Harrison Strength & Conditioning Center. Harrison was an All-Mid-American Conference player at Kent State and set a new school record with 12 sacks in his senior year.

20 responses to “James Harrison gives $100,000 to his alma mater

  1. Say what you want about Harrison as a dirty player – that’s a generous gift.

    Can he afford it with a $51 million contract?

    Yes – but not every player is as generous as he was – and note that the University – and not Harrison himself – is the issuing the press release.

    Meanwhile, whenever Jim Irsay – worth $1.4 BILLION – donates $10,000 he has his public relations people issue a press release to draw attention to his “generosity”

    $10,000 to Irsay is the equivalent of you or I donating 35 cents – and issuing a press release about it.

    Hats off to Harrison for a very generous gift.

  2. Lol that new weight room will teach players how to hit hard, fast, and with complete disregard for the rules as well as their opponents health. James Harrison is no conformist to the rules, when they say hit low he hits high because he knows the only way to tackle and keep them down is to hit extra high. Congratulations James on your ridiculous and irresponsible use of money.I say that because within a few years you will be kicked out of the league and dead broke, then you’ll wonder where all your money went.

  3. For everyone talking about how classy he is…remember this is a guy who’s infant child was attacked by his pitbull…also the same guy who did a photoshoot in a high profile sports magazine with guns as props…

    GREAT football player, below avg human

  4. ironhawk says:Sep 13, 2012 1:05 PM

    There are children who can’t afford to eat tonight, but whatever let’s donate to a football program.


    So tell me ironhawk, do you own a house, live in an apartment, have a car, have a computer, have a phone, or a television? How can you justify ANY of that while their are children who can’t afford to eat. Until you give up all your own posessions to help the poor, you have no business chastising someone else for what they decide to do with THEIR money.

  5. Those closest to James Harrison love him (teammates, coaches, inner circle, his alma mater). Even his peers – those who ball on Sundays – voted him 29th best player in the entire NFL, while also the Most Dangerous Player in the NFL. That’s respect.

    And those furthest from Harrison (i.e., fans, media, Goodell) are his harshest critics. Lots of keyboard critics cloaked under the blanket of anonymity rant about how much they despise Harrison.

    Okay, so we have starkly divergent accounts.

    It seems that the more valid opinion would come from those who deal most closely with Harrison.

    Just sayin’.

  6. LOL Jealous much.?! You prob went to school 4 years and still make minnimum wage probably.

    karlton2 says:
    Sep 13, 2012 2:26 PM
    You guys are missing the punchline;

    James Harrison went to college

  7. Honestly, image how miserable someone’s life must be to criticize or make a joke about a $100,000 donation?

    Good job James.

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