Kellen Clemens on his way back to St. Louis


The Rams have had problems keeping a healthy offensive line on the field already this season.

They responded by bringing in another quarterback.

According to Mike Garafolo of USA Today, the Rams are bringing back Kellen Clemens to back up Sam Bradford.

Clemens was released by the Rams in final cuts, leaving undrafted rookie Austin Davis as the only other QB on the roster behind Bradford.

More importantly, bringing Clemens back now also takes them off the hook from guaranteeing his $700,000 salary for the year.

7 responses to “Kellen Clemens on his way back to St. Louis

  1. So they didn’t guarantee is $700k, but had to guarantee someone elses salary? How exactly are they coming out ahead?


    10 year Vet minimum is a lot more than guaranteeing say a guy with significantly less experience

  2. Did anyone outside of St Louis even realize this guy was still in the league? Last time I remember hearing about Clemens he was battling Favre for the starting QB of the Jets.

  3. Interesting…… Let’s see Kellen Clemens in the Redskins camp last year with the playbook, and the Rams playing the Redskins this Sunday. Hmm….just saying…..

  4. I called this move as soon as he was cut. Smart financial move. That’s all. Plus he knows Schottenheimer offense really well. Good asset.

  5. I knew he was coming back after week one so his contract wasnt fully guaranteed. He played amazing for the Rams last year in his start against SF and would have pulled that W out if he didn’t go down with an injury. Great candidate to back up Bradford imo.

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