LaMarr Woodley promises Steelers won’t be 0-2

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Steelers linebacker LaMarr Woodley doesn’t even want to hear anyone suggest that his team could be 0-2 after Sunday’s game.

When a reporter prefaced a question to Woodley by noting that the Steelers are a loss away from their first 0-2 start in a decade, Woodley quickly cut her off.

And we won’t be 0-2” Woodley said, via the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. “Every week the mindset is to go out there and win a football game, and not start the season off bad. So far we’re 0-1, and we’ll manage to not go 0-2.”

The Steelers are favored to beat the Jets on Sunday, but given the way the Jets played in their own Week One game, it certainly wouldn’t be a shock if Woodley’s prediction fails to come true. But one positive sign for the Steelers is that the last time they started 0-2, in 2002, they still made the playoffs.

70 responses to “LaMarr Woodley promises Steelers won’t be 0-2

  1. I’m a Steelers fan, have been since the awful Sixties, so I hope that Woodley is right.

    That said, there’s something I have to ask about all these guys who make flat statements about victory or “guarantee” wins–What if you’re wrong? What do you do then? Donate a game salary to charity? What?

  2. Remember what happened last time you were talking Woodley, you were completely up staged. Get the excuses ready Steeler fans

  3. Trade Mike Wallace now for a tackle or corner, buy low sell high. Still leaves Brown, Sanders, Cotch, Miller, Pope, Dwyer, Rainey as receivers.

    Lamar, where were you in Denver ? Timmons couldn’t even run down a 36 year old QB that sat out of football for 18 months.

  4. Nothing wrong with playing with confidence and expecting to win, but steeler players do this too much, they just set themselves up to look bad. There’s no upside. Do the talkin’ on the field. Maybe Rex will come out and guarantee a win with that championship defense and the game can end in a tie.

  5. As a Ravens fan I can only hope that true PIT fans don’t actually listen to a word “Ravenator” say’s and think he represents us as a whole. Because the only thing that guy represents is the Troll Foundation. Ravenator you and that SixRings guy are vastly hated by your own respective fanbase, just thought you should know that.

  6. If you’re going to run your mouth, Lamarr, please be prepared to back it up. Did Woodley even play Sunday night? Don’t remeber his name being mentioned very much. Of course, with the secondary the Steelers have, it may not matter what he does. I know it’s early, but I don’t have a lot of confidence in their corners.

  7. @mazblast:

    You read my mind. It’s fine if these guys make guarantees and they’re right. But I would love to hear a reporter one time call them out and ask them to put some charity $ up against their guarantee. Rex Ryan could have probably had a school built in his name by now.

  8. Like I said the other day, there is absolutely no way the Steelers start the season out 0-2. Sure, I’d be thrilled beyond words and laugh my way into work Monday morning if they did lose to the Jets, but I can not see a way where they come up short. I think they blow the doors off the Jets and win, 27-7.

  9. they will start 0-3….. this week the jets d is going to overwelm ben and this offense. Revis will get a pick 6 if not 2. Thier going to get Sanchized and teebowed all in one day. 0-3.. Next week da raiders are ganna get dat @$$

  10. The Cleveland Browns and Cincy Bengals welcome you to the AFCN basement, LaMarr.

    Pull up a comfy chair. You’re going to be here awhile…

  11. Ravenator…why do you hate so much? Do you even read articles about the Ravens? Every article that mentions the Steelers has you posting multiple comments about how bad the Steelers really are. What is wrong with you? Do you get more pleasure out of a Steelers loss or a Raven win? Have you thought about seeking counseling for you jealousy issue?

  12. I told everybody the Jets would beat the Bills. And I knew that the media would say the jets are the Superbowl champs after one week. They will get smoked by Pit. With or without the Gilligan’s Island

  13. Humbleminded85

    Youre a joke to take the time to respond. I represent myself but i also am a raven fan. One who knows more about my team, the history and the game than you could ever know and i guarantee that. Your hate only makes me smile.

  14. I think this game will be really close. The jets d is looking to make a statement after letting up vs the bills when they were up by 5 touchdowns late in the third quarter. I think the game will be decided by a field goal. Hopefully its my jets.

  15. Woodley wouldn’t have to worry about starting 0-2 if Pittsburghs “clutch” QB could have manufactured a game winning drive instead of throwing a pick six.

  16. Jets are going to whip them so bad..Woolley will be predicting they will not go 0-16 next week. Can’t wait.

  17. 2 notes here:
    1- people keep neglecting to mention one thing- the Jets beat the friggin BILLS. A team that was/is terrible on both sides of the ball. It’s not like they went out there and beat a top 31 team. That being said, I highly doubt Steelers lose. If they do, I will be more inclined to say they are both that bad, not that the Jets are great. It’s still a horrendous offense. Get a 14 point lead in a game and you win everytime.

    2- @ravenator. Just stop. Please. I feel more compelled to post on these articles just to tell you to shut up because you’re embarassing the entire Ravens fanbase everytime you comment. A fanbase I am a part of. Perhaps if you EVER posted anything positive or noteworthy about the Ravens, yanno, the team you allegedly love, instead of idiotic trolling of Steelers articles, somebody somewhere might take you serious.

  18. We are a crappy team. Im pretty dissapointed about it but i kinda prepared myself for it months ago. I know we were number 1 last year in pass defense but that was luck. You watch those games and dont see how. Our secondary is an embarrassement to our organization. Harrison cant get or stay healthy. Our o line will never get good cause someone alllllllllways hurt. Alllllllwaaaaayyyys. And Ben isnt the same guy no more. If brady or manning or rodgers or eli had our recieving core they would have field days with teams. But ben just wants to run around and get that kill shot everytime. I really hope we arent gunna be terrible for to many years. Every team goes through it so hopefully it just doesnt take us to long to get back on track.

  19. He can make those kinds of proclamations because everyone will jump on you when you’re wrong, but forget after your first win.

    Everyone remembers forever if you guaranteed a win and got it.

    See: Joe Namath.

    He’s in the Hall of Fame probably 50% because of his famous guarantee.

  20. As a Jets fan, I have no problem with this.

    He should be confident that he is going to perform well and his team is going to win.

    I would hope every NFL player approaches each game with the mindset that they’re going to win….and if someone thought otherwise, I wouldn’t want them on my team..

  21. Oh they’ll be fine! By the end of the Denver game Dick Lebeau was savvy to the fact that Mannning only cared for the position of one defender when making his audibles: Polamalu.

    You play that game again today and the Broncs would have a significantly more difficult time.

  22. mazblast

    I still remember where I was and what I was doing when Mazeroski hit that home run. I was all of ten years old and it is still one of the most memorable moments in sports to me. Best part is It was a weekday afternoon and I was listening on the radio before primetime took all the fun out of sports. I also remember those horrid teams of which you speak and this from A native New Englander and Pats fan. Time sure has changed things for all of us.

  23. @humbleminded85: I also agree with you about the sixrings guy. He doesn’t represent our entire fan base either.

  24. Steelers giving up a lot of space on defense. Too many plays where they are three or four steps behind. Age, coaching or both? Still cant get over last years playoffs loss to a QB that couldn throw. Somethings wrong. The Steeler Swag is gone. Wassup Coach?

  25. He didn’t “promise” anything, he’s just being confident that they’ll win the game and wasn’t being too arrogant about it. What’s he gonna say, we’ll somehow manage to lose?

  26. After watching the Yets game on Sunday, it wouldn’t suprise me at all if Holmes, Kerley, and Hill can exploit the ALWAYS overrated Steelers secondary. All depends on which Mark Sanchez shows up.

  27. Beating the Bills right now is like beating a division 2 college team. Winning against the Steelers won’t be quite that easy.

  28. To the guy who referred to Revis Island as Gilligan’s. If you were a true football fan you’d recognize Revis is the best no matter your team, or if you’re in 6th grade.

    Did you go to your tip can in the car wash and bet on the game?

    Render unto Revis that is Revis’!

  29. Unfortunately for the Steelers, the Jets have a better secondary than the Broncos do so Antonio Brown and Mike Wallace won’t be able to do their thing this Sunday either. Unless Dwyer steps up, the Steelers will lose. Boneheaded plays by Rahim Moore allowed the Steelers to keep the ball for way too long but I doubt the Jets will be that undisciplined.

  30. LMMFAO that Ravenator dude is on every Steeler Blog there is, honestly I think he’s a downlow Burgh fan..just one thing to say to Wood, if that D don’t play a whole lot better you will be 0-2! I’m just hoping coach Dick wakes up out his 10 game coma and actually gets back to directing the brand of D were use to seeing not this Vanilla pre-season like game plans no imagination no fire no aggressiveness.. #SteelerNation knows the defense is the key to #7

  31. The Steelers are 1-3 in Roethlisberger’s last four starts. That’s a disturbing trend that no one is talking about in the ‘Burgh.
    During this 1-3 slump, the Steelers’ offense is averaging about 14 points per game. Fourteen points aren’t going to win many games.

  32. Jets only have 1 Revis! We got 5 dudes more then capable of getting the ball into the end-Zone..and shouldn’t have a problem running it..that being said if Pitts front 7 is unproductive again which seems to Be the Norm lately then its gona be a long day..if the O-line cant do their job its a wrap. It starts up front on BOTH sides of the ball

  33. Reality check, Mark Sanchez IS NOT Peyton Manning.

    Manning played to prove that he still has it, and proved that he does.

    This game is in Pittsburgh, their home opener. Last week, the Jets beat a crappy team AT HOME. Now, they have to go on the road, and as soon as Sanchez gets roughed up, which he will, Tebow will come in, and get roughed up as well.

  34. You mean number 7 as in ben can only win because of the D. He is horrible. PS ravenator is always right and yinzgotsix has more knowledge then any of you. Your just mad thier always right. 0-3 steelernation!

  35. “Oh they’ll be fine! By the end of the Denver game Dick Lebeau was savvy to the fact that Mannning only cared for the position of one defender when making his audibles: Polamalu.

    You play that game again today and the Broncs would have a significantly more difficult time.”


    At the end of the game Denver was pretty much owning the field. If that’s getting “savvy” then Pittsburgh fans should root against savvy.

  36. we shall see Mr. Woodley, Sanchez is a good quarterback last year he had no protection and played with a tweaked shoulder, give the kid some protection, the shoulder is back normal, I beg to differ that the Steelers are automatic to win.

  37. Not only will the steelers not be 0-2. They will finish 13-3 and sweep the Ratbirds! Too much talent plus an easy schedule. I’m not worried 1 bit. Steelers always start slow. Training camp must not be working for them cause they are flat early in the season. Ben will lead this team. He always finds a way. That’s what winners do! And he’s a winner!

  38. Sorry LaMarr, Tebow just talked to jesus and was promised the Jets will win. So the Steelers are gonna need divine intervention. You should ask Zeus for help, I heard he’s looking for followers.

  39. I can’t believe I’m saying this because, all-in-all, I think Dick L is one of, if not THE, best DC ever, but is anyone else in Steeler Nation thinking that maybe he’s reached that point where he needs to retire? He’s been phenomenal for so long, but I think his age may finally be catching up to him…he just isn’t coaching the game the way we’ve all come to expect. :o(

  40. psgrlinco:
    LeBeau’s age may be finally catching up with him? You are basing that on what exactly?
    Last season, LeBeau’s defense allowed the fewest points in the league. What? Giving up the fewest points is a problem?
    Last Sunday, the Steelers’ D surrendered 24. On one of Denver’s TD plays, saftey Ryan Mundy was clearly held. On another Denver TD, the receiver clearly did not have complete control of the ball when he hit the ground in the end zone. Neither of those TDs should have counted.
    Maybe you should spend more time fretting about a Steelers offense that has been mostly average the past nine seasons.

  41. LOL @ SAVVY! Lebeau hasn’t been that since 2009 I agree with you 100% he needs to hang it up.
    We love him but he’s completely lost his talent to game plan and make adjustments. Remember the days when the other team didn’t know who was comming? Lost of pre snap movements..None of that..remember when Pitts D would shut teams out in the 3rd and 4th quarters.. not the case any more. Remember BlitzBurgh? Those days are over..Now we just play a vanilla zone D with no pressure up the middle and DBs hiving up too much room to WRs. Sorry coach but ya time has expired, and so has that. 3-4 defence, Steelers need QB hunters that can stop the run too 4-3 with athletes.

  42. To most Steelers fans, I say this: You and the Steelers’ offense deserve one another.
    Did you see how many points were scored on Sunday? A record high, I believe. The Steelers’ offense scored 19. Twenty-one (21) other teams scored more Week 1 points than the Steelers.
    The Steelers’ offense ranked 22nd in scoring last season. The Steelers’ 2011 defense ranked No. 1 in points allowed.
    What am I missing here?
    BTW: blackngold4life: Defense is spelled d-e-f-e-n-s-e.

  43. Lamarr, as a Steeler fan and with all due respect, I would prefer you not make such statements after you played mediocre. Hopefully you will be a leader and do what you can to back up your words, since you are capable of dominating.

    With that being said, I think the Jets will get clobbered this week 35-14. Ben will throw 4 TD passes and Sanchez will get sacked 7 times.

    And Vick will beat the Ravens.

  44. @bobzilla…Although I completely disagree with you on your opinion of Ben, I do believe you’re correct that the offense is grossly underachieving. However, I do believe that an awful off. Line is greatly responsible. If you have no time to throw and are scrambling most of the time for your life can a Qb be expected to put up big numbers? They need to score more no doubt. And yes ben does hold the ball at times too long. He will never change that. If rodgers, brady etc.. Had no time to scan the field would they put up numbers? The answer is obviously NO! If you remember late 70’s steelers the defense got older and the offense took over & outscored opponents. How ben goes depends on the off. Line. He goes as they go. And for years hes made lemonade out of lemons. If off. Line doesnt pull it together somehow it will be a 9-7 year. Give ben time & it will be a 13-,3 year. Ya it really is that simple!

  45. Anyone with common sense can realize bobzilla has been watching the steelers longer and has more football knowledge than the rest of you idiotic homers who swear Ben can do no wrong. He and this offense need to start carrying their weight because the defense is getting tired. Everyone talks about the weapons on this steeler offense but somehow they still manage to be mediocre. I guess he’s right, the steeler offense sucks as bad as most steeler fans.

  46. Yinz got whatever, you my friend must be attending the school of ravenating majoring in nonsense. Just how many rings in the last ten years do the rat birds have outside of your mind. Son, grow up and grab some reality. The ravens are good, but can’t(wide -rightcundiff) finish just talk trash. You my friend need help as you are a stain on the shirt of good raven fans. You must be drinking some very strange water in your part of town. Any chance you and ravenator are brothers?

  47. @yinzgotsix…Leave the smart, brilliant commenting to me. You’re just a cub in a lions den. All you should be worried about is changing your user id to yinzgotseven!

  48. Once again vasteelerfan, I’m not a ravens fan. I realize it’s hard to keep up when you’re as old as you say you are so I have no problem continuing to remind you. steelersownyou, quite simply your comments suck. If you really think that joke Roethlisberger can lead this sorry @ss team to another SB win you need to be institutionalized. It’s tards like yinz 2 that give stiller fans a bad reputation.

  49. @yinzgotsix. Do you think steeler fans care what any of you haters think? Absolutely not. You get on here & post about a team in which you hate & a city in which you live in& a QB who has been to the super bowl 3 times in 7 years. And is a 1st ballot hall of famer! You sir are the tard who needs to be institutionalized. Most likely you are a transplant cleveland browns fan who moved to an actual winning city. We are loud we are proud we are steeler nation . Embrace it lil cub tard!

  50. steelersownyou:
    Against the Broncos last Sunday night, Roethlisberger was never sacked until sometime in the THIRD quarter. Yet Roethlisberger and his offense produced just 10 points in the sackless first half.
    I understand your attraction to Roethlisberger. He’s fun to watch. His ability to extend plays is entertaining.
    It get it.
    But I believe most Steelers fans (and the media) are so enamored with and mesmerized by Roethlisberger’s uncanny ability to extend plays, you people fail to notice that he’s lousy at finishing drives.
    Stop being a giddy schoolgirl groupy and start paying attention.

  51. steelersownyou says:Sep 14, 2012 5:47 AM

    @yinzgotsix. Do you think steeler fans care what any of you haters think? Absolutely not. You get on here & post about a team in which you hate & a city in which you live in& a QB who has been to the super bowl 3 times in 7 years. And is a 1st ballot hall of famer! You sir are the tard who needs to be institutionalized. Most likely you are a transplant cleveland browns fan who moved to an actual winning city. We are loud we are proud we are steeler nation . Embrace it lil cub tard!


    You sir are delusional if you think Ben is a first ballot hall of famer. Nothing about Ben justifies him ever getting in, much less on his first ballot.

    Joe Theisman had a better career than Ben, winning MVP and All Pro honors as well as rings, and Theisman isn’t in. Ben has never been in All Pro or MVP conversation, that alone tells you how overrated he is in they eyes of stiller fans.

  52. Gotta side with randallflagg here. Ben’s a good QB and a winner, but not HOF quality. In addition, his off-field behavior has been at best questionable–and yes, that IS a consideration for the HOF, their selection of Cokey Irvin being the exception rather than the rule.

    OTOH, Ben isn’t a relentless motormouth and self-promoter like Theismann. I don’t know why Joe the Talker was brought into the discussion.

  53. Steeler4385 you had a lot to say about the steelers before the game most of it bad maybe just maybe the thing that’s crappy is your Football knowledge the Steeler played a great game and the secondary kicked a$$ great game mr Clark Go Steelers Nation and you try not to loose your head this week!!!

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