Mario Williams hints at undisclosed injury


Lost in the reaction of Bills defensive end Mario Williams to the criticism of his Week One performance is the reality that he apparently has an injury that the Bills have yet to disclose.

Coach Chan Gailey revealed that Williams suffered a wrist injury in the preseason, according to Jerry Sullivan of the Buffalo News.

I had a little bit of a freak deal a couple of weeks ago,” Williams said.  “Unfortunately, it was right before the regular season.  Like I said, by any means necessary.  I’ve got to take care of it, put everything to the side, and try to get to the quarterback.”

The fact that the injury wasn’t disclosed should raise eyebrows at 345 Park Avenue.  Because injuries are disclosed even if the player fully participates in practice and given the strict definition of the “probable” category (i.e., there’s a virtual certainty the player will be available for normal duty), the fact that the injury was bad enough to draw a mention from Williams means it’s likely bad enough to be disclosed on the injury report.

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  1. We heard the same stories for 5 years in Houston…..
    Nagging injury every year and was always given a pass.

    Everyone who starts in the NFL is banged up. Play through it.

    So glad the Texans didn’t pay him 100 Mil.

  2. “The fact that the injury wasn’t disclosed should raise eyebrows at 345 Park Avenue. Because injuries are disclosed even if the player fully participates in practice and given the strict definition of the “probable” category” Logan Mankins?

  3. Undisclosed injury?

    This is going to result from a fine from Goodell.

    He gets upset whenever teams try to hide injuries from the Saints.

    Sure disclosing puts his health at risk – but a healthy gambling economy is an important part of the nation’s economic recovery plan.

  4. Get well soon Mario. I am sure your wrist will feel better soon. As a Texans fan, I need you to play well because the Texans will get a high compensatory pick in the 2013 NFL draft. I am sure if you look at the 50 million dollars in your bank account the Bills gave you then that will make your wrist feel better and if not, think about the other 50 million dollars you can get over the next 6 seasons. That would make my wrist feel better.

  5. Do you idiots realize he averaged a sack per game last year? Quit acting like the guy isn’t talented. He is not overpaid, he got what you would expect from a player of his caliber on the open market. And one game does not make a season.

  6. Honestly, if I’m the league, I’m actually going to look into this… Last year it came out that Fitzpatrick was playing with broken ribs and it wasn’t mentioned once on the injury report. This is officially a trend.

  7. I guess after you realize that people aren’t buying the “refs caused me suck last week” whining, it’s on to the old standby “I was playing through an injury that noone knew about”.

    I guess there’s just no way he could get shut down while healthy?

  8. I love how everyone is all over Mario after one game. Let’s see how he does after more. I think this is just a case of everyone being bitter the bills actually signed an elite player in his prime. I know that doesn’t happen often , but the culture is changing in buffalo. They are going to be a player in free agents even as a small market team. Don’t hate on them. Their fans deserve it. Probably the most loyal fans in the entire league.

  9. nut up dude. hinting at injuries after a game you sucked in is weak. logan mankins played the entire season with a torn acl, had a subpar (by his standard) season and never once hinted at anything.

  10. So funny how texans hate this guy, your d is still good why all the negative energy? 5 sacks in 5 games last year, guys been a beast for years now. Man 2 years I quality play for your team and a whole fans base turns into nancies and experts

  11. hdf21, you are the idiot. While technically speaking you are correct about having a sack per game, the most important stat is he only played in 5 games (and 13 the year before that).

  12. What buffalo fans will learn about Mario is that he only gets his sacks when the game is NOT on the line. He is a physical specimen yes. But he will never dominate a game for you. The frustration with him here in Houston has always been that he has never been a game changer given his #1 overall draft status. Great guy and team mate. Jaw dropping physical stature. Plays the game like a late 2nd to 3rd rounder. That’s just being honest.

  13. mempusa says:
    Sep 13, 2012 10:30 PM
    Whatever dude. You’re overrated and overpaid. Buffalo sucks

    Mario Williams is not Overrated, Overpaid yes, but all Players in the NFL are overpaid for playing a game. Williams still attracts double coverage for most of the game which will free up Kyle Williams or Marcell Dareus. Mario may have not blown up yet this season, but it will happen. He already requires extra planning from opponents and has given a huge mental boost to the Defense. I am very happy to have Mario Williams in Buffalo, as are plenty of other Bills Fans.

    Go Bills!!!!

  14. I can assure you no one is “bitter” or jealous because the Bills signed Mario Williams! While he hasnt been a bust, he has not lived up to the high standards that are expected from a #1 draft pick. Mario has not been consistent enough…disappearing for multiple games, then having a few good ones.
    Most everyone is “hating” on Mario because when he got shut down by the Jets horrible offensive line, he made excuses rather than just saying he had a bad game. First it was the ref’s fault, now it’s because of an “injury.” Have you ever seen Jared Allen do that? Nope. Mario needs to get used to being in the spotlight because he just signed a $100 million contract! There’s just one thing Mario needs to do…prove on the football field that he’s an elite player worthy of that huge contract.

  15. Even though I’m a Bills’ fan, it’s skeptical that not only did he have an undisclosed injury but he also have been screwed repeatedly by the replacement referees. I wasn’t sure about the referee thing when it came out but I thought it was plausible. Now, after hearing this, I believe neither.

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