Mario Williams says he doesn’t listen to critics


Bills defensive end Mario Williams didn’t win much love from the masses for the way he played against the Jets in Week One or for the way he blamed the officials for contributing to making him a total non-factor for Buffalo in his first regular season game since signing a massive free agent contract with the team this offseason.

He even took a slap from Rodney Harrison for choosing to sign with the Bills in the first place. All in all, it feels like a tough week to be Mario Williams. Or, more precisely, it would be a tough week to be Mario Williams if you were paying attention to what people are saying about you. Williams said Wednesday that he isn’t letting the chatter get to him because he isn’t paying attention to any of it.

“I mean, everybody’s going to have something to say, regardless,” Williams said, via Jerry Sullivan of the Buffalo News. “Good or bad. I can’t control somebody else’s opinion. But I will do what I’m supposed to do here and perform. So I’m not worried about that after this first game. I would be angry every day if I actually paid attention to what everybody else said.”

Especially this week.

He’d be wise not to read the rest of Sullivan’s piece, either. Williams gets lightly criticized for not sticking up for the franchise in the wake of Harrison’s comments, tweaked for a weak attempt to back away from the comments about the officiating and Sullivan wonders why there’s suddenly talk of a wrist injury that was never mentioned before the Jets game. It’s fairly light stuff, it has only been one game after all, but it doesn’t take much to see where things could head if Williams and the Bills don’t put up some better efforts in the weeks to come.

Should that come to pass, Williams might not notice it. He’ll probably be the only one, though.

17 responses to “Mario Williams says he doesn’t listen to critics

  1. Before Texan Fan comes in here with: “see, I told you so.”

    The Bills whole team looked like crap last week not just Mario.

    C’mon Mario, shake it off, it was one week. You can do it!

  2. *plugs fingers in ears*

    LaLaLaLaLa—I can’t hear you guys over the sound of 100 million bucks


    Correction: *plugs money in ears*

    It must have weighed down his helmet. It would have slowed me down too.

  3. Here’s the deal: Mario brought this upon himself. Anybody can have a bad game, but blaming the ref’s for your poor performance is just plain dumb. Take responsibility and move on. Plus, Mario better get used to being under the microscope…he’s the highest paid defensive player of all time. Mario is getting paid to be the best, and when he falls short (no sacks against the Jets bad offensive line…c’mon man!) people are going to notice.

  4. Texans fans knew we weren’t going to keep Mario because somebody would overpay him. He’s being paid about 7-8 million more than his production merits. He used to take off plays & even games like we saw in week 1. For the largest contract for a defensive player, I would expect Jared Allen or Michael Strahan kind of dominance. Mario disappears too often when he’s not getting easy pressures. Enjoy the $16,000,000/year

  5. “C’mon Mario, shake it off, it was one week. You can do it!”

    People in Houston use to say this a lot his first couple of years but slowly we learned as you will learn, Mario just does not have it. Look at the Texan defense last year, when Mario went out it actually got better.

  6. Texans fans booed when un-Super Mario was chosen with their #1 pick. V.Y. turned out to be a head-case and Reggie Bush was never properly used by his first team. But, Mario had it all going for him and he turned out to be a lazy slug.

    We told you so.

  7. Gmen1987 says
    Sep 13, 2012, 8:43 AM EDT
    Deserves Mario right for signing with a loser team in a loser city like Buffalo. Don’t you have any dignity Buffalo.
    Really you do realize that tax dollars from western NY and central NY is what keeps NY city from drowning in debt ??!!! Please think before you speak!

  8. I’m not saying that Mario isn’t good, because that simply would be crazy. But, I will say, that he looked much better in Houston, because they have a better all around defense in Houston.

    There is a reason the Texans let him walk, and felt ok doing so.

  9. Let’s be honest people, how many of you would turn down 50 million dollars guaranteed with an oppurtunity to earn another 50 million over the next 6 years if you perform as expected? Probably none of you but a few idiots would say they would take less money.
    We are talking about apples and oranges. Rodney may have taken less money to go to New England but let’s be fair, Rodney was not offered 100 million dollars. Just because Rodney thinks highly of himself because of his 20k Super Bowl ring, I am sure Mario feels just as good for the 50 million dollars in his bank account. I know, money isn’t everything but it is alot when you do not have any.

  10. $100mm is the only reason as to why he’s in Buffalo, if he wanted a Championship he would have signed with Bears, Packers, Giants, Falcons, etc.

    For some money is more important than LEGACY.

  11. I am a Texans fan and I am happy for Mario. I do not wish him to play bad in Buffalo this season because if he plays good that means the Texans get a high compensatory pick in the 2013 NFL Draft. I hope Mario gets 15 sacks or more this season except Week 9 when he plays the Texans.
    In a cutthroat league like the NFL, I am happy for any player who gets paid. Business is business and for 50 million dollars guaranteed, most people would leave Houston for Buffalo. Most of the people leaving comments would leave their current job for another job for an extra 10 to 20K dollars so what is all of the fuss about. Mario is doing the same thing except the money is different.

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