MJD denies Jaguars have fined him $800,000


With great doubt about Rashad Jennings’ status for Week Two, it doesn’t feel like we’re too far away from a return to status quo for the Jaguars offense.

Maurice Jones-Drew will be the starting running back if Jennings isn’t able to play because of his knee injury and it is hard to believe he won’t stay in that role through the end of the season. Assuming that comes to pass, all of the sound and fury accompanying his holdout this summer will have amounted to not much more than conversation fodder during a slow time in the NFL season.

Except for those fines, that is. According to reports over the weekend, the Jaguars decided to fine Jones-Drew $800,000 instead of the $1.6 million that he could have faced as a result of his decision to stay away from the team during mandatory minicamp and training camp. Jones-Drew was asked about those fines on Wednesday and said that there’s no truth to the report.

“Make sure you guys report that was false,” Jones-Drew said, via Gene Frenette of the Florida Times-Union.

Jones-Drew didn’t say how much he was fined or if he was fined at all as a result of his futile attempt to get the Jaguars to give him a new contract this season. The team has been tight-lipped on that front as well. Ultimately, it isn’t really information that anyone but Jones-Drew or the Jaguars need to know. If they’ve been able to figure out a situation that works for both sides, that’s really all that matters.

If they haven’t, we’ll almost certainly find out about it when they butt heads about the contract again later this season or in the offseason.

10 responses to “MJD denies Jaguars have fined him $800,000

  1. Would be surprised if they fined him, I am ok with him being treated differently, the guy is a special employee.

    But dont expect them to say anything, they wont want to set an official example of giving MJD a pass.

  2. huskersrock1 says:
    Sep 13, 2012 10:41 AM
    Of course he didn’t admit he got fined, that would be admiting failure. They fined his a$$, you don’t mess with Khan.
    You talk about this guy, Kahn, like he’s something great, some kind of special person.

    This guy is in it for the money and nothing but the money and guess what, the money is in L.A.

  3. Funny how everyone said because he missed camp that he’d get injured. The backup carries it 100 times in preseason, is annointed as the starter (what a load of Mularkey) MJD gets put in at punt returner (that’s was brilliant) and manages to stay healthy.

    Who cares if he got fined or not? He’s going to ball out 100% even when the coaches make decisions that are not in the best interests of winning the game or protecting their best player.

  4. joetoronto

    No, I talk about him like he is a no nonsense businessman that is a straight shooter and doesn’t take crap from employees. He will earn respect from his players and other employees by being honest and fair but tough.

    The second part your statement seems like you find profit motive is bad. Sure he wants to make money; he invested hundreds of millions of dollars. I would bet you wouldn’t be willing to invest 20 dollars without a return.

    Finally, his organization has announced that there will be no blackout games this year. What other owner has done that?

  5. I disagree with the premise that only the Jags and MJD should have knowledge of the fines…and that Khan is just a business man who is risking his money.

    Given the financial stakes that the public has in the stadium financing, local economy, tickets and even just to be able to watch the games on The NFL Sunday Ticket, ESPN (through cable tv bills)… the profit/loss statements should be public, which includes where the revenue was derived from. The owners invested hundreds of millions but without financial support via taxpayers/fans these teams would fail miserably or not even be in existance.

    The players and owners aren’t private individuals and should be the subject of scrutiny and responsible to the taxpayers.

    Look at yesterdays post about the extension to keep the Bills in Western NY and how the Bills have to negotiate with county officials for leasing the stadium. If the Bills owned the stadium outright they could pack up and leave at aytime like a normal business but they should be grateful to the taxpayers of Western NY for subsidizing a business that produces a terrible product while also producing profits for Ralph Wilson’s family.

  6. My question is,why would MJD want an extension with this franchise to begin with? They can’t compete..haven’t been relevant since Fred Jackson left, and don’t seem to draft well..guess he’s just out for the $ and not Rings.

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