Munchack says Britt will play 15-25 plays on Sunday


It has been almost a year since Titans wide receiver Kenny Britt has played in a game, so it stands to reason that the Titans will be careful not to throw too much on his plate too soon when he does return to game action.

Barring any new injuries or suspensions, that should happen this Sunday when the Titans travel to San Diego. Last weekend, Florio reported that the team would play Britt 20-25 snaps in the game and coach Mike Munchak pretty much confirmed that on Wednesday. He gave a slightly different number at the low end of the range, saying Britt would play somewhere between 15 and 25 snaps in his return to action.

Munchak thinks that Britt can have a positive impact on the offense despite a limited number of plays and the fact that he and Jake Locker haven’t had much time to develop chemistry with one another.

“We’ll probably keep it simple for Kenny, especially early, so we’re not having him do too much or having him move around too much,” Munchak said, via John Glennon of the Tennessean. “With Kenny’s size and what he can do, I think there’s something hopefully that can come on pretty quickly.”

Because of his knee injury and his suspension, Britt hasn’t had much time to work with the rest of the Titans offense this offseason. We’ll start finding out this week how long it will take for him to fully catch up.