Nick Sundberg, man among men, heard arm click, kept snapping


Some day, I will grow weary of stories about Redskins long snapper Nick Sundberg playing an entire half with a broken arm.

Today is not that day.

Sundberg is obviously the Baddest Long Snapper in All the Land, and frankly is turning into Chuck Norris right in front of our eyes (Nick Sundberg doesn’t snap the ball backward. His strength reverses the Earth’s gravity until the punter is pulled forward to where he once was). Ronnie Lott cutting off a finger was kind of a pansy move compared to Nick Sundberg.

During an interview with Run TMC Sports (via Dan Steinberg of the Washington Post), Sundberg explained how he broke his left arm.

“They brought 10, so it was a heavy rush, I guess you could say,” Sundberg said. “It was an overload right, so there were six guys on the right side, four on the left. One of the six guys, the closest to me, looped to the left to make it a balanced look. The guy next to him kind of hit me right in the face, and when he did, I threw my arm out there to kind of get a piece of the guy that was looping, who was [Reed Doughty’s] guy.

“When I did, I guess my arm got in front of his helmet, and he was still going. So as Reed was stepping up, I threw my hand out, got in between his helmet and Reed’s helmet. Somehow the momentum of his helmet hitting my arm backwards and Reed stepping up and my arm hitting Reed’s facemask broke my arm.”


Sundberg said the Redskins medical staff wasn’t sure at first it was broken, but he cleared that up for them.

“I told them it was broken,” Sundberg said. “They were like, ‘Oh, I don’t know, it might not be broken.’ And I was like, ‘All right, listen, I can feel it clicking. I’ve done it before. When I move my hand this way, the bone’s moving. It’s broken.’ ”


Long snappers are tweeners by nature, not really linemen, but not really kickers either. So Sundberg’s move earned him a measure of respect in the huddle many don’t ordinarily receive.

“After it happened, I was walking to the net and a couple of [linemen] grabbed me and they were like, ‘hey, is it really broken?’” Sundberg said. “I was like ‘yeah.’ They were like ‘Wowww.’ No big deal or anything, is what I said. I kind of flexed real quick.”

Let us all stand in awe and admiration of the Great and Mighty Sundberg.

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  1. Every team in the league saw what happens when the opposing long snapper goes down.

    I expect more long snappers to go down.

  2. voiceandreason says:
    Sep 13, 2012 11:30 AM
    Broken……just like the hopes of deadskins fans after this weak. deadskins-forever in the cellar


    This is your response to this story…Unbelievable

    And the guy who posted above about breaking his leg in high school. Did you have 300 pound been trying to pummel you after you broke your leg? Meh, is right.

  3. Philip Rivers playing 6 days after surgery to repair a torn ACL and MCL was just as impressive.

    Ronnie Lott cutting off his finger was much more impressive.

    Manteo Mitchell running the last 200m on a broken leg to qualify USA for the finals of the 4×400 relay was most impressive. Not football related, but I don’t care.

  4. Ouch! I’d have to say he is pretty damn tough.

    Only thing is that if he were to further injure his arm worse by continuing to play, like poke his bone through the skin and cause an infection. He could have ended up losing his arm and become an amputee, then he would have been called an idiot instead of a tough guy.

  5. The Chuck Norris reference was great. I caught a sand viper when I was deployed in Kuwait with Battalion Quebec in ’06, and an eastern diamondback rattlesnake when I was stationed in Meridian, MS in ’96, but this is nothing compared to Nick Sundberg.

    The viper was just me being me, I love snakes (everybody was scared, running, and at least 2 people pulled out their guns lol), the rattlesnake was in the middle of the path that everybody took from the base to the gym. It was either walk almost a mile down the road and a quarter-mile up another road to the gym or cut through the woods-almost everyone chose the woods. I was coming back by myself and I heard it, so I used a stick to press down on the head and picked it up. Keeping it firmly in my grip between the thumb and index finger I walked it about half a mile up the road and let it go.

    It’s no broken limb, but that’s my story.

  6. Sundberg has a brush-cut and everyone knows not to mess with a man with a brush cut. Therefor don’t mess with the Sundberg.

  7. Ronnie Lott didn’t cut his finger off. He had a pinky fingertip surgically removed after the 1985 season.

  8. he needs vitamins and minerals. A deficiency is generally the root cause of bone breaks of all kinds. Now i obviously understand his arm got twisted up into an odd position but healthy bones should not break.

  9. Smh….oooooo he’s so tough for playing 3 snaps with a broken arm.

    I’d say this is pansy compared to Witten playing with a broken jaw his rookie year, or lacerated spleen this year.


    Romo playing with broken ribs

  10. kevo126 says: Sep 13, 2012 11:32 AM

    A few years ago the ravens snapper finished the game he tore his acl in and didn’t get this much attention.


    Because nobody outside of Baltimore cares about the Ravens.

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