Packers take lead in defensive struggle


Here’s all you need to know about the start of Thursday night’s Bears-Packers game: The Bears had zero yards of total offense in the first quarter. And yet the Packers weren’t able to turn that pathetic offensive display into a first-quarter lead.

Green Bay finally got on the board early in the second quarter with a Mason Crosby 48-yard field goal.

Bears quarterback Jay Cutler has been sacked three times and Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers has been sacked twice, and this looks more like an old-school Bears-Packers game from the George Halas/Curly Lambeau days than a 21st Century NFL game.

The Packers surely wouldn’t have been happy if they had been told in advance that they’d have just three points midway through the second quarter. But in this game, three points is enough to give the Packers the lead.

16 responses to “Packers take lead in defensive struggle

  1. Both offenses look downright shameful.
    This should bode well for the Lions and the Vik….ok just the Lions.

  2. larryboodry says:
    Sep 13, 2012 9:28 PM
    BS call on that challenge, plus AJ Hawk shoulda been flagged, not Carimi.
    BS really? The guys foot is on the grass when Saturdays got the football already being snapped underneath him. You can clearly see it on pause if you have tivo or dvr.

    And Hawk hit him face to face right after the play ended. Carimi hit him in the back three seconds after the play. That gets called on the second guy 100 times out of 100 times.

  3. AJ Hawk is not just another pretty face.

    No Really..

    Good thing he a decent line backer with sub par acting skills

  4. Love how the falcons clip our guys in the back and we’re called whiners for bringing it up, yet now our guys do little veteran moves like that and people want our guys banned….smh.

  5. And Hawk hit him face to face right after the play ended. Carimi hit him in the back three seconds after the play.
    Well, you’re half right. Watch the play again and you’ll see that Hawk hit Carimi right as the whistle blew. It was a perfectly legal hit. Carimi’s push a few seconds after the whistle not so much. Even without Hawk’s best impression of a soccer player, if you push a guy over the pile after a play you’re usually going to get called.

  6. I hate that you can red flag a play that was not called like the 12 men call. If it wasn’t caught and a flag thrown, how can you go back and then flag it? Every play has missed calls, so how do you differentiate which ones you can challenge. Fumbles, spots, interceptions….those are one thing, but penalties are either called or not. Didn’t really see how the refs were partial in this game…….just took way too long to make calls. So much for the “better” refs getting the highlighted games! And the booth is a “real” ref. This game was a snoozer………..zzzzzzzzz

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