Raiders not interested in Plax, T.O., or Chad


We mentioned in the first Tryout Tuesday item of the season that, of all the players who had their tires kicked this week, none were named Plaxico Burress, Terrell Owens, or Chad Johnson.

If anyone gives any of them a shot in the future, it won’t be the Raiders.

G.M. Reggie McKenzie said so on Thursday, according to Vic Tafur of the San Francisco Chronicle.  “It’s not just [their] age,” McKenzie said.  “If the right player could add to the group . . . we just didn’t feel that those three were the right ones.  Clear and simple.  If I felt like they could have added something to what we were doing, I would have strongly considered it.”

It’s not as if the Raiders don’t have needs at the position.  Denarius Moore has yet to play this year due to a hamstring injury, and Jacoby Ford could be headed to injured reserve after undergoing foot surgery.

The fact that the Raiders won’t even consider Burress, Owens, or Johnson further highlights the difference between the old Raiders and the new Raiders.  And it confirms that there’s hope for the new Raiders.

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  1. I like all 3 WRs mentioned above butttt, I think only Plax and TO would contribute the most. 85 has just sunk so low so quickly.

  2. All 3 of those players were available to be signed or for a trade while Al Davis was alive last year and he wasn’t interested either. So please stop acting like the old Raiders would have signed them.

  3. If I could have any receiver in his prime I would be hard to trade Chad Johnson 2002-2006. Four Consecutive AFC Receiving Titles.. In that time there was only one NFC Winner in the SB. The AFC was tougher Conference & Chad Johnson won the receiving title EVERY YEAR in the AFC! Say what you want about him being done and over the hill or whatever, no one can deny that for a nice stretch in history Chad was a pretty dominating prolific player in the NFL.

  4. To me it makes no sense for teams that need wideouts not to look at these three..well atleast T O or plax they are not gonna be causing a problem anywhere because they know if they do they are done…so the reason they aren’t being looked at can’t be a locker room issue….if my team needed a wr I would atleast want them to look if it could make them the teams that do need them aren’t doing right by their fans..atleast they could try them out

  5. Raiders WR corps may be the absolute worst in their history. After watching the game, couldn’t believe those clowns are actually in the NFL. Al would never have stood for this.

  6. Denarius Moore’s return should help immensely. DBH has turned into an ok player, but he’s not a #1 receiver, really not even #2. I can see Streater taking his starting spot in time. Streater is still a rookie, though. He should have caught one of the deep balls in the game Monday. DBH should have caught another deep ball. The passes were right on their hands. Even Dilfer said on the game replay both those passes should have been caught. The horrible special teams play doomed us, but these missed big plays would have helped a lot. The receivers just have to get better. Owens and Johnson don’t have anything left. That’s mostly why they’re not wanted in Oakland. Burris can still play, but he’s mostly a red zone target. We have Criner for that. We could use another sure handed guy, but they’re not growing on trees.

  7. I’m not sure, but weren’t all three of those guys available in free agency last year, when Davis was still alive? If so, it says more about the players than it does about the Raiders. Seems to me that McKenzie is just working his plan. Don’t overspend in free agency, develop some depth, work the draft. He has some job security, and won’t get fired for not earning a ring in his first year.

  8. Fordmandalay, Worst WR corps in history?

    DHB was the first Raiders receiver to almost crack 1000 yards since Randy Moss last year. Denarius Moore had over 600 yards as a 5th round rookie. This was accomplished with Jason “Deer in the headlights” Campbell and Carson Palmer fresh off the couch. Rod Streater is a promising UDFA rookie who lit it up in the preseason. Yeah there might be growing pains but they’re all under 26 years old with big upside.

    Actually, do you even watch football or do you make up your opinions on NFL players based on Madden ratings?

  9. DANG

    thats why its not the same without AL,

    the regime seems more focused on doing things the “right” way then winning.

  10. Play could help immensely. TO too. Raiders don’t have a big receiver or a dynamic receiving TE. Big mistake by McKenzie.

    Also would’ve been nice if he hadn’t traded Louis Murphy for a bag of balls.

  11. DHB is more than capable of being a #2 WR, the problem is, out of all the talent they have at the position, he’s the only one that is on the field every game.

    The WR group has a lot of talent but it never shows because they are always in a hoodie on the sideline. If they ever stayed healthy though….chances are we won’t see that.

    The offense is better than they showed against the Chargers, it’s just a lot of talent is in a sweatsuit.

  12. Dennis Allen has ALOT to learn. He looks completely overwhelmed with the moment. And MNF just proved it. His defense is starting to make strides, but his choice of OC has set the club back as a whole. If your buying into the Criner hype train you will be sorely disappointed (like Taiwan). Even fresh of the street Hagen got the start ahead of him. DMC never got around the edge, and SD’s LB are no spring chickens. Trade away Louis Murphy when Ford is on 1 gimp foot. Bottom line, ST debacle aside, your D took 1 step forward, and the Offense took 2 steps back.
    TLDR Raiders are screwed

  13. The stench coming from the Coliseum is only going to get worse as the year goes on! They will have to give away a lot more free tickets to fill that dump up! It must be a nightmare knowing across the bay the Niners are again a powerhouse. At least you have the A’s Oaktown. Oh I forgot, nobody cares about them either with the Giants dwarfing Billy Ball!

  14. David Nutter says:Sep 13, 2012 10:52 PM

    Uhh…I know that. It’s called a typo. Tool.

  15. commitment,

    Criner is hurt. Hence why Hagan played.

    The OC move may prove to be a mistake. But let’s see a healthy offense before any judgement is passed. I’d like to see the young Whiz in there, along with Moore.

  16. Ha.. I have a idea, why don’t y’all not worry about it and let Raider Nation handle our own business.. Y’all claim to hate us, we’re a joke franchise so and so forth.. Stop discussin us if you feel that strongly..

    But wait, ya can’t.. You hate us do much you have to watch our games, you have to read our posts. Were in your heads!!

    Just sit back relax, and enjoy the season, I can’t promise you the playoffs or make 500., but I can promise you we will surprise you!!

    Raider Nation For Life!!

  17. If the Raiders signed Chad or T.O. they’d probably give the Bengals a hand full of future draft picks purely out of habit.

  18. After watching the Raiders game Monday night, if it is not the wide receiver then could it be the quarterback. All three of those wide recievers are better than any wide receiver currently on the Raiders roster. In my opinion, it sounds like the Raiders are going to lose this season to try to draft Matt Barkley in the 2013 NFL draft and start completely over. No one wants me to say the word rebuilding. It is just a theory at this point of the season but in the NFL, when teams do not improve the roster with older players, that normally means they are prepared to lose so they can draft some young talent. Let’s discuss this around Week 8. Just saying.

  19. When you assign your screen name as ‘r8rh8r’ and ‘commitment2excrement’ it’s obvious you are closet Raider fans.

    Why else would you devote so much time and energy to spewing hate for one team? Get a life already.

  20. Thank you, Reggie. Anyone who thinks success is a constant upward trend on a graph is a fool. This will take a lot of tinkering, but building with youth and signing QUALITY FA’s instead of has-beens is a good sign that success will come.

  21. “If I felt like they could have added something to what we were doing, I would have strongly considered it.”

    That is the key…

    If anyone thought that The Raiders were going to be ringing the bell at 10-0 and killing everyone on both sides of the ball with killer depth sitting on the bench…. Hell what team is going to do that?

    The future looks bright for The Raiders and that has a lot of people scared. Scared because that distant blimp on the radar is wearing an eye patch.

    RAIDER ON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Here is a tell-tale sign that they are trouble: Carson palmer has played with 2/3rd of them and the Raiders are still uninterested.

  23. Let’s take look at the Rams shall we?
    They have 6 WRs on their (non practice squad) roster and they are:
    Brian Quick
    Danny Amendola
    Steve Smith (The Younger)
    Brandon Gibson
    Austin Pettis
    Chris Givens (the one NOT dropped by the Saints)

    Are phones even ringing? Jeff Fisher isn’t one of those “four pillars” guys, so if he isn’t calling you’re done. If anyone of these guys could help out in any way (on the field, mentoring, waterboy, etc.) they’d have had a workout at least.

    Bottom line: It’s time to ride off into the sunset guys.

  24. So many people on here livie in the past. No one wants these guys. They’ve built up a file of HR stuff and film over the last four years.

    Moss wasn’t a factor last week. Anyone would have caught the TD pass. Not much else. When he ticks off Harbaugh for not playing, even though they’re winning, he’ll be bounced too.

    It’s not 2005 anymore Toto!

  25. DHB jurion, sreater, ford, hagan, and moore is a lineup ill take anyday. Jacoby should be utilized more as a returner. Reminds me of devin hester from the bears. We dont need to sign any crap reciever for there name. We have alot of upside in our recievers. We just need to stay healthy. AND PLEASE FIRE KNAPP. GET AL SAUNDERS BACK.

  26. Maybe, they should not try to see if they could try out for a wide-receiver. They have a pretty decent core, but injuries plague them. I hear that a long-snapper is needed (its obvious after loosing to my Bolts). How about they get a try-out for that.

  27. the Raiders need to do a strip down ala the Dallas Cowboys of 1989-90.Trade McFadden while he still has value and get some draft picks.I see a 3-13 team this year.

  28. It’s very true that a lot of the talent was in track suits for the Charger game. DHB will free up a little bit once D-Mo returns to the line-up. Losing Ford for the season is a big loss – he does a great job on special teams and is very effective out of the slot.

    The big opportunity for the Raiders is mismatches. They have the best scoring FB in the game in Reece, who is a match-up nightmare. And if the team can incorporate TE Ausberry’s hands/speed/size into the offense that will create even more mis-matches and opportunities. Go Raiders.

    And did everyone see the coming out party for Rolondo. He looked like the first round draft pick they selected on draft day. The coach is gonna get the best out of him.

  29. G.M. Reggie McKenzie said so on Thursday, according to Vic Tafur of the San Francisco Chronicle. “It’s not just [their] age,” McKenzie said. “If the right player could add to the group . . . we just didn’t feel that those three were the right ones. Clear and simple. If I felt like they could have added something to what we were doing, I would have strongly considered it.”
    I’m sure they could easily help you lose. Not that Chokeland needs any help with that.
    Commitment to excrement

  30. humb0lt says: Sep 14, 2012 12:28 AM

    Maybe McKenzie can trade next year’s 1st round draft pick for Louis Murphy.

    Any maybe Goodell will hand out participation trophies this season, and the Chargers will finally win something.

  31. I love you losers who want to bash the raiders, because none of you have a clue about football. They finished 8-8 last year and lost their starting qb and one of the best running backs in the league. Than they traded for a qb who was sitting on the couch and when he came in half of his recievers were hurt. So all of that and they still finished 8-8. I doubt to many other teams would have done that.

    And unless your team has 3 super bowls(except the patriot’s for cheating) or more why even bother talking about our sqaud because apparently your squad is even worse. So when you get 3 rings than run your mouth

  32. Back to the topic at hand. If I were a Raiders’ fan, it would be heartening to know that they weren’t going to go after any of those miscreants. They wouldn’t help the Raiders one bit this season, and would make it harder to build the young talent for the future.

    But the real issue isn’t about who is at wide receiver. It’s about who’s throwing the ball, and the protection he gets.

    The Chargers exposed a serious problem with the Raiders O-Line, and it forced Palmer to check down to McMuffin for the entire game. You can bet that better defenses than San Diego’s will certainly exploit that weakness.

    The Raiders will suffer until they improve the pass protection (even the run block) and get themselves a future franchise QB. They missed the chance to really improve about two seasons ago, when the swept the West. Unfortunately, it may be a few more until there is a chance to move forward.

  33. Granted, if Al had been alive (and don’t talk about a year ago, he was on his death bed) he would have easily picked up one of these goons. Just like he did with Mandy Ross years ago, and look how disastrously that worked out.

  34. have to love the haters , who are relentless on their jealousy of the nation. All they do is spew their hatred and nonsense on raiders topics, that have no substance……..two words for all the haters….GO RAIDERS!

    as far as wide outs, hard to believe plax couldn’t help out. big target in the red zone. Saints just signed adrian arrington again., so he no longer there. If it’s a vet only ones left are clayton, gaffney, and the recently retired roy williams.

  35. @dougydougdoug says:

    There goes Triple D again. Is he some sort of San Diego rapper?

    It’s amazing how little you know about the game. Palmer getting sacked? O-line issues? Maybe in your world but not in reality. Palmer was kept clean with good protection until very late in the game when the Raiders had to abandon the balances run/pass gameplan they had and pass every down. The coaches’ tape verifies that. Of course, to view the tape you have to pay for it. That might be a problem for you. Actually, understanding what you’re watching might be a problem too.

    Lastly, Palmer showed everyone he is still a very good QB in this league Monday night. He was every bit the equal of Rivers. That just burns you doesn’t it? The Raiders aren’t at a serious disadvantage almost every game anymore with the likes of JaMarcus Russell and Aaaron Brooks at QB. The gap at that position has closed, pal.

  36. I’m FAR from a Raiders fan, but he did the right thing by not signing them, those guys just need to let it go, their time is over. The Raiders have good WRs, they just need to stay healthy. God knows I know all about that as a Chargers fan.

  37. House41:

    You’re like a broken record. Every time you’re faced with the facts, you bark back with telling the person they don’t know as much about the game as yourself. Odd method of argumentation. But from a Raider’s fan, it’s rather par for the course.

    The fact is, Palmer was sacked. Multiple times.
    The O-Line was horrible. Had it been better, Palmer would have done more than just check down to McMuffin. Further, even that China Doll never broke off a big run (like he has in the past against the Bolts) and never got into the endzone. So, to correct your errors, above, Palmer had a bad game, the O-Line was bad, and McMuffin couldn’t save the day.

    The Chargers obviously played nearly as poorly. However, when it mattered, they made the stops. When they needed the points, they scored them. When the game was over, the better team won.

    Chill out. Pop another Bud Light. And wait until Sunday, when we’ll see where things stand. I will say, that if “your” Raiders can’t beat the Hard Knocks, with only a couple thousand fans attending, that team has bigger problems than Most Raiders fans.

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