Rex Ryan: Jets led the league in offseason workout participation

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If the Jets are a clown car, Rex Ryan thinks it’s full of hard-working clowns.

Ryan has consistently defended his players during an offseason in which the Jets were described as a circus, and Ryan — perhaps feeling vindicated by Sunday’s win over the Bills — said on Wednesday that he has known all along that this bunch of guys is no joke.

“It was pretty obvious that our team should be taken seriously when we had 99 percent participation in a voluntary offseason conditioning program, for the entire thing,” Ryan said. “I think we’re the only team in the league that did that. We probably should have been taken a little more seriously, but again I certainly understand we did not reach our expectations the year before and whether it’s concerning, that’s all fine and dandy. Again, it’s a brand new year and I think I’m wasting my time on dwelling what happened in the past.”

Offseason workout participation isn’t an official NFL statistic, so there’s no way of knowing who led the league in that category, but Ryan’s boastfulness is understandable this week. On Sunday, the Jets really did look like a team that takes its business seriously.

22 responses to “Rex Ryan: Jets led the league in offseason workout participation

  1. Oh god here we go again. Maybe match your performance against the Steelers and someone MIGHT take you serious. No offense Bills fans but that was a debacle

  2. No guarantees. The players showing up and working hard. This is how you a run a football team Rex. But as a rookie head coach just learning in this league, you make mistakes and you learn from them.

    At least he’s showing that he’s learned from his pass mistakes about all the stupid guarantees.

  3. Rex, as a long-time Jets fan I learned the world doesn’t care about labor pains, it only wants to see the baby.
    So, keep winning and then talk.

  4. Oh. You’re still a team who hasn’t won a Superbowl since before probably the majority of fans were born. Better than Philly, though.

  5. All this bravado for beating the miserable Bills that gave 4 TOs? Aren’t they over reacting? Oh forget it, they are the Jets! See you nxt wk after Steelers game!

  6. For a few weeks Rex said he put too much pressure on his players with all of his bravado and b.s. talk and that he was going to quit doing it……..until they win one game against an average opponent. welcome back Mr. B.S. “we hardly missed ya !”

  7. He can not help it,he thought the media was his buddy at one time.Dressing up like his brother,great one-liners,the darling of the media.One bad season and some questionable moves,you see how fast they turn on you.

  8. No pleasing the haters… WHO CARES about them…
    No guarantees …people still talk
    Rex is a good coach bottom line..he may not be like the others in the league, but a good coach never less..
    Landry and Bell major upgrade over Smith and Leonard..
    Will see if they can cover Hernandez and Gronk and then it will be worth it…

    keep hating because obviously your teams have nothing going on…

  9. No fan here of Rex’s “leadership” style, but I would never become a coach in NYC. Apparently it’s impossible to make an innocuous statement without a media clown trying to sensationalize it to generate website ad revenue.

  10. There really aren’t too many clowns on the Jets. Their problem is that Ryan is a clown. Other than Ryan and Cromartie, the only circus is Sideshow Tim (not being played by Kelsey Grammar).

  11. lrjets says:Sep 13, 2012 9:34 AM

    Rex, as a long-time Jets fan I learned the world doesn’t care about labor pains, it only wants to see the baby.
    So, keep winning and then talk.

    LMFAO. I have never heard that quote before. Hilarious (to me, at least).

  12. The cowboys had 99% voluntary off-season participation also. The only player who did not participate was cb Mike Jenkins.

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