Rodgers says illegal contact rule isn’t being enforced the right way

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Last Sunday, NBC officiating consultant Jim Daopoulos said before the start of the games that the replacement officials will struggle with the illegal contact rule, due in large part to the fact that the rule doesn’t exist at lower levels of the sport.

Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers said in a pregame interview with Deion Sanders of NFL Network that, indeed, the replacements are fumbling that rule.

“I don’t think the illegal contact down the field is being enforced the right way,” said Rodgers, the 2011 NFL MVP.  “When you play a lot of man coverage, there’s gonna be times when they’re either pushing or holding or grabbing after five yards.  And when it’s blatant, when that guy’s No. 1 or 2 in the progression and it’s not being called, the rules weren’t exactly followed.”

During Rodgers’ comments, NFLN was showing video (the cool kids call it “B-roll”) of receivers being pushed and held and grabbed down the field.  In college and high school, that’s legal — until the ball is in the air.

As Daopoulos explained it, the rule is complicated.  If the quarterback is out of the pocket, the protection disappears.  And one instance of contact is permitted within five yards of the line of scrimmage.

For officials who never have had to enforce the rule, it’s a lot to expect them to make the adjustment while they’re also trying to adjust to the gigantic stage on which they’re now performing.

44 responses to “Rodgers says illegal contact rule isn’t being enforced the right way

  1. He’s right. The 49ers were all over the Packers’ receivers, especially toward the end of the game. It may or may not have made an impact in the outcome of the game, but they certainly got away with a lot of contact.

  2. The refs have been terrible this week but everybody seems to forget/hasnt brought up through this whole process is that everybody complained about the old refs too!

  3. These officials are letting them play more than the regular officials. I actually like it, they will get more comfortable as they officiate more games.

  4. Whoever the officials are, the elements of officiating will affect both teams equally. Either sit at home or stop crying and win a football game.

  5. You’re one of the best QB’s in the league. If you could learn to just shut your non-charismatic mouth for 2 seconds, we wouldn’t feel like punching you in the face every time you open it.

  6. Agree with jamezz23 completely. Before just a brush or touch would initiate a flag. These guys actually give a little more freedom. Tough luck Rodgers, works both ways including your defense, too. If your guys can’t take advantage of it then its their fault. Noticed it right away and I like it more this way.

  7. Rodgers needs to quit pissing about the style of football the Packers have been getting away with for years. Stop the whining and play the game…..

  8. I guess Arron Rodgers couldn’t have played football 20 years ago. Obviously not the best ever. Also funny how much he is talking about these refs but wouldnt say a word last year when the refs were literally handing them games

  9. i was thinking on sunday that it seemed like the game was more physical over all, but in a good way. im glad to see others are seeing the same thing.

    i predict the old officials will cave by week 4, or we may never see them again.

  10. How about the touchdown the refs gave you on that punt return. seems like whenever Erin loses, he complains or says they beat themselves. Get over it!

  11. Backed out of his bet too. Say what you want about Alex Smith but at least he has integrity. Never levies blame, just says “We/I need to get better, need to execute” I liked Aaron until that sad little cop out… “Oh it was just a joke, nothing more” Yeah that’s why dude from Boyz II Men is on twitter in the 4th qtr saying he’s pressing that jersey for him.

  12. watching the game. man do these teams suck. rodgers is pathetic and cutler even worse. cutler is blaming every1 but his self on the field. they will never be winners with that dude.

  13. From a Viking fan, when someone who knows something about football shares that knowledge with the fans, we get bunch of just shut ups or questions of toughness. Reality check none of you know what Rogers knows, you are a bunch of overweight out of shape arm chair quarterbacks. Rogers is right the scabs don’t know the rules. The real refs know the rules. 20 plus years of NFL referring means something. Unless you are an under educated under achieving blowhard who has to hide behind a keyboard and demean other people’s profession to make themselves feel like less of a loser.

  14. Starting to seriously get sick of Erin Rodgers complaining of something after every loss. If you can’t handle playing in the NFL, follow fellow estrogen-raged QB Joey Harrington to the Theatre District.

  15. The illegal contact rule is horrible. Football is better when the defense and offense is more balanced. It is frustrating seeing all the crazy passing stats from the last 8 years or so- Without the illegal contact rule- the running games takes on more importance.

    Rodgers is upset that he cant win games simplying throwing the whole game.

  16. I love the physicality of the game the NFL thinks people want to see aerial attacks like the packers but I feel like more of us like the physical passing game it’s more enjoyable to watch

  17. The illegal contact rule was over called by the so called real refs. There is a big difference between touching and impeding a receiver

  18. Rodgers is a front running quarterback that can’t deal with adversity. His record is 3-19 in games when his team trails in the fourth quarter. Even John Skelton plays better than Rodgers when his team needs it most.

    The Packers apparently never lose, they either beat themselves or the refs screw them and often times it’s a combination of both.

  19. Aaron rodgers doesn’t need to look any further than across his own locker room to Charles woodson for a prime example. I have always liked woodson, and he’s a tremendous competitor getting away with what he can to gain an advantage, but he is one of the worst offenders here.

  20. suhperman says: Sep 13, 2012 8:31 PM

    He’s right. The 49ers were all over the Packers’ receivers, especially toward the end of the game. It may or may not have made an impact in the outcome of the game, but they certainly got away with a lot of contact.

    Maybe GB should have tried a little contact. Letting one of the best of all time run down the middle and catch an uncontested TD. With D like that, you can’t argue the outcome at all.

  21. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell knows them replacement refs is not qualified. But he talking about players safety one New Orleans Saints player already out with a concussion and no call made. If Goodell don’t want professional refs calling the games then he telling lies to its not about the money its about players safety Roger Goodell get your focus off the Saints and put your mind on the game.

  22. Gotta love the Rodgers haters like always. Rodgers has never ever blamed the refs for losing or said they beat themselves. Jarrett Bush, who every Packer fan hates with a passion, said they beat themselves against the 49ers and even Rodgers said that the 49ers whooped them fair and square.

    Matthews made the comment against the Giants and there’s some truth to it. The Giants did win fair and square but the Packers set a playoff record for drops in a game. They had drive after drive stopped by their own drops.

  23. It’s called “Football” Aaron. Crap, dudes named after a chick. Now I would be mad too, introduce your brother Leslie, Or let your Dad Sharon do it. (snicker, chuckle chuff chuff.. aarn… heheheeheh) Here comes…… Stacey… HAHAHAHAHAAAAA

  24. Then tonight they blew the call in the other direction. They called illegal contact when Jermichael Finley went down the field and pushed the safety out of his way.

  25. I actually like pass defense better NOW when CB’s can play defense. The stupid ticky-tack contact rules are bad for the game. Defenders should have the right to their position too. The back-shoulder and purposely underthrown balls where the WR tries to run through a defender playing proper position technique, only to be called for pass interference is bogus.

    Maybe this is an opportunity for the game to reset the balance in the pass game a bit.

  26. While I agree Aaron comes off as whiny he didn’t say it was only called poorly when it comes to the Packers. He made a general statement. Im sure in watching the game he saw it called poorly in the other direction also.

  27. “For officials who never have had to enforce the rule, it’s a lot to expect them to make the adjustment while they’re also trying to adjust to the gigantic stage on which they’re now performing.”

    Really? Are you serious?

    They agreed to do a job. There are aspects of the job that you need to know the protocols of.

    So with this logic you are saying if a guy has been working in say an electronic repair shop fixing DVD players for a number of years and he gets lucky enough to land a job at NASA wiring up things its okay for him to screw up because he is on a “gigantic stage” now?

    Sometimes my head feels like it is going to explode with the stuff that comes out here….

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