Steelers brace for Tebow


At a time when plenty of people are scoffing about the passing skills of Tim Tebow (including John Madden), the team that was burned by an 80-yard catch and run in the 2011 playoffs isn’t.  And won’t.  Ever.

“Obviously, he’s a capable passer,” Steelers coach Mike Tomlin said of Tebow, via the Associated Press.  “That’s an element of it that we need to be prepared for.”

Tomlin said they’ll be prepared for a more extensive Tebow role than the 10 snaps in which he was involved in Week One.  And that’s a big part of New York’s reasoning in trading for Tebow.  Every minute the Steelers spend preparing for Tebow’s pilgrimage to Pittsburgh is one less minute they’ll devote to preparing for Mark Sanchez, the non-franchise quarterback who played like one on Sunday, which meant Tebow threw zero passes.

“We’re never going to put a number out there,” coach Rex Ryan said.  “We’re going to leave it as is.  It will always be in the game plan.  We’ll see how much we need to use it, how little we’ll do and how much we’ll do.  It’ll obviously depend on what we think is in our best interest.

“Will it vary from week to week?  It probably will, but teams need to prepare for it.”

In January, the Steelers prepared by resolving to stop Tebow the runner.  And Tebow the passer woke up.

This year, whenever Tebow takes the field the Steelers will have a decision to make.  And if they guess wrong again, we could see a lot more Tebow than we did in Week One.

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  1. Pittsburgh always plays well at home, Rapeaburger is crazy good in home-openers, and they aren’t facing the Bills defense. I have a feeling the Steelers ground the Jets and bring them back to reality. Steelers win by 10+pts.

  2. Here comes the dumb ratbird fans to say.. “you been tebow’d out of the playoffs now prepare to be tebow’d again” whatever takes the pain away from being cundiffed! Which I absolutely loved by the way!

  3. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD ENOUGH OF TEBOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! . When the guy wins a Super Bowl or has been in the NFL for a while or has done something that warrants this much media attention then let me know.

  4. Cue the Tebow haters. Never understood why people hate on him. Not a great qb true but I don’t get it. Do people hate him because he tries hard? That he donates money? That he helped build a hospital? That he loves the Lord? I don’t like the Jets, and Tebow isn’t Joe Montana but I will always root for someone who tries hard. Look at players who are selfish, broke and have a criminal record, and people still hate him.

  5. Tebow and Sanchez are not Peyton Manning, and Ben isn’t what’s-his-joke they have as the QB in Buffalo.

    Jets’ streak ends at one in a decisive Steeler win.

  6. I never will understand the way Tebow is regarded by the talking heads… or should I say disregarded…. He is not Joe Montana but then who is???

    Go ahead ravonater hate ur hate….

  7. Steeler fan: look out, this guy can run for 5 yards every 10 – 12 plays and recover poorly kicked onside kicks.

    ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo 🙂

    Good luck

  8. I am not a Tebow fan at all, but I would LOVE to see a repeat of January 8, 2012. That being said, the Steelers should win this game quite handily which is very disappointing!

  9. They need to find out if James Harrison will be activated. If so, the Jets will have bigger problem to deal with. Steelers want revenge after Tebow put them out of the playoff.

  10. If the Steelers lose again to Tim Tebow of the Jets, Tomlin & LeBeau will have alot of explaing to do, not only to the Rooneys, but the rest of the free world!

  11. I hope and pray that the Steelers lose again to Tebow. There nothing more than seeing and hearing Steeler fans moan, groan, and cry about getting beat AGAIN! I look for the Steelers to keep their losing streak alive as other teams kick sand in their old and slow faces.

  12. Tebow needs to take the Flutie path and head to the CFL before making a return to the league. Tebow neeeds to work on his skills, he is now a circus freak, he is on the hands team. He needs to show some pride if he believes in his own qb talent.

  13. They don’t need to brace for Tebow, they need to brace for where the hell is Pitt’s offense going to come from?

    Jets D struggles with fast RBs and athletic TEs.

    Revis blankets Brown
    Cro blankets Wallace
    Wilson blankets Sanders

    I guess you guys are hoping for Dwyer to have a career game….

  14. BR has never had a passer rating of higher than 82 vs the Jets going all the way back to the Herm era, but Pitt usually wins the game. I expect no different this time.

    Also, kudos to Tomlin for being able to say Tebow (I don’t hate or love Tebow btw) is a capable passer with a straight face. He out BB-ed BB in the “praise the opponent” wars.

  15. To Tomtravis: the MAIN difference between Tebow and Flutie is that Flutie could always throw a decent ball….at Tebow’s age habits are hard to change, if he hasn’t learned how to throw the ball by now he never will.

  16. As a non-Steeler hater, I’m afraid this defense is getting a bit long in the tooth. They looked terrible in denver, old and tired as Warren Sapp said.

    The offense is also in trouble with Todd Haley in charge. He thinks he’s smarter than everyone else, when in reality, his offenses aren’t very good, to be kind.

    I’m hoping for a Steeler win, but I think this is the year we see a marked drop off in the team.

  17. Tebow? Will he even be in the game? Sanchez might need to worry about him, but I doubt anyone else is too concerned. I do think it will be an interesting game, though. The Steelers are favored, but I wouldn’t rule out an upset here.

  18. It’s still unknown if Revis or James Harrison are playing. If Revis is out and Harrison is in or Revis is out, scales tip Steelers way. Guaranteed Rex dials up at least one special Tebow play that could be humiliating. Ideal for Rex to use Tebow as decoy in this game because of Denver.

  19. Has anyone addressed the stupidity of Mike Tomlin in Denver last week, INSISTING on a challenge that wasn’t a challenge, since no official saw the red flag thrown by Tomlin while the ball was being snapped, but especially since Tomlin could gain nothing POSITIVE by the challenge in any event, and, IN FACT, lost a timeout due to his extreme stupidity?

    Why is this idiot a head coach again?

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