Stevan Ridley’s getting used to the pounding


Stevan Ridley was doling out some good shots Sunday.

But the increased workload also took a toll on his body, and he knows there are more cold tubs in his future if he’s going to be the Patriots’ feature back.

“Thankfully not too bad,” Ridley said of the sudden swarm of media attention he’s getting, via Jeff Howe of the Boston Herald. “Not too bad. I think my life is going to be in the training room a pretty good bit from here on out, so whether I’m sore or not, I’m still going to be in there visiting those guys.”

Ridley had 21 carries for 125 yards and a touchdown, with a number of physical runs that left a mark on the Titans defense. That’s going to lead to some bruises of his own, but he’s willing to play that role.

“You can’t play the position being scared,” Ridley said. “You’re going to take a lot of contact, but as a runner, if you can try to deliver the blow instead of taking the hit, I think your career might last a little bit longer. That’s kind of my philosophy running the ball. I’m trying to get downhill and deliver the punch instead of taking all the beatings.”

Having someone who can run inside the tackles gives the Patriots a different dimension on offense, and as long as Ridley hangs onto the ball, he’ll get plenty of chances.

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  1. So pumped to see this guy grow as a player. I had hopes last year, but had said the same thing about Laurence Maroney regarding his flashes of talent.

    Hope he stays healthy because he’s off to a great start.

  2. I second that! I love watching this kid run! He does hit the hole hard, lower his shoulder and knock you right in the teeth! Its been a long time since the Pats had a runner that does that! No dancing around, no stutter steps, just take the ball and GO! What a concept Maroney! I love it! If he can stay healthy and hold on to the rock and he is gonna be money!

  3. HAHA Rush, I was a total Maroney apologist for awhile. I like the way Ridley runs. He’s a Dillonesque type bruiser but with more shiftiness.

  4. Yeah Ridley has a very unique and very effective running style. I’ve been watching football for a while and I’ve never seen any player run the way he does.

    If he doesn’t fumble he’s going to be a staple in this offense. Josh McDaniels calls more runs than Bill O’Brien did.

    I can’t wait to see what he’s going to become for the Patriots in the winter months. He could be a real equalizer for all those teams selling out to stop the pass.

  5. He looked great Sunday and he has flashed greatness before but lost the ball I hope he keeps it up and that Sundays game wasn’t just a defense not prepared for him …. As he gets better its going to be harder for teams to account for him and the tight ends. Im keeping my fingers crossed !!!

  6. 1 fumble and done…

    green ellis got booted because bellicheet kept seeing the words “green ellis” and “fumble” in the same sentence aka “Green Ellis running strong still not fumbled his future looks good”

  7. This guy is going to last 5 years in the league TOPS if he keeps aggressively giving shots like he’s doing. See Marion Barber.

    That said, many ‘wow’ moments from shoulder pad pops in Week 1 from him. You know BB loves it.

  8. dont think he’ll put up numbers like that every week, but ridleys solid. if you give him a lane and let him get going he’s a load to tackle. cats got really impressive balance as a runner

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