Vick lacks awareness, instincts to avoid injury


Early in his career, Mike Vick’s God-given skills allowed him to avoid contact by outrunning it.  Now that he has gotten older, he can’t simply turn on the jets and speed away from other players.

As a result, a major flaw in his game is becoming more and more evident:  He lacks the basic awareness to avoid contact.

Vick can’t and won’t slide, for example, not because he lacks the ability to do it, but because he lacks the ability to know when to do it.  As I’ve said once or twice (or more often) this week, Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III displayed in his first NFL game the ability to know when to hit the deck after running a read-option play and getting into a position where he could have tried to blaze past defenders but opting to simply slide.  49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick did the same thing out of the same formation on Sunday.

For Vick, it’s not a question of flipping a switch.  The switch simply isn’t there.  For all the great things he has, the one thing he doesn’t have is an innate sense of when and how to protect himself.

And so it’s just a matter of time before he gets yet another injury, especially since he has now re-embraced the reckless style that worked very well when he had the wheels to run past those who would plant him into the ground.

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40 responses to “Vick lacks awareness, instincts to avoid injury

  1. He really needs to understand when heroic measures are required.

    There’s a big difference between:
    1. Late in the fourth quarter, down by 2 touchdowns to the New York Giants in a MUST-WIN game to reach the playoffs
    2. Second quarter in an early regular season game against the Browns with Brandon Weeden struggling.

    Vick should do all he can to buy time for his receivers to get open in the first scenario. In the second scenario, if nobody is open and he doesn’t have a clear path to escape, he should just throw the ball away rather than take a big hit or throw an INT.

    Vick should still be Vick – just not all the time.

  2. Just watch NFL Turning Point where Vick is mic’d up. The coaching staff had to treat him like a baby to keep his confidence up. Vick may be physically talented, but he just isn’t that bright. He’s borderline stupid.

  3. I’m pretty sure everyone not on the eagles coaching staff already knows that. Just like everyone not on the eagles coaching staff knows that Vick will never be good at reading defenses.

    Didn’t stop the Eagles from giving him that $100 million contract ::facepalm:::

    Let Foles take his lumps this year. Vick has no future and the present is dim.

    Foles can only improve with experience, Vick won’t. DeSean Jackson may cry if Vick is replaced but other than his agent, noone cares.

  4. Boy, things have sure turned around – two years ago sportswriters anointed Vick as the greatest, most dangerous and unstoppable QB in the history of the game. Time to start fawning over RGB3 now I guess, he’s the new flavor of the month.

  5. He’s been over hyped forever anyway, he almost never beat the bucs back in the atl days because Simeon Rice was faster than him. All this talk about turning him into a pocket passer, dumb. So you are taking his worst attribute (pocket passing), letting the D- know that is his first option now, and when he does run he’s not quite what he used to be. The reason it used to work is because he was a threat to run every play, like Cam.

  6. So what we are saying here is that Vick is ignorant. The pure definition is ignorance is being “unaware”.

    But it’s not like Vick being ignorant is a secret, anyone that could or would torture defenseless animals as they are bleeding & screaming in pain for their amusement & entertainment would have to be ignorant. By his own admission, he has claimed his ignorance (claiming he “didn’t know” it was wrong to torture for fun) in regards to his past behavior.

    Now it’s becoming apparent he’s ignorant in regards to his profession as well. What a waste of a human being this guy is.

  7. Vick is going through a Renaissance period, as most players do later in their career. Of course there are going to be growing pains as part of this rebirth, which is to be expected. Florio is Captain Obvious here. Reid and Marty are working closely with Vick to get him to be a ‘Quarterback’.

  8. ehhh, idk…can’t be that hard to slide or at least duck your head, and he’s still pretty elusive. idk what his problem is…its almost like he thinks he very big and he’s just not….lol…he better stop, before he get his block knocked off though

  9. Havnt all his recent injuries come behind the line of scrimmage?

    Should he have slid when he hurt his hand in the preseason throwing the ball?

  10. KL0313 says:
    Sep 13, 2012 9:21 AM
    Just watch NFL Turning Point where Vick is mic’d up. The coaching staff had to treat him like a baby to keep his confidence up.
    They had a clip of this on SoundFX as well. WOW is all I could think. They TOTALLY babied him. Marty M’s pep talk, etc…reminded me of the gross way Blank used to talk to him on the sidelines in Atl like he was a toddler learning to go potty: “THERE’S THAT SMILE!!!” Puke. It was pretty disgusting and pathetic.

    To the person who said we are jealous for racial reasons, get off it. Such a lazy argument. Ask anyone if they wish anything but good things for a guy like Larry Fitzgerald. He’s younger than Vick and rich as he wants to be but he’s smart and a great teammate and consistently elite and has fantastic character work ethic and drive.

  11. Forget the injuries, he’s never had the “awareness and instincts” to be a championship QB at the NFL level. Vick can only take a team so far. If the Eagles want to truly win a championship, they need to get someone else for the job.

  12. marvsleezy says:
    Sep 13, 2012 9:52 AM
    Havnt all his recent injuries come behind the line of scrimmage?

    Should he have slid when he hurt his hand in the preseason throwing the ball?


    His other injury, the ribs, happened on a play where he saw the blitzer and had time to either throw it to his hot read in the flat, throw it away, or just fall down.

    There was noone withing 10 yards of McCoy in the flat and Vick was facing him but he wanted to hit Jackson deep. If Vick misses any significant time Jackson will weep as Vick locks onto him and never checks down.

  13. As I said many years ago. Vick is an exceptional running back, trying to be a QB, but a very weak passer. If you are a running QB in the NFL chances are slim to none of going to or winning a SuperBowl. Exciting to watch but never wins at the BIG DANCE

  14. It wouldn’t surprise me if Andy Reid has just decided to let Vick play in the old reckless style that he wishes. If it works, he’ll have a more productive Vick and more wins. If it doesn’t work and Vick sustains a serious injury, then Reid can start the Nick Foles era without a quarterback controversy (there will be no Foles, Trent Edwards QB controversy).

  15. “DeSean Jackson may cry if Vick is replaced but other than his agent, noone cares”

    He stop crying real fast if Foles gets him the ball more often than Vick does.

  16. Sorry. You could pay me all you want, but I have no desire to be a black, unintelligent, dog-killer.

    The guy was exciting the first few seasons, because he was (literally) the fastest player in the league. But now that he’s aged, he’s nothing more than a moderately sprinty, below-average QB, with a low IQ, lower self-esteem.

    He’ll never finish one of his remaining few seasons left in the NFL, without injury. He has proven that up to this point.

  17. Further, with the embarrassing display against the Browns (!!!) it’s clear that the Beagles have no chance to ever even make it back to the playoffs with Vick.

    Does anyone honestly think that team is better than the Giants, the Cowboys and RGIII Skins? Sorry. I’d be surprised if they even get one divisional win this season.

  18. Jump all over Mike Vick all you want. That same reckless style let him finish 2nd in the MVP voting in 2011, only behind Tom Brady.

    Quit overreacting to 1 game, a game which was truly his first action of the season thanks to limited preseason snaps. You’re jumping on a guy who lead his team to victory, despite throwing the interceptions, he came up big when it mattered most against the Browns. He’ll get better throughout the season.

    All you people calling for Foles are basing that off preseason in which he played the majority of his time against 2nd team defenses. He is not better than Michael Vick right now, down the road maybe, but right now Michael Vick gives the Eagles the best chance to win, and last I checked they are 1-0 in 2012.

  19. I love the negatives Mike Vick gets.. Continue to defy what you already have over came. You provide something for people to talk about positive or negative. You got paid overcame a bad mistake and then some. Go Vick while they suck you slow.

  20. Michael Vick has consistently been the most over-hyped ‘quarterback’ in the NFL. Not that long ago, he was hailed as the new prototype for a QB. Fact is, he’s never been, and looks like he’ll never be, a quarterback. Especially after the other night.

    In ATL, he checked to see if Algie was open, then pulled it down and ran. Even admitted he NEVER listened to his coaches. Then of course, he kept it real in prison.

    Tom Jackson once said that he felt Tom Brady was the most mobile quarterback in the NFL. Was aware, read the defense, stepped up, slid to one side or the other, kept himself upright. Went through his progressions, made his throw.

    Coach Mora called Mike Vick a coach-killer, His son Jim was vilified for it, then his son was fired as coach of ATL. Vick of course needed to be coddled like a baby.

    Michael Vick has never been a quarterback, but probably could have made the hall of fame as a receiver. Just in the wrong position.

    To bathroombenlovemachine: This has absolutely nothing to do with race. He has consistently shown himself to be a really bad quarterback with a bad attitude.

  21. Wow, there are some pretty aggressive Vick haters. I am not an Eagles fan, but saying he is, “ignorant,” “a bad qb,” “you could never pay me enough to be a black, intelligent, dog-killer,” is definitively ignorant.

    There is a big difference between understanding and approving. I understand Vick grew up in a culture in which it was okay to brutally mistreat animals in the sake of dog fighting. In fact, dog fighting was historically a widely enjoyed past time. Do I approve or condone what he did? Absolutely not. Has he been punished for it? Yes, so drop it.

    Vick is a talented qb. Not the greatest to step foot on the field, but a competent and dynamic player. But whatever, call him stupid and ignorant for being willing to lay his body on the line.

  22. You’ll post my Sun Night Q but I bet you won’t post this comment:

    You talk about Vick every chance you get: Vick, Vick, Vick… blah, blah blah… and he’s prone to getting hit and da da da da da, tomorrow the same story all over again, bleh bleh bleh…

    You really are quite keen on Vick/Reid/Lurie. In one sense it’s understandable and justified, but you’re borderline obsessed with it we’re in Week 2 just about. Might want to pace yourself a bit.

  23. The definition of ignorant is: “Lacking knowledge, information or awareness about something in particular”

    Mike Vick has told us “he didn’t know torturing already abused, bleeding & crying animals was wrong”. Hence: Ignorance – get it?? Or am I going to fast for you?

    In addition, it’s some peoples opinion that he “payed” for it. You may feel he has, others disagree. The guy never did one day for animal abuse & until he does, he’s only “payed” for running an organized gambling ring.

    He is one of the most over-hyped coddled underachievers to ever step on an NFL football field. He never delivers in a big spot & he has consistently disappointed not only on the field (including giving the Atlanta fans the finger) but off the field well.

  24. you wont let it go because he’s never served time for animal abuse yet you won’t give him any credit for continuing animal abuse education done in conjunction with he ASPCA despite the fact that his court-mandated work with them expired 2 years ago. I know! What a scumbag!

    Tell me again how it feels to be ignorant.

  25. You are assuming people are unaware/ignorant of any PR work Vick has done with the ASPCA. They very well could be aware of it & not believe a word of it. Which is more likely. In August 2009 when he was first signed by the Eagles & the city of Philly gave him a standing ovation upon his first appearance in that pre-season game Philadelphia didn’t care what he had he had done. Nothing’s changed either. Mike Vick gets more support than Dono ever got and McNabb delivered 5 championship games and a SB appearance. Vick is a lifetime 2-3 in the postseason. Pot meet kettle…

  26. Most of these people commenting are Vick haters and people like me who always admired #7’s play never pay these people any mind. They have the balls to call this man ignorant and here they go not wanting to let the past stay in the past. He paid dearly for the crime and all these people wait on is any sign of trouble to say I told you so, he is not a Qb. But 29 of 56 317yards and 2tds sounds like a qb to me despite the 4 picks he won and that’s what counts more than any stat. If you talk football then talk football and leave your personal thoughts about what you think is his character and motives out of the arena.

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