Antonio Smith fined $21,000, Incognito not


Texans defensive end Antonio Smith called Dolphins guard Richie Incognito dirty because, in part, Incognito twisted his ankle.  Incognito called Smith dirty because, as Incognito explains it, he was merely keeping Smith from recovering a loose ball — and Smith decided to kick Richie repeatedly in the head.

The league agrees with Incognito.

Smith said he has been fined $21,000, according to the Associated Press.

Of course, it’s possible that the league decided they’re both going to hell.  Incognito tells PFT via Twitter direct message (what a world we live in) that he has not been fined.

Regardless of what happens with Incognito, Smith is lucky he wasn’t suspended.  Those kicks to Incognito’s head area looked worse than the Ndamukong Suh pro wrestling arm stomp.

UPDATE 3:44 p.m. ET:  The league office has confirmed that Incognito was not fined.

34 responses to “Antonio Smith fined $21,000, Incognito not

  1. It’s hard to tell from the video if Incognito was actually doing much. However Antonio Smith doesn’t have a history of doing things like this and in the video looked to be panicking a bit.

  2. Where’s all the anti Cognito people who said he was being dirty and it was “obvious” that Antonio Smith was just trying to “get away”?

  3. and yet we will still hear more about suhs stomp this year than anything a less talented player does.

  4. Incognito was holding on to his leg – that is all you can tell. Smith would try to get free (i.e. by kicking him repeatedly) regardless of whether he was wrenching on his leg, which you can absolutely not conclude from the tape.

    Ball hits the ground, everyone yells, “fumble,” Incognito stops his man from recovering it.

    Smith got lucky Incognito has a history of being dirty and went on the offensive to say he was protecting himself. Missing practice for an, “ankle injury,” helps avoid the suspension he probably should have gotten.

    Score one for Smith and the Texans. Actually, score two because they dominated my Fins.

  5. Tough situation.

    Everybody agrees that the video clearly shows Antonio Smith kicking Incognito, hence the fine.

    However, Smith says Incognito was twisting his ankle in order to break it, in which case he was defending himself by kicking Incognito away.

    However, while Incognito admits he was holding onto Smith’s foot to prevent him from recovering the fumble, he argues the shaking/twisting motion you see in the video is NOT him “trying to break Smith’s ankle” – it Incognito holding onto Smith as Smith shook his leg trying break free from Incognito’s grasp.

    The takeaway lesson for me is that the referees apparently didn’t see Incognito holding onto the ankle (which is a penalty even if he’s not twisting it), and the referees didn’t see Smith kicking Incognito (which could have been flagged as well)…so great job, refs…

  6. The tape don’t lie! If every player who was being held started kicking the other player, it would be the ECF, not the NFL.

    Smith should know it’s always the retaliator that gets nabbed.

  7. Yet Smith isn’t suspended for the season for “intent” to injure an opponent?

    Vilma gets suspended for a year for absolutely nothing on film, and no evidence, yet an obvious attempt to injure a player only gets fined $21,000?

    And Goodell is fair and has NO personal agenda at all huh?

  8. I know it’s easy to blame someone based on their history, we all do it frequently, but there isn’t enough evidence for me to be convinced Incognito was playing dirty here. I’m not saying he wasn’t but it is possible Smith, knowing Incognito’s reputation, overreacted in this situation. In the end, we’ll never really know I suppose.

  9. The bottom line is Smith is a big baby, time to grow up dude, play without crying may get you more respect. Bill

  10. xLith says: Sep 14, 2012 3:50 PM

    Also he missed 2 days of practice this week due to a “sore ankle”. You be the judge.


    Yes. His RIGHT ankle. <— The one he was kicking Cog's neck and head with. Instant karma baby.

    Cog was clearly laying on Smith's (boy I bet I can use this guy reputation of receiving a lot of unsportsmanlike penalties three years ago – to avoid getting fined) LEFT leg.

    Judge that.

  11. I don’t know. I feel it is hard to buy Incognito’s story. It makes sense he would try and prevent him from getting the fumble, but when you watch the video, he is going to grab his leg before the ball is even out. Not only that, but Incognito doesn’t once look up from his leg. In my eyes, he clearly had intent on more than holding the man’s leg.

    I still don’t condone the act of kicking him in the head, but something triggered him to do that. And the fact that Incognito didn’t release him after being kicked really seems like he was doing something wrong.

  12. LOL @ anyone who thought incognito would get fined, they guy held a leg, the other guy was kicking him in the head over and over again!!!! and it was smith that was talking ish afterwards hahahahahahaha

  13. What a shame that Antonio Smith got fined!! Go and appeal you “baby”. All your talking this week that Incognito did the damage, that isn’t what the NFL saw you “looser”. Incognito will win that war all day long, good job hurting “the baby”.

  14. The NFL’s deep and thorough study and investigation of the play in question via modern video technology clearly vindicates Incognito, what every reasonable football fan knew.

    Notwithstanding the screams of the legions of banshees that allege to be football fans, Antonio Smith’s smear on the character and good sportsmanship of Incognito is typical of the real dirty players trying to deflect their crimes when caught red handed.

    In addition to his fine, Antonio should be suspended four games for smear and defamation of character.

  15. Those kicks to Incognito’s head area looked worse than the Ndamukong Suh pro wrestling arm stomp.

    lmao Pro wrestling arm stomp… That’s probably the best way I’ve heard it described. Kudos, Florio.

  16. Incognito is a lying scumbag. That’s okay because somebody will get a bead on him and show him some retribution. Lowlife Incognito will feel the pain.

  17. The play was over, the whistle had blown and Incognito still held on to him for several seconds. I’d kick him in the head too…….

  18. Nice to see that punk crybaby Smith get the fine he deserved, and Incognito to be spared what could have been a kneejerk penalty.

    I understand St. Louis Rams fans holding a grudge, this guy directly cost that team at least a couple of games. But most people jumping to conclusions haven’t followed Incognito since then. You can lauigh at the Dolphins all you want, but he hasn’t been part of the problem since he signed there in 2010.

    For my money, the best lineman (offense and defense) are those that push being dirty right up to the line of being flagged, and stop right there. Incognito has learned where to draw that line so he doesn’t hurt his own team.

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