Bears fear a potential Cutler mutiny


As if the Bears don’t suddenly have enough problems, they now have to fret about when and if the players will rise up against their petulant, James Dean-wannabe quarterback, Jay Cutler.

Last night’s sideline incident with left tackle J’Marcus Webb, which featured Cutler swearing at and bumping the much bigger Webb, has created concerns within the organization that the players could eventually turn on Cutler, for good.  That’s what a source with direct knowledge of the situation tells PFT.

It’s not the first time a quarterback has had relationship issues in the locker room.  We’ve heard for years that Ben Roethlisberger had been (and still may be) persona non grata in Pittsburgh.  But the Bears are getting closer to the breaking point with Cutler, and the worry in the organization is that if it keeps up, something could go down.

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  1. Maybe Webb should be more concerned about not being a turnstile than he is about getting yelled at. In all fairness to Cutler, it’s pretty hard to do anything at QB when your O-line is performing like the Bears did last night.

  2. Why do you have to bring Ben into this? You don’t see him acting like a little diva on the sidelines do you?

  3. Well, yeah. if you throw a non-stop tantrum for 60 minutes while playing that badly, and afterwards can’t wait to throw people under the bus, you’re gonna get yourself a mutiny.

  4. Or, maybe they could replace the entire offensive line with one that can actually provide adequate protection. I am in no way, shape or form a Bears fan, but that line is a joke. Cutler had no time, and quite often had multiple rushers in his face(multiple breakdowns). That line, and his lack of receivers is a disgrace.

  5. get rid of the best QB they’ve ever had instead of invest in an O-line who can actually do O-liney thing during a game.

    smart move, if your trying to be the next Cleveland Browns

  6. Sorry but Webb deserved the chewing out by Cutler. It wasn’t just on the sidelines, Cutler was chewing him out as they walked off the field.

  7. He is a good QB, but has been hit a lot over the past couple of years. I think it is the combination of the OL (no TE to help vs. Matthews?), the fact that he holds the ball too long, and the play-calling that really get him beat up. If I were the Arizona Cardinals, I would call to see if the Bears would be interested in a trade for Kolb or Skelton and some draft picks to get Cutler.

  8. Ok so swearing at an o-lineman qualifies as an “incident'” now?
    If that’s the case this website would have 100 posts
    on every Monday full of “incidents”. Give me a break.

    And this source of yours? Name him or don’t post this garbage.

  9. As a lifelong Bears fan, I was never a huge fan of the Orton/Cutler trade, but believed he was an upgrade overall. I still do.

    The issue here goes deeper than our QB’s seeming lack of sideline tact, and his aprent inability to hold it together when things get rough – especially during night games, where he typically is at his worst.

    That the owners made it clear to new GM Phil Emery that he had to keep Lovie Smith as coach as a condition of employment points, in my opinion, to the heart of the problem with the Bears. To change an also-ran team into a winning team, top-to-bottom changes simply must be an option, even if it’s not exercised.

    Until then, whether or not Jay Cutler can “keep the locker room” is a symptom, not the illness.

  10. Kinda sad what one bad loss can do. Could a continual media barrage create a self-fulfilling prophecy? Still, loved watching the Pack wear him out…

  11. Nothing is going to go down. Look how Tom Brady reacts to his linemen when they are getting him hit. He reacts much worse than Cutler did. Cutler had every right to be pissed. Then he would dance out of trouble and make a throw only to have it dropped.

  12. Does this mutiny include being sack by his own teammate? I’m looking at the photo and it seems he’s teammate is trying to sack him or prevent him from throwing another interception!

  13. Jay Cutler does have an attitude problem and likes to run his mouth. However, his O-Line did not help anything last night and he was scrambling for his life. It was a bad game for the offense. Waaaay too early to tell if a ‘mutiny’ is rising up through the ranks. Let’s not assume things from one game of playing the Colts to one game of playing the Packers.

  14. He threw 4 INTs and was sacked 7 times. Last night was probably the worst game of his entire career.

    But you got to stick with him right now because he gives the Bears the best chance of winning. Their schedule is favorable this season so let’s see how Cutler bounces back from this.

  15. I’m not a fan of Cutler’s, but if you play football you’re going to get yelled at sometimes by your leaders. Cutler needed to kick Webb in the pants and he did it.

    Mutiny? I’d doubt it. But if true, the Bears need to get rid of some players not named Cutler.

  16. Hey the QB can expect the O-line to protect and support him… but if he comes off as a diva and not a leader – its all over.

    I recall Jeff George getting dragged down the field by a d-line man after the play. I wasn’t suprised a flag wasn’t thrown but was suprised that no O-linemen cared or stepped in to stop it.

    If Cutler keeps it up that is the type of relationship he will have with the 5 men upfront.

  17. Seriously Cutler?

    Are you hell bent on making EVERYONE hate you? You were supposed to be a smart kid. Stop acting like a petulant child and be a teammate. Your QB is supposed to act like a leader. You act like an immature brat.

  18. He’s surly and arrogant, but he’s a good QB. Heat of the moment got to him, but it could be a concern if that o-line continues to f up. He has been sacked A LOT of times there….

  19. Cutler was a loser in college, in Denver and now in Chicago. He clearly has the skills but he needs to learn to be a leader and take responsibility for things – even if they are not his fault. But to blame everyone else will not work.

  20. “That’s what a source with direct knowledge of the situation tells PFT.”

    And who might that be?

    To be honest, I don’t know why Webb is even still on the Bears, and if I was Jay, I’da been swearing at my O-line for three years now.

  21. I saw that shove. Mildly surprised Webb didn’t pull a Crash Davis and give his DE a sack for payback. Lord knows Cutler deserved it.

  22. Cutler is a big cry baby. But hes also the face of that franchise. He s not a winner in big sitiuations he gives up. He s the complete opposite of eli manning but the bears will keep babying him and cause they get to the playoffs with hi.

  23. By the time the Bears play the Lions Cutler will have pissed off the whole O-Line and they will just let Suh, KVB and the rest have a few nice shots. The Bears were smart in signing Campbell.

  24. If a professional NFL player thinks about starting a “mutiny” over a single loss that only brought the TEAM to 1-1 and exposed some major flaws that need addressing early in the season then they may as well just hang up their cleats. You need mental toughness for this TEAM sport. Stop being selfish and work together already.

  25. I like Cutler, I like his passion, Id take him over Cassel any day, but just chewing the ass of your most important assert is pretty stupid. He’s starting to look like a Jeff George clone.

  26. But it’s not Jay’s fault. Just ask him. 4 ints and 7 sacks, and ZERO ownership. Yes, Brady Manning, Rodgers, etc all have yelled at teammates and/or coaches, but they all also stand behing a microphone and say “I need to do a better job of getting rid of the ball” and “That interception was on me and I put my team in a tough position”. Some media are saying its ok because his teammates are used to him. Really? Webb is used to getting swore at and pushed by his QB? Bring on the mutiny I say.

  27. I think this is getting overblown. How many times have NFL guys yelled at other NFL players for poor performance? The media is acting like this is the first time it has ever heard foul language.

  28. Alas Big Ben makes things happen out of nothing behind a shaky line and has 2 rings. Cutler is a whiner who throws the ball to the other team when the going gets tough.

    One of the two is easier to tolerate being a dislikeable human being..

  29. Always have to get that shot in about the Steelers…you have such a hard on for the Steelers it’s embarrassing

  30. Something did go down repeatedly and his name was Cutler.
    I’m so glad I didn’t draft him or any of his receivers although I was tempted with Marshall.

  31. Last years injury was bad luck. This years injury could be attributed to Cutler’s big mouth as his lineman “forget” once in awhile to block certain people. I hope that certain person is a boy named Suh.

  32. we have a tendency to over react to every game. Let the season progress and the cream of the NFL will rise to the top like it normally does. The Bears ran into a “hungry” Packer team that had a point to make. As a Packer fan, I’m irritated that we don’t get a defensive effort like that week in and week out. After all they are paid and that’s their job.

  33. Cutler’s team screwed him last night. Marshall got him in the hands for a TD that would’ve made it a ballgame again. He got sacked a million times. Half his picks were on the receivers, specifically the one where one of them didn’t come back to the ball and got picked by Woodson. He wasn’t looking great but it’s hard to when you know your team is going to be like that.

  34. He actually had some time last night more often than not. And when he did have time, he either threw a pick or BMarsh/Davis/Bennett dropped it

  35. Hey guys, the season started!!! You don’t have to make something out of nothing to create a story anymore!! Save that crap for the offseason when there is no actual football to write about!!

    If anyone on that sideline is gonna get in Webb’s face and tell him to get his head in the game, it should be either the QB or the guy who getting killed as a result of Webb’s inferior performance!! In this case they are the same guy!!

    Why is it that when Aaron Rodgers started yelling & belittling his WR (on the field, not the sideline) nobody starts calling A-Rod a crybaby!! When he does it he’s a natural leader!! GMAFB!!

  36. Watch teh press conference. Look at his body language.

    Jay Cutler is an A-Hole. There’s no two ways about it.

    He shoved Webb after ragging him out as they came off the field.

    That’s not the same as Brady and Manning yelling at a guy.

    Let’s not embarrass ourselves by bringing Cutler into a discussion with Brady, Manning etc.

  37. So, he swears and bumbs his olineman, then goes out on the next drive, hangs onto the ball way too long before throwing an int off his back foot. Got it.

  38. Didn’t Aaron Rodgers also berate a teammate on the field on national TV? Is he a bum, too? Why all the hate for Cutler?

  39. I not a Bears fan and certainly no Cutler fan, but I have to give him a pass on his behavior last night. Dude was getting crushed every time he dropped back, so yeah I can see him having a few choice words with his linesmen.

  40. When Aaron Rodgers screams at his wide receiver in the middle of the field after an int it’s being a leader. When Cutler does it to his O-lineman after he nearly gets him decapitated, it’s petulance.

    Jay Cutler could cure cancer and and people would say he should have done it faster.

  41. Cutler is a sulker and a whiner. He should take a page from Big Ben and stick up for his linemen no matter how many times he sacked. Those guys are busting their asses and getting beat on all day long TRYING to keep him alive. The least a pretty boy QB can do is show them respect for their grunt work.

    Newsflash: Blocking Clay Matthews Jr is HARD.

    Those guys up front are doing the best that they can, which IMO can’t always be said for Cutler.

  42. And does the media just hate Cutler or is all Bears QB’s? Remember when Rex Grossman took them to the Super Bowl with the media hating on him, too? Who’s the last Chicago qb the media didn’t attack?

  43. Not a huge Cutler fan, but nobody on the Bears’ offensive line should feel “above” criticism.

    They’re all terrible.

  44. “someone explain to me why J’Marcus Webb is tackling Jay Cutler in this photo.”

    I think he’s trying to stop him from throwing another interception. 😉

  45. It wasnt the cursing him out it was putting his hands on him. You can yell at him all day for playing terrible, but shoving him, crossed a line.
    Hes lucky Webb didnt shove him and send him flying, but then again he couldnt get his hands on anyone all night.

    How often do you see a player push another player, that wouldnt turn into a fight if someone didnt step in the middle.

    QB or no QB i would have threw him across the field

  46. And yet no one says anything about the golden boy Rodgers yelling at Jones over his bad route-running.

    Ya, there’s not a double standard there at all.

  47. Jay Cutler has sucked since he was with the Broncos. The dude is vastly overrated and every season the media hypes him up like he is a top 5 QB. That is down right laughable. Cutler makes some of the most bone head throws in the league. And than hell rip his o-line for him making a stupid throw into triple coverage. CUTLER IS HOT GARBAGE

  48. I don’t know about the rest of you… But Jay Cutler and I are ready to see how Chris Williams looks at LT!! Come to think of it, why is it that they can’t line up Webb AND Williams at LT?!?! That should do the trick!!

  49. Meh, Rodgers was yelling at Jones just as bad but that’s “passion” and “he wants to win”

    I would be pretty mad if for the last 3 years I’ve been prying myself off the ground 20 times a game because they can’t draft a LT.

  50. This annoys me its all about the QBs, none of the “experts” can take in Cutler had no time what so ever I cant blame him for doing what he did. Remember if Peyton or Brady did that to one of their linemen all you analysts would rave about how much leadership they are showing. In the end we give QBs credit for everything and blame them when something goes wrong. Jay should just hold out until they put something that resembles a decent oline in front of him.

  51. Cutler yells at Webb after being sacked multiple times and its an issue. Rodgers yells at a receiver for an interception and its not an issue.

  52. How is it Mike Tice coaches the O-line, has two first round picks there and still can’t protect the QB but istead of firing him the make him the offensice coordinator? I blame the guys drafting the wrong players and giving up two #1s for an avaerage QB.

  53. Maybe it’s just me but I don’t think it’s a good idea to anger the big guys whose job it is to protect you from 11 defenders who are trying to take your head off. Next time the lineman will pull a Haynesworth and just fall on the ground.

  54. Between Cutler and Marshall this offense is talented, but volatile. You’ve got playmakers who are easily frustrated, and an offensive line that during multiple games over the course of this season, will make it impossible for those playmakers to make plays. Sounds like a trainwreck. Let’s watch it unfold.

  55. Jay Cutler has been sacked 119 times in his 3 years as a Bear. He’s already been sacked 9 times in four games.

    I have never seen Jay Cutler sit in a comfortable pocket EVER as a Bear. He’s always running he’s always stepping up because the tackles can’t block and he’s always getting hit after the play. I’d be mad too.

  56. This is utter rubbish. Last week Jay was
    liked by all, today they’re getting ready to
    overthrow him….ha ha ha. The fact is Webb sucked the entire night and he needed to be called out to light some fire underneath. Something Lovie would never do himself…just standing around like a lifeless dope. Lovie needs to go now!!

  57. vcupats says:
    Sep 14, 2012 1:25 PM
    It’s not like Cutler would pout and demand a trade or anything….


    It’s a good thing the Bears brought in his good buddy Marshall, the 6’5″ guy with a “borderline personality disorder”. He’ll calm things down.

  58. If the Bears fear a munity GET HIM SOME PROTECTION. I don’t get it. They switch GM’s switch offensive coordinators. All have the same philosophy. It’s like they’re in a different timezone than the rest of the league. It took them this long to realize they need a quarterback…this long to realize he needs receivers…how long will it take to get a better O-line. We got Carimi but everybody else sucks.

  59. Jay Cutler has been sacked 119 times in his 3 years as a Bear. He’s already been sacked 9 times in four games.


    Jeez My numbers are off. 4 years as a Bear and 2 games.

  60. The Quarterback gets sacked 7 times in a game and they’re worried about the Quarterback. The Bears priorities are seriously flawed.

  61. It took McDaniel 5 minutes in Denver to alienate Cutler, his franchise QB. I couldn’t believe that management didn’t fire McDaniel on the spot and he proved in the next three years that he didn’t know what he was doing. McDaniel was a jerk. But, apparently, not the only one.

  62. This seems like an exaggeration. Rodgers chewed out James Jones after Jones ran the wrong route, it’s just something leaders do. Webb deserved every bit of criticism he got from Cutler. A leader should have high expectations and should be vocal when a player isn’t even close to meeting expectations, as was the case with Webb. Do you think Ray Lewis hugs a teammate who whiffs on a tackle or in coverage? No he chews their butt out. If you expect the QB to be the leader of the team, then you have to accept this is what a leader does sometimes. I imagine Webb isn’t happy with him, but I bet every other Bear knows that Cutler was justified in calling him out. You can’t ask a guy to be a leader and the face of your organization if you aren’t going to let him lead.

  63. Lions fan here. Not commenting to take shots, dfeltz’ comment was good enough for me.

    While the Oline needs to improve, no one has focused on the issue…Cutler doesn’t know how to get rid of the ball fast enough and his Wr’s that welcomed press coverage couldn’t find day light if it was high noon!

    Chicago will never win a Super Bowl w/Cutler at QB and unfortunately a once dominant D is now long in the tooth and not as effective. In two years if not sooner this team will be in rebuilding mode.

    The more thumbs down I get will only justify my comments on this page.

  64. Bottom line it takes more than a big arm to be a successful NFL QB. Cutler has amazing talent, but he’s a douche with no leadership qualities. How can you be considered an elite QB when you constantly get owned by division rivalries? Since joining the Bears the Packers have picked off Cutler 15 times in 6 games. Like Woodson said…Jay being Jay and proof is in the pudding. And why didn’t he chew out Brandon Marshall last night for those two drops? Would you want to block for a QB who is blaming everything on the O-Line? The O-Line didn’t throw the ball into triple coverage all night and the O-Line didn’t drop touchdown passes. This blatant lack of accountability and leadership is why Jay Cutler never wins when it counts.

  65. I don’t blame Jay at all. Manning had to be pulled away from his center years ago before he won anything, but he’s a leader when he does it.

    Webb will be gone long before Cutler. Unless Cutler decides to retire before getting killed.

    That’s about as passionate as you get there. His post-game press conference was as honest as you get too. That’s what I want in my QB, no bull. He’ll bounce back.

  66. winkandthegun says:Sep 14, 2012 12:44 PM

    Maybe Webb should be more concerned about not being a turnstile than he is about getting yelled at. In all fairness to Cutler, it’s pretty hard to do anything at QB when your O-line is performing like the Bears did last night.


    You can look at it that way, but you can also wonder how many times the OL let Matthews through because Cutler is an idiot. QBs should be nice to their OL since their health depends on it.

  67. I think Lovie deserves some of the blame here too. It was evident pretty early in the game that Webb couldn’t handle Matthews. They should’ve started chipping him with a TE or tried to run some quicker passes/screens.

  68. Jay Cutler should have went upstairs and and sought out the GM or whoever does their drafting. They addressed LB and WR with their first two picks in the draft when they have known for 3 years now that they have NO OFFENSIVE LINE!!!!!!!!! A wet paper towel could protect Cutler better. Cutler cursed at his OC on MNF last year from the middle of the field and the mic caught it…..his behavior last night was exemplary to me.

  69. I don’t think those of you calling for Campbell know what you’re getting in to.

    When Campbell has time he’s great, when he’s playing behind a porous o-line, it’s Grossman 2.0. Trust me, I’ve seen them both play quite a bit and they’re both great at getting hit and losing the ball.

    Cutler will be fine, Green Bay woke up mad after sleep walking through week 1.

    Would you rather have the fire of Cutler or the aw-shucks of Eli?

  70. Play calling, they never adjusted to the rush. Didn’t do anything to slow it down, the further behind the got the long Cutler held the ball waiting for WRs to turn around and help him. Forte was the only help had and he got hurt. Although it’s week 2 so he was due to get hurt. Cutler should be yelling at Mike Tice, but he is probably chicken. Tice would crush him!

    Forte = Fragilae

  71. izzylangfan says:Sep 14, 2012 1:42 PM

    It took McDaniel 5 minutes in Denver to alienate Cutler, his franchise QB. I couldn’t believe that management didn’t fire McDaniel on the spot and he proved in the next three years that he didn’t know what he was doing. McDaniel was a jerk. But, apparently, not the only one.


    I would say that in hindsight McDaniels kind of knew what he was doing. The guys he drafted got Denver to the playoffs and beat the Steelers. The fact he knew right away he couldn’t win with Cutler makes him seem smart now.

  72. Guys just sick of gettin sacked. I would be to. Good thing they got that no name pass rusher instead of another lineman in draft.

  73. Many more games like that and Cutler will be in a “body bag”. He’s a petulant QB, who wanted Brandon Marshall, now he’s got him he couldn’t find him last night. I’ll bet Brandon had something to say, just like in the Dolphin locker room. Two spoilt brats who need to grow up. Cutler has always had a peculiar attitude, and it came out last night again.
    How many more times can you be sacked???

  74. How wasn’t there an overthrow after he stood on the sidelines of the NFC championship and watched his team implode? Cutler sucked in Denver and has continue to suck in Chicago. Under pressure he can’t win, period.

    Cutler has a chance to be a “good” quarterback if they can play teams like Arizona, St Louis, and Indianapolis all year…and even then I wonder.

  75. I remember in a playoff game how everyone was on Cutler because he didn’t play hurt.

    We can see why.

    Cutler is a whiner, however the line allowed 7 sacks last night. Any QB would have a horrible game, you would just hope that the QB would be smart enough to know when to throw it away.

    That being stated at least 1 of those interceptions was because the receiver stopped in the route.

    Cutler was leading, he was laying it on thick to a player that wasn’t doing their job. OL players are critical because a QB that stays on his back will be out of sync. I don’t know why other players weren’t wailing on those linemen, or better yet a coach.

  76. This guy is awful. Just awful. Martz could reign him in a little but Mike Tice? C’Mon Man!

  77. So what happens if they do get rid of him?

    They aren’t getting much in return if they are able to trade him. Not close to what they gave up

    I don’t recall his numbers on conrtact extension but probably going to eat quite a bit of it if hes released.

    I honestly thought this wasn’t going to take this long for him to upset a bunch of people. Apparently you make to the NFC Chmp. you get a pass for a season or so.

  78. I love how quick people are to forget that Cutler led this team to an NFCC game berth and was marching them towards the playoffs last season as well. If there is going to be a mutiny, it’s going to be Cutler pulling a Carson Palmer on every drop back and just riffle the ball into the ground. There is absolutley no reason for this O-line to be this bad. You are paying this guy tons of money, you went out and paid Forte and brought in Marshall, yet you provide no servicable o-lineman to keep him upright. I’d be pissed too. What should really be the point of emphasis is the shot of Cutler jawing at Lovie and he just walks away. Leadership starts at the top down, and Lovie did not look in control of that situation. I watched the game, and I’m sorry, but if Cutler instead threw every ball away, instead of into a defenders arms, they would still have lost. 2 dropped TD passes, thats 14 points people, they lost by 13. Cutler made the plays to win the game, yet they slipped through the recivers hands. Also, why did he get flak in the presser about the attack after they went down? He doesn’t call the plays. The same can be said about the Bills game, if you think Cutler is losing this game for you, attack them with your All-Pro back, and his grinding back-up. If the Bears thought Cutler cost them this game, then it is on the heads of the coaching staff.

  79. Did anybody commenting on this story actually watch the game? Cutler had pressure in his face all night and when he did get time his recievers couldn’t catch anything. They had a few drops last night including B. Marshalls dropped TD that would have completely changed the tone of the game. Cutler has every right to be pissed.

  80. Jay has every right to rip the offense…there was no excuse for what happened last nite. How many game changing pass drops were there?
    He was trying to make something happen but when your always having to look over your shoulder because you can’t trust the guys you play with to do their jobs it wears on you, and yes he screwed up too. Ever notice when he gets decent protection he can and does put up good numbers?
    The problem is the offense line is way too inconsistant….that’s what needs to change!
    As far as the media is concerned…ask some intelligent questions, maybe you’ll get better treatment. I love it when he rips on them.

  81. Just in case everyone forgot, Marshall’s a good receiver, and rookie Alshon Jeffrey will be a beast after a little NFL experience. But Cutler, who is a good QB, does need better protection, or it won’t matter if he has 2 Jerry Rices to throw to. But the main thing is to remain calm…

  82. I wonder if anyone reads posts that are 100 entries down? Oh, and Rodger’s past performance and dealings with his teammates has earned him a little slack when he gets ticked — Cutler hasn’t earned the right to much slack.

  83. As a colts fan, I guarantee you that Irsay and Grigson are on the phone as we speak with Webb’s agent. He fits perfect on our line LOL

  84. I am not a Bears or Packers fan. The key to the poor play of the entire Bears offense was the Packers defense. They were unstoppable.

    I have no problem with Cutler yelling at his teammates when they screw up, but he should also admit that sometimes it is him. Because Cutler never seems to take any responsibility for his poor play, while always blaming others, will be the cause of a mutiny if there is one.

  85. So it’s okay for Rodgers to yell at Jones or Palmer chewing out DHB but if Culter does it … It’s mutiny …. LOL.

  86. Try getting blasted 7 times, 4 times by the same guy and let see if you don’t chew out your O-Line. He was under duress the entire night, the media always seems to make a big deal out of one game. Geez, they will win next week and everything will be ok.

  87. In regards to Roethlisberger: he has had his detractors to be sure. However, he has bent over backwards (after, often, being bent over backwards) to support his offensive linemen. He never throws them under the bus, even when it has been quite obviously appropriate to do so (seeing as he is the one QB who gets sacked even more than Cutler does). Starks and Colon, for example, are always being praised by Roethlisberger, and they hang out with each other off the field (Colon infamously being in Midgeville). Roethlisberger would never show up his offensive linemen the way that Cutler did last night.

  88. If you watch the tape you’ll see J. Webb with a big smile on his face as Cutler was yelling at him… If it was me I wouldn’t have bumped him but grabbed him by the facemask. Lovie should have bench Webb!!!! Ditka would have kicked Webb’s ass if that happened during his watch, then cut him! Jay you need to get your head outta your a$$ too and get rid of the ball quicker, and stop throwing Ints.

  89. What’s the deal with you guys and the Steelers? Big Ben was just elected by his team mates as the team captain on the offensive side (Keisel on defense). I don’t know of any issues Ben has with any of the other Steelers other than normal stuff and even then…there’s hardly any of that.

    You guys making things up to sound newsy or edgy? Clean it up!

  90. Cutler is a grade A punk. Plain and simple.

    As for Big Ben, I lost a lot of respect after his decision to wear a fedora during his press conference last year afollowing the loss to denver.

  91. Out of shape, overweight, and a bit of a legend in his own mind, I, nonetheless, do not understand why they didn’t sign McNabb, as he is from that town…and a sight better than most QBs that pretend to be so. Not the greates, I grant, but still he’d be an upgrade.

    And I’ve never understood why they’ve kept Cutler.

  92. But hey, if Bill O’Brien get yell at a QB and fraud his way into a HC job, there’s hope for Cutler yet…

  93. I’ve always disliked Cutler, but by the end of the first quarter last night I actually felt sorry for him. That o-line is truly, mesmerizingly awful. Routinely failing to block not just one rusher but multiple rushers on the same play, screwing up snap counts, and just terrible play. Sure, maybe they all hate Cutler and want him to fail, but have some dignity. From what I saw his complaints and his reactions were justified.

  94. Bad coaching, bad system. Should have dumped Lovie last year and brought in their own former QB Harbaugh to right the ship. Until Lovie’s gone this team is doomed.

  95. mdpickles says:
    Sep 14, 2012 3:21 PM
    People in Chicago would gripe because it looked like Cutler didn’t care enough. Now he cares and the team wants to turn on him? Rough crowd.

    Not people in Chicago. The national media. The one or two times he’s on national TV they change their minds.

  96. I wonder how much their line would like Tim Tebow calling the signals? They better get over it before Rex Grossman comes back.

  97. It’s interesting. After watching 30+ years of pro sports and mostly Chicago games, I’ve seen some really awful Bears night games. Really bad. Last night when I heard 0 yds of total offense in the first quarter, I shook my head. When they went down 10-0 before the half, I knew it was over. Lovie Smith teams are not come from behind teams.

    FACT: Smith teams are 50-14 when LEADING at the half. 14-48 when losing.1-1 when tied. FACT: Lovie stubborn plays the same style of defense regardless of opponent or tendencies. FACT: that offensive line is bad. Problem is Angelo never drafted Oline help well and Emery has been here less than a year and had to fix the Angelo’s screw-ups at WR, backup QB and RB. The defense also needs an overall at LB and CB.

    It’s a bad game. They will probably have a few more. There won’t be a mutiny. Cutler certainly needs to mature and his coaches need to work on that as well as better protection and actually working in more running against teams who show a propensitiy for not playing good run defense. Smith is stubborn and his quiet arrogance permiates through his staff and into his players. It’s not a good situation. However, hurt feeling and short-memories should go hand in hand.

  98. thankheavenfornumberseven says:
    Sep 14, 2012 12:43 PM
    Bears dead. Packers falling quickly. Lions will always be the Lions. Vikings on a steady climb to the top. Just sayin’.

    After that performance against the Jags at home – the Vikings will be lucky to win 6 game this year. I had them at 6 or 7 wins prior to last week but the Jags are awful – sorry Jags fans, it’s true.

  99. Lololol. Good luck Jay

    Note to Viking fans ….. You luckily beat the Jags at home and will get thumped this weekend. !!!! So

    Shaaaaaaaaatup !!!!!!!! (Adam Saddler voice impersonated)

  100. micahernst says:
    Sep 14, 2012 1:53 PM
    I think Lovie deserves some of the blame here too. It was evident pretty early in the game that Webb couldn’t handle Matthews. They should’ve started chipping him with a TE or tried to run some quicker passes/screens.

    Lovie is the HC and a defensive mind….that role would’ve actually fallen into the lap of meat-head Tice, but he was probably too busy trying to remember how to tie his shoes, much less make an adjustment to pass coverage in the game plan on the fly.

  101. dabears55 says:
    Sep 14, 2012 4:14 PM
    Cutler screams and he’s a cry baby. Both Mannings, Brady, Rodgers do it and they are praised for taking charge lol.

    1) That’s borderline blasphemy putting Cutler’s name in the same sentence as those 3 other QB’s….all Super Bowl, SB MVP, and MVP winners, btw. Put down the vodka.

    2) How come no one is mentioning the inabilities of T.O. 2.0 (#15)?? That will end up being the next experiment gone wrong in ChiTown. Drops a sure TD that he has to make with the money he’s getting and then he rolls his eyes when Cutler walks by. This locker room is going to get fun in the coming weeks…guaranteed.

  102. but wasnt the Bears superbowl contenders after last weeks colts win? i know the colts D stinks, im a fan, but cutler shouldve waited til they played a good D before he yapped off

  103. Ummmmm, what other option do the Bears have? Cutler is pretty much the gist of their depth chart at that particular position.

    Jay is a decent enough QB. Problem is, the Bears absolutely refuse to do anything with the Offense. It is all about making stars on the Defensive side of the ball.

    Defense only wins championships if you can score at least a couple TDs on Offense.

  104. Is the bears o-line terrible? Absolutely. Were half of those sacks last night Cutlers fault for holding to ball too long? Yes. And was it the O-coordinators fault for basically calling a hail mary every play? Yes.

    Cutler is an average QB and a horrible teammate. The bears are a mess. They should trade Cutler while he still has some value and look into one of the many good QB prospects coming out next year. Or not if they want to continue to be mediocre.

  105. beedubyatoo says:Sep 14, 2012 1:38 PM

    “Vikings on a steady climb to the top. Just sayin’.”
    Then again, that’s the only way they can go.

    Better to be on the way up than on the way down. We’ll wave as we pass you (or have we already?).

  106. Mike Martz and his 15 step drops are one problem, also the O-line getting him killed back there. Another Problem is no other receiver getting open. B. Marshall is not the best route runner. He is very big and physical but without any other scary threat at the WR position its not fair for Marshall to see that many double teams and no one else getting open.

    Cutler may have a real reason to be frustrated. Nowadays good QB’s are more frequent but for the most part good QB’s are hard to come by.

  107. Not a Bears fan, nor am I a huge Cutler fan… but I saw the same game that everyone else did… the Bears O line sucks and so does their receivers… Cutler had 0 time to do anything, and when he actually had a little breathing room their $hitty receivers dropped the ball. If I were Cutler I’d be seeking a trade!

  108. The difference between what Aaron did and what Jay did is this:

    Aaron yelled at his guy for blowing a play.

    Jay yelled AND physically pushed his teammate.

    Now that push wasn’t brutal or anything but it does leave a VERY bad taste in people’s mouths. He’s that upset he has to try and push a lineman?

    If the Bears players mutiny it will be because Cutler has this habit of making HORRIBLE decisions with the ball and NOT owning up to them. 4, could be 6 INTs and they weren’t ALL on the WR’s or line. Remember his players see him more than we do and any mutiny will be due to a sum of experiences, not just what he did last night.

  109. Another new offense co
    same poor o line – rated in the bottom 10 for years

    the worse thing that you can do to an offense is
    don’t give the qb any time.

    Lovie and the bears have done it to themselves

  110. Having played QB when i was younger, I am familiar with how Jay Cutler feels. Running for your life and spending 60 minutes getting knocked down is enough to get any QB a little mad. Where Jay crossed the line was shoving Webb and than throwing him under the bus after the game. If I was Webb, I would have decked Cutler in the locker room. Cutler is the leader of that team, and to be such a prima donna and have that type of an attitude, of course there will be animosity in the locker room.

  111. If Cutler is a whiny baby who should expect a mutiny after yelling at a teammate during one bad game, what does that make Aaron (second coming of Christ) Rodgers. His whines and moans if anyone comes within 2 feet of him and doesn’t get a roughing call, and what about that tirade last night. He sucked rocks all night, throw the int and throws his arms around and chew out jones before he even gets off of the field. Change his diaper and put him down for his nap! I would be more worried about him, I mean 2 bad games (for Mr. MVP) and snapping on a wideout. We know what we have with Cutler, he’s hot, he’s cold but I’d take him all day long. Chew some more guys out, do your job Webb. (ps I didn’t hear him complaining about it). Leave us alone, We’ll be fine

  112. Jay Cutler is the Franchise player of the Chicago Bears an undisputed leader.. If that was Tom Brady last night getting angry the media would have said GREAT LEADERSHIP!! But it was Cutler so it was a melt down. Cutler Im with you all the way. an Emery should get rid of Webb .. Urlacher.. an anybody else whom says something against the Best QB in Chicago history

  113. The problem isn’t what Jay did it’s where he did it. In public. I think Jay is sick of getting his body beat to hell everytime he drops back to throw. This has been the reality for him ever since he joined the Bears. I think he’s getting fed up and rightfully so. Truth is when given time he kills the defense but sadly for the Bears that’s too much to ask. It doesn’t matter who you are Brady,Manning,Brees, if you aren’t given any time you won’t be able to do your job. Jay should be angry, maybe the Bears should protect their qb.

  114. I don’t think J’Marcus Webb is the first tackle to look like an amateur while trying to block Clay Matthews. Cutler made me sick in that game. The whole team was struggling , including him, and instead of being the leader that a qb should be he screams at his teammates. If that’s how he acts at the first sign of pressure, how can anyone believe in him? I’m dropping him for Locker in my fantasy league. LMAO at the guy saying he’d rather have Cutler over Rodgers all day long.

  115. What drama! The season will have many more ups and downs for the Bears. We’ll be back to talking about the greatness of Cutler in a week or so (and then how bad he is a few weeks after that.

  116. How is Cutler kicking Woodson, not a two game suspension? Are suspensions based on position? This was a cry baby QB performing a “STOMP” on a GB player … seems Suh should get his money back.

  117. If that loudmouth showed me up on prime time I would keep stepping aside until some one knocked him into the golf cart. Then play my ass off for who ever follows. These things have a way of taking care of themselves

  118. Tom Brady will go off on WR’s …… O-linemen.. TE’s… RB’s an coaches if he see fit. Cutler told Webb to step up his game an pushed him to fire him up. But the media calls it a melt down an start talking about a locker room split….. NOT HAPPENING!! Thats Cutler’s Team an that aint gone change. an Urlacher need to shut his old azz up

  119. Its the damn coach Lovie…he has absolutely no emotion, no anger, no someone said up above previously..he stands there like a life-less dope.

    I aways disliked Lovie as the bear’s coach…he is not “bear” material, never was and never will be. They need to get rid of this guy asap!! He is the root of the problems at chicago…when will they see this? Lovie is the weak link at Chicago. He must go immediately!!

    Get a coach in there that will have some leadership, some good/bad emotion when needed and know how to manage a coaching staff that fits with the bears need. Heck..even myself as an average joe can see that Lovie is the root of the problems…he portrays zero leadership there..and that spreads like cancer throughout the team.

  120. There’s no excuse for the way Cutler is responding to adversity. He’s acting like a snot-nosed brat and taking no responsibility for the team’s performance. If he doesn’t like his OL maybe he should go shove the GM and yell at him. But of course that will take guts…

  121. There is a *total* Cutler mutiny going on now — among Bears fans!

    That’s at least as bad as a mutiny in the locker room.

  122. When Leinart, Young and Cutler came into the league
    I was sure Cutler would be the most successful of the three, but with that offensive line he may never get the chance to show it. Given decent protection he can get it done, even with mediocre receivers, but cripple him with moth wing flap blocks, not gonna happen.

  123. Cutler has been sacked 119 times in 3 1/8 years. Finally, he says something about how bad the OL is, and now, he’s pouting.

    Before, he wouldn’t talk, so he was a baby.
    Now, he talks, and he’s pouting.

    Lose, lose situation.

    J’Marcus Webb gave up 12 sacks and had 14 penalties last year. He’ll probably surpass that number in 2012. I’d say after giving up 12 sacks, you deserve a small push and a few F-bombs, no?

  124. eric174 says: Sep 14, 2012 12:53 PM

    Ok so swearing at an o-lineman qualifies as an “incident’” now?
    If that’s the case this website would have 100 posts
    on every Monday full of “incidents”. Give me a break.

    And this source of yours? Name him or don’t post this garbage.
    bjo109 says: Sep 15, 2012 1:09 PM

    And by the way, Cutler is 15-6 in his last 21 starts, so for people saying “he sucks” and “he’s a loser,” you’re wrong.
    bjo109 says: Sep 15, 2012 1:03 PM

    Cutler has been sacked 119 times in 3 1/8 years. Finally, he says something about how bad the OL is, and now, he’s pouting.

    Before, he wouldn’t talk, so he was a baby.
    Now, he talks, and he’s pouting.

    Lose, lose situation.

    J’Marcus Webb gave up 12 sacks and had 14 penalties last year. He’ll probably surpass that number in 2012. I’d say after giving up 12 sacks, you deserve a small push and a few F-bombs, no?
    Glad to see some REAL voices of reason on here!

  125. gizzmonic says: Sep 14, 2012 8:36 PM

    If that loudmouth showed me up on prime time I would keep stepping aside until some one knocked him into the golf cart. Then play my ass off for who ever follows. These things have a way of taking care of themselves
    And if you were my teammate and did a bush-league move like that, I would sincerely hope that you were the next one on the golf cart…Saying you would ‘play your ass off’ for the new QB, after deliberately getting the first one injured, means you were a slacker to begin with, and deserved to be shown up.

    As for Webb, he’s ALREADY stepping aside from lack of talent, it ain’t like suddenly he’s gonna play better under a new QB.

    Just sayin’.

  126. jimmysee says: Sep 15, 2012 9:40 AM

    There is a *total* Cutler mutiny going on now — among Bears fans!

    Like hell there is…Please don’t speak for me, or other Bears fans who think that maybe the team should ‘mutiny’ against Webb and his pathetic O-line play.

  127. Cutler is a loser and always will be. The Bears need to move on, he was embarrassing to the franchise Thursday night.

  128. granadafan says: Sep 14, 2012 1:30 PM

    Maybe it’s just me but I don’t think it’s a good idea to anger the big guys whose job it is to protect you from 11 defenders who are trying to take your head off. Next time the lineman will pull a Haynesworth and just fall on the ground.
    Except for Carimi, isn’t that what they’re doing now?

  129. If Cutler is a James Dean Wannabe, he should remember that no matter how petulant he was behind the scenes, when the cameras came on, Dean always delivered. The same is true for Roethlisberger and his two rings. Cutler’s teammates may be more willing to tolerate his eccentricities if he wins a championship.

  130. Cutler is the constant tease at fantasy football , just when you think the guy is gonna be a stud fantasy player he goes back to his old ways and plays like Kyle orton. The man is a fancy tease. 350 yrds one game to 150 yrds the next, smh pissed.

  131. When there are people on a team that have let you down this consistently for this long, frustration is natural.

    The offensive line of this team is a disgrace. They have absolutely no justification for getting indignant when being called out. They are failing their team.

  132. If I were the Bears, I’d fear a Cutler mutiny, for sure. If I were Cutler, I’d stand at that podium after every game, admit my own mistakes, and then call out the entire o-line, coaching staff, and general manager for not going out there and getting offensive linemen in the offseason.

    The best LG and RT were available in free agency. Both are 27 years old and in their prime. The Bears didn’t even interview them.

    Cutler has every right to call people out.

  133. Jay has really worn out his welcome with me by wimping out of the NFC championship game with a supposed knee injury and then crying afterwards in the locker room when informed by media that his toughness was being questioned. Then when I saw video of him walking with his girlfriend Kristin Cavallieri while shopping in Hollywood a few days later with no limp I knew this guy was a gutless turd. I almost bought into his teammates like Urlacher sticking up for him saying Jay is tough and would play if he could but not now.

    This latest performance shows what a whiny crybaby this guy truly is. If I were playing on the O-line I’d be pissed at what he did to Jwebb and demand he apologize to the man in front of the rest of the team. If he refused then I’d be throwing “lookout blocks” the rest of the season for the d-bag!

    This is yet another example of how truly inept the Chicago Bears organization is. It starts at the top and works its way down to the playing field. There is no accountability at Halas Hall and the results are the crap we see on the field each year under our passive head coach…The owners love Lovie so they hire a new GM who is told he only gets the job if he agrees to keep the head coach.

    All I want for Christmas this year is for the Halas/McCaskey family to sell the Bears. Expert analysts rank them the third worst owners in the NFL. There were rumors that they might sell because of friction created in the family when they fired Michael and hired his brother George in 2010.

    Things have not improved under George. How many more years do we have to wait Virginia? Your family is out of touch with the reality of how to run an NFL franchise…please sell the team!!!

  134. Jay Cutler has every right to yell at the offensive linemen. He should have yelled at matt forte too. You pay guys on the o-line, especially the left tackle, a lot of money to keep cutler upright. Cutler probably gets hit more than any other qb in the league.

  135. the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results.

    we did nothing to address our terrible pass protection in the offseason, yet this year we expect the line to hold up in protection??? a different oc doesn’t make the line better. have to change the playcalling… get rid of the ball quicker and we can see success, just like last year before cutler got hurt.

    don’t blame cutler just yet. it is known he isn’t the most personable guy. he had a bad game, yes, and deserves as much blame as webb. but the oc needs to play to the strengths of his players too.

  136. @ covert74…

    One, you can walk with the injury Cutler had, what you can’t do is run or cut to either side, which quarterbacks obviously need to do…He came back out for one series after the injury, and THE TEAM shut him down. He didn’t quit.

    Two, ‘JWebb’ is a disgrace as a lineman and deserved to be called out…If I had a job where I performed that badly week after week, they’d fire my a$$.

    Just sayin’.

  137. “By the time the Bears play the Lions Cutler will have pissed off the whole O-Line and they will just let Suh, KVB and the rest have a few nice shots. ”

    As opposed to the few (few is generous) nice shots they routinely give up every game when they actually try?

  138. Here’s the problem with Cutler:

    Not the cry, but the flight of a wild duck, leads the flock to fly and follow.

    He’ll never be a true leader, but what’s worse is he thinks he is.

  139. billhicks666 says:
    Sep 19, 2012 1:23 PM
    Can’t wait until the Texans and their pass rush meet the Bears. Hope JJ Watt pounds Cutler straight into the turf – without the 15-yard penalty, thank you.


    Who’s JJ Watt?

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