Cutler caught on camera swearing at offensive line

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Things weren’t going Jay Cutler’s way.

So he didn’t mind making someone else’s life miserable too.

As he was being sacked seven times in a 23-10 loss to the Packers, the Bears quarterback took time to chew out his offensive line, with cameras catching him bumping left tackle J’Marcus Webb and telling him “get your f—– head into the game.’’

“I care about this,’’ Cutler said of the incident with Webb, via Joe Cowley of the Chicago Sun-Times. “This isn’t just a hobby for me. If we’re not doing things the right way, I’m going to say something. If they want a quarterback that doesn’t care then they better get someone else.’’

Brow-beating his blockers is nothing new to Cutler, who took the chance before the opener to pound them into the ground, to make sure they knew he was good and they weren’t.

“We can only do as much as they can handle,’’ Cutler said of his line. “If they can only block three-step drops, we can only throw three-step passes. We’re limited to what they can do and as of now, they’ve been holding up really well.

“We’ve got some guys that can play football on the outside. There’s no doubt about that. It’s gonna hopefully make my job easier; being able to get them the ball, let them work. Up front I think the guys know that there’s some pressure on them because Matt Forte can run if we give him holes. If I get the guys the ball on the outside and we hold up enough time we can make some good plays. So it’s gonna be fun to watch.’’

If by fun you mean throwing four picks and completing 40.7 percent of your passes, yeah, that was a real hoot.

Thanks Jay.

65 responses to “Cutler caught on camera swearing at offensive line

  1. There were a few times last night you could see Cutler railing into his O-Line. Although Cutler is a big pouty baby, he was getting destroyed last night. In the plays where he wasn’t getting sacked, he was rushed to get rid of the ball or taking huge hits after getting rid of it.

  2. I get that it’s easy to pile on Cutler now. But if your trying this hard to fill your word quota, I question how you have a job.

    “Brow-beating his blockers is nothing new to Cutler, who took the chance before the opener to pound them into the ground, to make sure they knew he was good and they weren’t.

    “We can only do as much as they can handle,’’ Cutler said of his line. “If they can only block three-step drops, we can only throw three-step passes. We’re limited to what they can do and as of now, they’ve been holding up really well.”

    Yeah, actually it is something new to Cutler. In the offseason, he “criticized”them for the first time by saying.. “yeah, (protection) is a concern”. And morons like you blew it up to mean something else.

    But focusing on his play abysmal on the field–and not just what he says afterwards–is probably far above your pay grade.

  3. Yelling at your teammates doesn’t make you a bad leader, Brady does it, Manning does it, Rodgers does it…what makes him a bad leader is when he makes a mistake he looks for someone else to blame. His O-line is terrible, but show some class and don’t act like you’ve got Joe Montana talent…you’re Jay Cutler.

  4. You play like crap, you deserve to get called out.
    My problem with this is that Brandon Marshall has dropped 2 touchdown passes this season and cutler hasn’t said anything to him. He is playing favorites and it’s always easy to throw the offensive line under the bus.

  5. Yes, he shouldn’t have said anything because in this day and age we have to make sure everyone knows it’s OK to screw up as long as you try! It’s just not right that he told the guys they were doing bad. We wouldn’t want to hurt their self esteem.

  6. years from now, we’ll all talk about Jay Cutler’s arm and his talent and what he could have been, if not for his rotten attitude….he’ll be my generation’s Jeff George

  7. His ” good luck” comment to the packers d before the game is one of my new all time faves.

  8. And where’s the post about Aaron Rodgers chewing out James Jones?

    Both qb’s did the same thing but only Cutler’s a bad guy?

  9. People can bag on Cutler all they want. He made terrible reads, a lot of the incompletions the receiver was blanketed. Green Bay double Marshall on almost every snap and limited Cutler to throw to Hester, Bennett and Davis who all had drops. Then there was the O-line who may of not pass protected at all last night. Anyone who took snaps on the offensive side of the ball needs to take some blame here.

  10. Cutler is the opposite of endearing. When things don’t go his way, he breaks down mentally and acts like he’s still going through puberty. At one point during the preseason, he threw a really nice fade TD to B. Marshall, and instead of celebrating the score, he stormed off of the field cursing at the ref because the ref didn’t throw a roughing the passer flag, for a hit that maybe bordered on it, but wasn’t truly egregious.

    His OL was absolutely terrible last night, but there are better ways to handle the situation. It’s got to be hard to bounce back from that negativity. It was a bad game, but teams have bad games. Relax, and move on to next week, dude.

  11. He needs to keep his emotions in check, but do you think any other QB who gets sacked as much as he does would not get frustrated? If Tom Brady got drilled as much as this guy he would be yelling at his linemen too. We’ve seen him yell at his WR when he throws an interception.

  12. Media generated controversy.

    This means nothing. All it means is passionate football players getting on one another for not playing as hard.

  13. If it took Cutler using grown up language to make the o line miserable after giving up seven sacks and many other QB hits (at least two leading to ints), then any talk of the Bears making the playoffs should stop now. The Bears collapsed after Cutler and Forte when down last season. It seems as if Cutler cares about winning, sometimes grown ups use grown up language to convey a message that isn’t getting through to some. If it hurts feelings, I’m sure the Bears will give everyone a participation trophy at the end of the season during the pizza party to make the oline feel better about their poor play.

  14. Any other QB to do this and it would be “showing leadership” Cutler does it and it’s whining.

    Rodgers chewed out Jones after his pick. Manning was chewing out receivers after bad routes. QBs getting on other teammates isn’t new …. and Cutler isn’t the first one to get caught on TV doing it.

    Sensationalist headline to up the hit count on a story rather than simply reporting that the Bears offensive line played terrible.

  15. Once a cry-baby, ALWAYS a cry-baby! Dude should buy stock in Kleenex…

    It would be sweet for his O-line on one play to just let all the defenders pass by untouched and tee off on the jerk!

  16. I’m just guessing if Tom Brady was sacked 300 times in 5 years instea of 30 he may have som not so kind words for his line as well. To put it into retrospective for all of you. Brees, Brady and Peyton can all go a full season and get sacked a combined half the times cutler gets sacked in 3/4 of a season. Cutler was sacked 7 times last night. Brady and manning have each had seasons where they wernt even sacked 7 times. The man has been a punching bag since coming to Chicago. Sadly if Brady was sacked 7 times in a game and cussed out his line everyone would be praising Brady and agreeing with him but because it was cutler he needs to just “man up” and “stop crying”. At least he doesn’t blame every loss on the ref or say the bears beat themselves like some teams

  17. I have no problem with him getting in a guy’s face. The problem is he broke the #1 rule, keep it in the locker room. Saying what he has said in the media is ridiculous. You may have guys in front of you that can’t block, you don’t mention that in the press.

  18. right because it is so easy to complete passes running for your life or on your back. I do not understand why you would give him grief for doing the obvious. the bears have high expectations this year and will not meet them if Cutler has no time to throw. you would be killing him for his lack of passion if he had not said anything while taking yet another beating. he has a right to be upset after not having anything to work with on offense besides forte his first 3 years ,and now that he does he has no time throw. but he is suppose to take a oh golly we will get better approach?

  19. Oh, give me a break, nice hatchet job on Cutler. If it was a one of the pets of the media, Cutler would be referred to as “showing leadership” or “Fiery” or”gritty” or “determined”.

    Get away from me. Matthews played like a man among boys against their sorry line and Cutler was getting beaten like a pulp. 7 sacks? Really? And you wonder why Cutler called them out? Of course he threw 4 interceptions. The man was in a human meat grinder.

    If other certain QB’s get on their guys, a different story would be told.

  20. So let me get this straight.

    If a QB sulks they are a bad QB and show no leadership.

    If a QB gets fired up and shouts at the O Line for playing like dog crap, they are a bad QB and show no leadership.

    If they say nothing, they’re a bad QB and show no leadership.


    What’s he supposed to do? He was getting killed out there and the O Line was playing like dog poo?

  21. Cutler has a point. The O-Line has been horrific since Jay came to Chicago. J-Webb is one of the bottom 3 left tackles in the league. Chris Williams is right there with him. Chicago fix the O-Line. Tice has done all he can do with this group.

  22. Ironic… first, all we heard was how soft Cutler was and how he wasn’t in to his team a few years back when he didn’t play the second half of a playoff game when he was injured… now, he’s putting a foot in the a$$ of his linemen for NOT doing their job, and is being a leader, and there are people dogging him for it… make up your mind. you cannot have it both ways.

  23. I’ll admit Cutler is a D-bag but wasn’t the gripe about him that he never showed he cared on the field and never showed emotion? Shouldn’t he get credit when credit is due?

  24. Cutler has a point. The O-Line has been horrific since Jay’s arrival. J-Webb is the worst left tackle in the league. Chris Williams isn’t any better. Chicago fix the line Tice has done all he can with this group.

  25. Trash Cutler all you want, but didn’t he nationally endorse his offensive line this week? The Medai has been tearing the Bears O-line apart for the past 2 seasons, so it could have been very easy for Jay to say “Yea, they suck, and I’m going to get killed.”, but he didn’t. As a player, if I get that type of endorsement, ecspecially from my QB after hearing all the criticism, I want to go out and prove him right and the media wrong, and if I get beat, I take responsibility. Cutler came off, lit Webb up, but Webb didn’t seem to mind, laughing it off (It’s on Camera). Cutler has done nothing but come out and do his job, even with the lack of attention given to an extremly weak offensive line. I’d still take him over 10-12 QB’s in this leauge, and on that team, he can lead them to a Superbowl berth, but he needs to be upright to do so. Many people forget, Cutler isn’t new to the whole “No-protection”, his mechanics are terrible at times and he relies on his athletcism because he was under siege his whole career at Vandy. He is obvioulsy doing something right, he has led his team to the NFCC game once, and had another shot at the playoffs before getting hurt last season. He’s going to catch flak for the way he responded, but there has to be a point where the Bears realize they are throwing him to the wolves every game, and they won’t be succesful until they remedy that.

  26. It’s going to be a short season for the whiner. Great QB’s know that these are the guys who make them great.

  27. Last night I saw the same guy that we had in the Mile High City. When the going gets tough for him, he does his best to destroy years worth of chemistry within a team; One Way Jay! It is almost as if, despite his Vandy education, the guy lacks the common sense to battle through the tough times with, not against his mates. Good luck Chicago turning One Way Jay around because once he rears his ugly, half helmet wearing face, it just gets worse!

  28. Cutler was 100% right. The O- line was bad. But he was holding the ball too. Lovie is the one I blame because he has been handed real fire power on offense an he dont know how to use it

  29. I don’t mind him ripping the guys when they are not doing their jobs. He was taking a beating just like he did in that NYG game. It was the petulant attitude that he had that was the problem. If you are gonna be a team leader, and I think he needs to be, you need to deliver the message, and then help them turn it around. Remaining petulant after delivering the message accomplishs nothing…..except Cutler was never in the right frame of mind because now, no one is going to satisfy his attitude. And that same attitude continued on through his interview. Maybe he should have kept his mouth shut before the game.

  30. Cutler knows that he won’t make it through the season if this keeps happening. Nobody in that organization has yet to notice that there is a problem, so maybe he should throw a tantrum. Nothing else seems to work.

  31. A couple guys had it right. It’s not only fair, but EXPECTED that a QB or MLB gets into the face of a guy that makes mental mistakes – as Rodgers did with Jones last night.

    But you don’t go public with it. “Next question” is an acceptable response if a reporter asks what was said.

  32. What all the Cutler defenders seem to forget is that HE is responsible for some of the sacks he takes because he holds onto the ball too long. It’s all part of a pattern with him: blaming others instead of looking to his own behavior as a reason for losing.

  33. Several of you have written that Cutler shouldn’t say/do anything that might offend his offensive O-Line, or they might just let him get flattened. Umm….that’s already happening! 7 Sacks in 1 game is ridiculous. I am NOT a Jay Cutler fan, but he SHOULD be pissed off that his line can’t protect him. Any of the elite QB’s would have ripped into their offensive line after a game like this, and nobody would have a problem with it.
    Oh, and for those of you calling him a crybaby…I DARE you to get flattened 7 times by an NFL linebacker. You’d be curled up in a ball crying for your mommy by the 3rd sack. Cutler is an a-hole, but no one should question his toughness.

  34. I think that no matter what team you root for every other week, Bears V Packers are two of the most looked forward to games of each season. There is definitely no love lost between these teams.

    Hey Mike Tice, How about a roll out away from Clay Matthews’ side, or a pass out in the flat to his side after the back chips him on the edge? Maybe a draw play? End around to D Hester? Something!

  35. If he can’t get rid of the ball after 3 seconds in the pocket he needs to learn to scramble. Several times last night he held the ball way longer than he should have – that’s on him – not the o-line. I’m not a fan of either team and couldn’t beleive how much time he had to throw and instead took a sack. Ever heard of a quick slant or a screen pass Jay?

  36. It would be sweet for his O-line on one play to just let all the defenders pass by untouched and tee off on the jerk!

    It looked like the O-line let all the defenders pass by untouched on just about every play, or do you mean on one play other than the 19 snaps he was either hit or sacked?

  37. As to Webb letting him get smoked by a rushing defender, then saying ‘That’s what you get for calling me out!’ – What has his excuse been all the other times?

  38. sportsmeccabi says:
    Sep 14, 2012 7:45 AM
    You play like crap, you deserve to get called out.
    My problem with this is that Brandon Marshall has dropped 2 touchdown passes this season and cutler hasn’t said anything to him. He is playing favorites and it’s always easy to throw the offensive line under the bus.
    Honestly, I think I’d rather make Webb mad than Marshall. Cutler shoved Webb after cussing him, and Webb just turned away. OTOH look at what Marshall has done when he’s mad.

    I think Schlereth had it right this am on Mike & Mike: cussing me out for messing up on the field, no problem. When you lay your hands on me? I have a problem.

    The thing about Cutler is that with all his talent, he doesn’t make his team or teammates better. Elite (and some not even elite) QBs do that. He’s also always been a huge front runner. For whatever reason, once adversity hits, he starts forcing balls and acting a fool. It’s not something that will change, and it’s one reason why despite his large amount of natural talent, he doesn’t really make his team better.

  39. What is he suppose to say? “Excuse me J’Marcus, can you please try a lil harder to block that Fabio wanna be? Thanks I really appreciate your hard work…”

    I’m fairly certain any QB getting pummeled on basically every play would at the very least “cuss out” the man/men responsible. It is the NFL, and this is the Chicago Bears, a tough team in a tough city.. I applaud Cutler for calling Webb out, as this has gone on FAR too long.. Yes Webb has the physical attributes to be a premier LT, but I think he is content on just being a starter (by default I must add), and not continuing to be a great starter. He seems to be more in tune with his Twitter followers than anything else.. How the hell he has a legitimate following is beyond me…

    As far as Cutler patting Marshall on the head after the dropped TD pass, I think that in itself shows leadership.. Why? Because a true leader knows what buttons to push on what guys.. Everyone is different and needs to be pushed in a different way.. Some people respond better to positivity, while others respond better when you get them pissed off.. Its hard to tell when you’re not in the locker room with them, or on the football field everyday… On another note, I don’t know what to take away from Cutler putting a small shoulder bump into Webb.. I guess he figured if he was mad maybe he’d stop p**sy farting around and try to stop someone? Its not like he had anything to lose like some people suggest the line would start “letting people by them to tee off on Cutler..” Give me a break.. They were letting them tee off on Cutler from the very first snap….

    To sum it up, the Packers exposed the Bears weakest link, and did a good job of it.. Can’t win a game if you can’t win the battle in the trenches….

    There is a lot of football left to be played, and I hope the Bears can put together a better gameplan in a hurry..

    Beardown Chicago

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