Denarius Moore to play limited role for Raiders


The Raiders got bad news about one of their injured receivers this week, but things look more promising for Denarius Moore.

Moore will make his season debut against the Dolphins after missing Week One and most of August as a result of a hamstring injury. Moore appeared to be close to playing on Monday night, but the Raiders decided to hold him out until this weekend. Even with the extra time to prepare, the Raiders are planning a limited list of plays for Moore in his return to action.

“You’ve got to manage him because he’s been out for so long,” offensive coordinator Greg Knapp said, via Jerry McDonald of the Bay Area News Group. “You try and give him a chance to win critical situations, third downs, red zone, certain first and second downs also.”

Jacoby Ford could be headed to injured reserve after this week’s decision to have surgery on his injured foot, leaving Moore as the best option for the Raiders to stretch defenses in the coming weeks. While they obviously should take care not to aggravate the injury, the team needs the things that Moore brings to the offense too much to ease off the throttle entirely. General Manager Reggie McKenzie referred to Moore as the team’s No. 1 receiver on Thursday, also via McDonald, which leads to believe they won’t be going that route.

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  1. It’s very true that a lot of the talent was in track suits for the Charger game. DHB will free up a little bit once D-Mo returns to the line-up. Losing Ford for the season is a big loss – he does a great job on special teams and is very effective out of the slot.

    The big opportunity for the Raiders is mismatches. They have the best scoring FB in the game in Reece, who is a match-up nightmare. And if the team can incorporate TE Ausberry’s hands/speed/size into the offense that will create even more mis-matches and opportunities. Go Raiders.

    And did everyone see the coming out party for Rolondo. He looked like the first round draft pick they selected on draft day. The coach is gonna get the best out of him.

  2. This guy opens up the playbook. It can’t be overstated just how important he is to the offense. He’s our home run hitter and not having him in the lineup shrinks the field.

  3. Good news to see Moore back!

    However, if Gregg Knapp continues calling the plays we will lose to Miami, Darren McFadden will eventually go on IR and Carson Palmer will continue to get sacked. Knapp’s offense is very much like a high school football offense. He assumes that if each play is run right no defense will be able to stop the play. This is the NFL and zone blocking does not work. Tom Cable proved this point when he fired Gregg Knapp and switched to the Power Offense. The season turned around and the Raiders almost made the playoffs. Too bad it was too late in the season and Cable’s issues off the field got the best of him.

    Reggie McKenzie should give the play calling back to Al Saunders and let the offensive talent on this team shine!

  4. well with him back, maybe we can play a little more north and south, instead of the east and west stuff they tried against the chargers. The guy who flew under the radar last game , and had a solid game was brandon myers. With moore and dhb playing this week, it will only help out dmc, and the TE.. I am ok with these two, and streater and criner developing. Hagan is a solid hands blue collar wr, who will get you a first down when needed…Losing ford hurts, but with moore getting healthy(and staying healthy) we will be ok.

  5. Doesn’t anyone warm up before playing? You have to stretch and warm your muscles up. These people are pro’s and should know what to do instead of someone holding their hand. What is next? Getting a paper cut and put ont he sidelines to collect a paycheck? Yeah, I know sometimes injuries happen, but not this much. Quit being cry babies and earn your millions of dollars. Geshhhhhhhhh………

  6. @slickster35 says:

    The Chiefs are horrible all the way around. We’ll see happens in a few short weeks.

    @lunarpie says:

    Really? Zone blocking doesn’t work? Like the other comment said, Houston lead the league with basically the same offense Knapp is using. Half the other teams in the league use zone, and the rest run zone plays to one degree or another. What you said is completely wrong.

    As far as Cable, you know Cable was a zone proponent don’t you? Cable only fired Knapp to try to save his job. The scheme was still predominatly zone after Cable fired Knapp. It wasn’t until the next year in 2010 when Al Davis hired Hue Jackson and forced Cable to run a more heavy man blocking scheme, even then the Raiders still ran some zone plays.

  7. #1 receiver huh? So even McKenzie thinks DHB is a BUST. Moore is OVER RATED. He owned the Chargers and had 1 good game against the Bills. Besides those 3 games, he was non existent in the 10 other games he played.

    Streater proved on MNF he is not a starter yet.
    Criner despite all the praise from training camp, couldn’t get on the field before Hagen who was signed off the street 2 days before the opener. While your dumping check downs to DMC, Kevin Boss is in KC catching acrobatic TD’s.

  8. joetoronto says:
    Sep 14, 2012 10:05 AM
    DMoore is the real deal, a true star in the making with a great attitude to boot.

    hey look, it’s the guy from Toronto who never posts after his team loses. Change your handle to Whodini.

  9. Knapp’s system worked in Houston because the deep ball was available…last time I looked, Andre Johnson is not with the silver&black. With the exception of a backup rb & te, this Raiders offensive is the same. Knapp is the problem. Bring in a Tarver like young minded o-cord.

  10. slickster35 says: Sep 14, 2012 10:08 AM

    It won’t help with Palmer throwing the ball, and that HORRIBLE offensive line.
    Here is a guy who shouldn’t be talking junk about any quarterback not named Cassel.

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