Dolphins plan impossible halftime contest

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The Dolphins don’t do much right.  One thing they’re doing right is encouraging melanoma screenings.

Inspired by the fact that the disease claimed the life of CFO Mark Brockelman’s wife, Jan, in 2010, the Dolphins will have a screening before Sunday’s game against the Raiders.  The first 100 to be checked will receive a pair of free tickets to the October 14 game against the Rams.

But here’s where it gets a little weird.  Of those who showed up in June for a melanoma screening, three of them will try to win $10,000 by attempting a field goal at halftime of Sunday’s game.

A 60-yard field goal.

Sixty yards.


Why even bother?  Plenty of NFL kickers would miss a one-time try from that far out, even without a defense trying to block it.  How many folks from the average population will even come close?

Hinging the prize on a 60-yard field goal means that they don’t want to give away the prize.  And watching a trio of attempts that won’t even make it to the end zone (or possibly to the red zone) will do nothing to add to the in-stadium experience for those who choose to show up for the game.

UPDATE 3:59 p.m. ET:  In response to criticism, the Dolphins wisely have moved the attempt 20 yards closer.

45 responses to “Dolphins plan impossible halftime contest

  1. surprised they aren’t trying to make them balance a tray of beers on their head at the same time (just to be safe)

  2. This will prove my theory that kickers and Punters are worth too much. When three regular joes do this task with ease. I’d fly down there myself too do it but I don’t wanna waste my time at a Dolphins game.

  3. That is crazy! But it IS the Dolphins I suppose.

    Based on observation of halftime events over the last 10 years, they could make it a 20 yard field goal attempt and most people would still miss.

    But hey at least they are having the screenings.

  4. Don’t get your panties in a bunch. This is like buying a lottery ticket – it’s not supposed to be a sure thing. Basketball teams hold half-court shot contests all the time. How often does anyone hit the shot? If they wanted to just give the money away, they could put ticket numbers in a hat. That’s not what they’re doing.

  5. A 60 yard field goal??? Maybe for their next game they can give 3 lucky fans an opportunity to attempt an end zone to end zone toss…

    What a group of clowns down there in Miami

  6. With the current state of the Dolphins roster, it might be a better use of halftime to have tryouts and the winner gets to play in the 2nd half of the game.

  7. This week the Dolphins are honoring the ’72 team with a free hat, and they’re honoring the Tony Sparano Era with missed 60 yard FG attempts.

    Makes perfect sense.

  8. What a joke!! The prize for 60 yards should be $100,000 or it should be 40 yards…The management is embarrassing the organization on this one….

  9. Wow. Up here in Canada we have the ‘Wendy’s kick for a million contest’ where you can win a cool mill for kicking a 50 yarder.

    Dolphins are cheap!

  10. Did you know that you have a 1-in-4000 chance of contracting melanoma in your lifetime? In a nod to that statistic, they give you a field goal try with about the same odds.

  11. I’m going to severely disagree that many NFL kickers couldn’t make it without a defense trying to block it. I think you are grossly exaggerating that or just not aware of how strong these kickers are.

    I wonder if maybe they will also give them a tee to kickoff with, they aren’t going to use a traditional holder so that makes it WAY more probable.

    That being said, the prize amount seems awfully low and the odds that the people picked are possible candidates to kick the ball that far tee or no tee seems curious. Maybe they screened them as strong athletic males that have a sports background i dunno.

    Either way I don’t like the idea of having contests or gambling for deciding who gets the charity. And then singling out individuals to get the prizes while the other 2 get shafted for coming out and many more probably didn’t get a fair chance to apply or compete for the chance etc. This is just a sad thing. Maybe the team could at least surprise everybody by saying they are going to give them the prizes anyhow after they all miss it.

  12. This doesn’t surprise me a bit. Stephen Ross and his 3-ring circus operation with washed up celebrities is a disgrace.

    The Dolphins are the joke of the league, and an embarrassment as well. It must be brutal to be a fan and have everyone make fun of their team 24/7. But then again, if you are a fan, you deserve to get clowned.

    So classy to offer up a near impossible chance to win such a measly sum.

  13. That is hilarious! Reminds me of a golf tourney I played in where the new car hole-in-one was on the 245 yd par 3 with the flag tucked neatly behind a bunker.

  14. “The Dolphins don’t do much right…”

    That comment is not accurate. You can’t even let them have some good print on your site without taking another shot at them.

    Sad and transparent.

    Way to go Dolphins in trying to save lives, I for onne am proud to be a Dolphin fan! (Just wish they would start winning some games).

  15. What a joke and waste of time. The nfl record is only 3 yards more and you expect some normal every day guy to hit 60. C’MON MAN!!!!! There are kickers in the league that can even do this. They should win something if the ball goes just 20 yards in the air.

  16. Maybe Carpenter isn’t doing the job and they are giving a $10,000 signing bonus because whoever makes it they sign, LOL

  17. I played HS soccer, that’s it. Never played Football, no collegiate, semi-pro, or pro sports.

    I was at the NFL experience during the Super Bowl a few years back, and I pushed the line back and set the ball on the otherside of the walkway so i could attempt a 45 yard FG.

    I put it right down the pipe and it barely trickled over.

    As I waited my turn i stood in line and watched over 100 regular Joes (and Jill’s) attempt this. Other than me, only three other people were able to make an extra point or farther.

    There is no way, no way ever, some joe schmo is gonna make that kick.

  18. The vast majority of people tested for melanomas are middle-aged or elderly. So you’re likely going to have “athletes” that look more like Ed Asner trying to kick a 60 yarder.

    It’s more likely that one of these people will hurt themselves trying to do this.

    I predict that, at least once during the event, we’ll hear “I’ve fallen, and I can’t get up.”

  19. 60 yarders can be hit by highschool kickers with no defense, but the average person can’t kick a 25 yarder let alone 60. So if these kickers have no experience they are more likely to tear a muscle while taking this kick than they are to make it in. I’m hoping these are people have experience kicking so that there might actually be a chance here.

  20. Most adults, and plenty of children can throw a basketball to the hoop from half-court. They may not have the accuracy, but they are halfway there with just the power, and then all it takes is a little bit of luck. I would say a large majority (above 90%?) of able bodied adults cannot kick a football 60 yards; let alone accurately. This contest is a joke, and anyone comparing to a half-court shot is way out of line. There’s a big difference in chucking a basketball and having the technique to accurately kick a field goal. Hence, the reason a good kicker is so rare to find. 60 yards is 30 yards less than the NFL record for a field goal in a game. Granted, that’s in a game, but there’s a reason teams rarely even attempt field goals from that far.

  21. I’ve made plenty of half court shots. I thing my best field goal was 32 yards. Ever get out there and see what 60 yards looks like? The only non football player I’ve ever seen hit 60 was a PE coach we had, an ex Olympic shot putter.

  22. Give me $10,000, plus a quarter playing quarterback, and I’d give it a shot. Like most people, I would have about as much chance of succeeding at one as the other.

  23. One time I was at Giants game, and at halftime they brought three people out to attempt a 30yrder for 10K. 1st guy shanked, 2nd guy in the air clean, 3rd guy down the middle and into the seats with wingtips on. They had the guy the mic, he was a college kicker.

    Luck of the draw I suppose.

    That being said, a 60yrder is ridiculous.

  24. markbul says:
    Sep 14, 2012 2:26 PM
    Don’t get your panties in a bunch. This is like buying a lottery ticket – it’s not supposed to be a sure thing. Basketball teams hold half-court shot contests all the time. How often does anyone hit the shot? If they wanted to just give the money away, they could put ticket numbers in a hat. That’s not what they’re doing.

    The distance to make a half-court shot is much smaller than the distance to make a 60-yard field goal. Most people can throw the ball far enough to make a half court shot. There’s hardly anyone that can kick a football 60 yards.

    By the way, I’m 20 years old, in great shape, and I was the kicker for my high school team, and I can’t even kick it 60 yards. A 40-yard attempt is more reasonable, but I would still be shocked if anyone hit it (given they only get one attempt too).

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