Justin Tuck says young Giants need to step up


Get the cold tub ready.

The Giants have had to wait a long time since their season-opening loss to the Cowboys and that’s given them some time to figure out what needs to change for the team to get back on the winning track. Defensive end Justin Tuck thinks one of those changes has to come from the team’s younger players, who he believes aren’t approaching their jobs with enough urgency. Tuck thinks it is up to the veteran players to get the whippersnappers into shape.

“But it’s going to take little incentives from some of our veteran guys to help them along. Maybe some guys need to get in some guys’ faces. I think sometimes there’s a little too much lovey-dovey,” Tuck said, via Mike Garafolo of USA TODAY. “You’ve got to challenge these guys. If we allow them to play or practice at their pace, they’re going to continue to do that. But as leaders, we have to set a good example and then remind them what’s at stake. This ain’t a scholarship, this ain’t school pride. You’re talking about guys’ livelihoods. This is how guys feed their families.”

Safety Kenny Phillips had a different take on things. While he agrees that the young players need to step up their games, Phillips believes that the veterans need to step up their games if the Giants are going to return to the right side of the scoreboard.

Rookie running back David Wilson fumbled in the opening game, but there were plenty of veterans with egg on their faces as well. Tuck and Osi Umenyiora were pretty much invisible against a suspect Cowboys offensive line, veteran tackle David Diehl had a bad night and wide receiver Victor Cruz, who may actually count as a young player since he’s played just two seasons deemed worthy of a memoir this offseason, dropped three passes.

Basically, everyone on the Giants needs to be better if the team wants to have better results in the coming weeks. We’ll see if all this finger-pointing and soul-searching pays off against Tampa on Sunday afternoon.

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  1. Tuck, how about tackling Murray when you have him dead to rights in the backfield, then letting him run 50 yards. How about a few sacks? Hell I would even take a QB pressure at this point. JPP is carrying the entire Giants’ defense, as he did last year. When you or Osi win some 1v1 matchups, show up on the stat sheet, and make a game changing play once in a while, then you can criticize your teammates.


    A Giants Fan

  2. A little more action and a little less talking specially from a supossed vet like tuck maybe this weekend against the bucs they’ll come up remains to be seen.

  3. voiceofreasonsays says:
    Sep 14, 2012 12:46 PM
    They aren’t good as a team. They won’t make the playoffs and were a fluke last season. Case closed.

    This coming from a Redskins fan? That cellar must have done things to your mind that no man should experience.

  4. For as bad as they played they were down 7 with 2 minutes to go and needed a stop on 3rd and 13. I think they will be fine, but this week and a half off is a killer.

  5. The GIANTS need to do two things personnell-wise to address their issues.

    #1 – Get the 2nd and 3rd CBs healthy.

    #2 – Get David Diehl OFF the field and out of the starting lineup. He can’t do it anymore. He never really had the feet, and now he doesn’t seem to have the raw power he had. He’s not strong enough to be a mauler, and doesn’t have the feet to be a technician.

    From a non-personnell side they just have to execute. Let’s remember, Dallas played a great game, the GIANTS played a poor game, and they only lost by a TD.

    If the GIANTS execute like we know they can, they will be fine.

  6. Ok I get the “fluke” play in 2007, but last year Manning made a perfectly thrown pass to Manningham. how is that a fluke? Stop drinking the koolaid Jerry Jones is giving out.

  7. bringbacktheflex says: Sep 14, 2012 2:34 PM

    Every year we hear that the Giants have “step up” and “work together”. It gets old.

    You know what doesn’t get old?

    Winning Superbowls!

  8. one fluke every five years and I am hap hap happy

    Some of you haters are so bitter even if my Giants do not make the playoffs I will pop in the video and watch the march to greatness come to think of it I have 4 Videos that I can watch

  9. This Giants’ fan is not overreacting. Romo played the game of his life. Murray ran for a million yards. And we played like kakabootyscratchscratchsniffsniff. Yet, we were only a 12th string CB away from stopping 3rd and 12 and putting a scare into Dallas. The fact we only lost by 7 actually makes me very optimistic where this season is heading.

  10. “This Giants’ fan is not overreacting. Romo played the game of his life.”

    Not really. It was a typical Romo performance against the Giants, but he had a defense backing him up for a change. His career passer rating against the Giants is 118. Game of his life? It’s not even the best game he’s ever played against the Giants.

    “Yet, we were only a 12th string CB away from stopping 3rd and 12 and putting a scare into Dallas.”

    “putting a scare” into Dallas? Not sure exactly what you were talking about here. Are you talking about that 1st and 30 TD to Austin? What about actually winning the game? You play to win, not to scare.

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