Lions taking no further action against Titus Young


Titus Young keeps doing dumb things, and the Lions keep refraining from taking decisive action to correct it.

On Sunday, a head butt from Young to Rams cornerback Janoris Jenkins resulted in a personal foul.  And while the Lions benched Young for the start of the third quarter, the Lions will take no further action against the second-round pick in the 2011 draft.

“He’s worked hard, ready to go and contribute and do a great job for us,” offensive coordinator Scott Linehan said, via the Detroit News.  “We’ve got great leadership.  I think guys understand that, and he’s still a young player.  He learned just being accountable; that’s a great place to start.”

But plenty of young players can control their emotions.  Young was sent home from OTAs after sucker-punching safety Louis Delmas, and Young was part of the personal-foul parade last season.

“There shouldn’t be [another problem],” receiver Calvin Johnson said of Young.  “Something happened last year [and] this year, so there shouldn’t be another strike on that one.”

We’re not sure we follow that logic.  Either way, the Lions at some point need to do more than talk to Young and hope he finally gets the message.  At some point, they have to send a real message.

Maybe via a head butt to the wallet.

19 responses to “Lions taking no further action against Titus Young

  1. As Madden would say “speed kills but so does punching teammates” They should trade him to Carolina. Steve Smith’s been sucker punching teammates for a decade

  2. You have got to be kidding me? The kid retaliated during an altercation with a player ON THE FOOTBALL FIELD. What can you possibly think need be done? Shameless journalism. Prostituting for clicks because the Lions draw reads. Transparent and sad.

  3. suheveryone says:
    Sep 14, 2012 8:01 AM
    What exactly are you suggesting they should do? I really don’t understand.
    I sincerely don’t either…they are using measured discipline with him which is what all companies/schools/most parents even, do. They need to balance discipline with their investment and winning; benching him at a point when they needed him in that game is actually crossing it. By the way, who are they trying to prove their resolve to? The CBA says no one.

  4. They sent him home fro OTAs after the sucker punch. They benched him after the headbutt…what is your suggestion that they do? Cut him?

  5. And just to clarify before some hate filled individual jumps down my throat I totally understand that Mike is suggesting that they should fine him but that just doesn’t make much sense to me.
    Sure they have ability to do so but isn’t this something that the league would generally do if they saw fit?
    The post states that he was removed from the game in the 3rd quarter for his actions but then goes on to say that the Lions have done nothing to punish him.
    Isn’t removing him from the game punishing him? Isn’t that the consequence of his actions?
    I’m sure that Jenkins, being the pothead, 4 kids from 3 moms having individual that he is, said something that was deserving of a head butt anyway.

  6. Fine and suspend his a.., but from that statement it seems like Scwartz or whomever is clueless on how to discipline the kid.

  7. No decisive action other than benching him in the third quarter of a game they were losing, and sending him home from minicamp soon after drafting a wide receiver in the second round. How can you write there was no decisive action and then write two decisive actions in response to his stupidity? What else will you have them do? How do you not understand the three strike logic? Last season he had a dumb penalty during a game and this season he had a dumb penalty during the season. Have we stopped doing a three strikes scale that I missed somewhere? Young isn’t considered a starter and sitting on the sidelines for a game doesn’t prove he gets the message.

  8. Scott Linehan said, via the Detroit News. “We’ve got great leadership.”

    Really? Seriously? From the outside it looks like from the head coach on down decent leadership is the most significant thing this team lacks from being truly competitive in a tough division.

  9. After the penalty st Louis tried a weird short kick the lions got the ball on the 35. I mean what would you suggest they do?

  10. Yeah, going from the horrendously Milleneque only 0-16 ever posted in the NFL to 10-6 in three years doesn’t show much, does it? The Lions must still lack leadership, talent evaluators, intelligence, cohesiveness, dedication, etc., etc.

  11. It would be really stupid to take any further action against him for this. That would only raise the bar of punishment for the next time and the more serious time that he has a lapse in judgment.

  12. The Lions only had 3 penalties last week – an important detail left out of this story. Gotta love how the Lions are handling things in-house and not in the media.

    I thought it looked obvious that the some of the Rams were trying to bait younger Lions like Titus Young into stupid penalties (like the head butting penalty). Fair enough.

    What they are trying to teach Young is not to take the bait. The best way to hit back someone like Jenkins is to put up numbers on the scoreboard. At the end of this game, Jenkins wasn’t running his mouth anymore – kinda like how Bears fans are all quiet today.

  13. Lions need to give this hot-head REAL consequences. Maybe someone should introduce the Lions to the concept of “3 strikes and you’re out.” Young committed an idiotic penalty last season; sucker-punched a teammate; committed ANOTHER idiotic penalty. Sending him home from OTA’s and benching him for a portion of the game isn’t going to make an impression.
    Why don’t they try anger management classes and suspend him 1 game (players tend to “see the light” much quicker when it affects their wallet).

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