No Dwight Freeney, Austin Collie doubtful for Colts


The Colts are going to have to try to beat the Vikings without their most experienced pass-rusher and one of their best pass-catchers.

Colts coach Chuck Pagano just announced, via Mike Chappell of the Indianapolis Star, that outside linebacker Dwight Freeney would be out this week because of an ankle injury.

Pagano also listed wide receiver Austin Collie as doubtful.

Collie was cleared earlier this week, but came in Thursday “not feeling 100 percent” and was held out of practice.

Freeney’s injury could cost him more time, but Collie’s situation bears monitoring. His record of concussions make him a concern, and if he’s sitting two days in a row after being cleared, it’s not likely a good sign.

9 responses to “No Dwight Freeney, Austin Collie doubtful for Colts

  1. The Freeney injury is supposedly a high-ankle sprain.

    Those injuries usually take a few weeks to heal, and his best pass-rushing move (the spin move) puts a ton of strain on his ankles, so that may make them reluctant to put him on the field earlier due to the risk of reinjury.

  2. It baffles me that in total rebuild, that the colts kept freeney. His declining numbers, his 19 million dollar contract, and inability to pick up the 3-4 scheme should have been indicators. He was effective when playing with a lead, and was let loose… Glad we extended Mathis, he ha always been a class act, and been accused of benefiting from freeney, last weeks 2 sacks are proof enough. Austin collie: you now have suffered your 3rd possibly 4th concussion. If the wind blows wrong, you get a concussion, it’s really time to think about calling it quits. This would be the exact reason the nfl is facing several lawsuits over concussions, because players want to keep risking it, and the league lets them… I hope there is a liability release to players, if they choose to play, against better judgement….

  3. “This is the exact reason the nfl is facing so many concussion lawsuits. These players keep risking it and the league lets them.”

    What do you want the league to do? Have you ever heard of personal accountability? Individual freedom? These players know what theyre risking. They may come back in 10 years looking for a money grab, but they wont get a thing, nor should they.

  4. Cutting Freeney would have done nothing more than create that amount in dead money – cutting him next year on the other hand…

    This will be his last year as a Colt

  5. I get that, I understand the players understand the risks, but the same players that “understand” the risks, are the exact same players that line up to sue the nfl…. 4 concussions in 2 years, means he will never be the same. Why would a coaching staff, neurologist, or anyone let this guy comeback? So he can end up like Merrill hoge? And have to learn to walk, speak, and live a normal life all over again? I honestly don’t care, of he’s cleared to play, and has another concussion, that’s on him. I just hate to see someone risk thier health, when we all know it’s best for him to call it quits. Some guys just can’t/won’t believe that their heads aren’t made for the punishment of the nfl. I guess I shouldn’t worry, because I’m just a fan, but it would be terrible to see this guy take another hit. Look at the one he suffered during the Philly game, body convulsing, and knocked out cold… Scary

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