Panthers showing support for Ryan Kalil on their backs


Panthers center Ryan Kalil made quite an uproar this offseason when he took out an ad in the Charlotte Observer touting the Panthers as the winners of Super Bowl XLVII long before the game will be played in February 2013.

Coach Ron Rivera said at the time that he was “right behind” Kalil. Now the rest of the Panthers are sharing Rivera’s position. The coach had t-shirts made for every player on the team with the Panthers logo on the front and “I have Ryan Kalil’s back” on the back. Kalil said Thursday that he appreciates what Rivera did.

“Coach had them there. I believe it when he says that,” Kalil said, via the Charlotte Observer. “We’ve just got to make sure we’ve got his back, and get done what we’ve got to get done.”

The Panthers didn’t do much in Week One to back up Kalil’s bold prediction. Their 16-10 loss to the Buccaneers featured little of the offensive explosiveness the team will need to make that kind of run. With Jonathan Stewart looking likely to play this week against the Saints, the Panthers will have another chance to get that unit going against a defense that got shredded by the Redskins last week.

If they can’t get their first victory on Sunday, the Panthers might need to try a different t-shirt.

11 responses to “Panthers showing support for Ryan Kalil on their backs

  1. If they can’t get their first victory on Sunday, the Panthers might need to try a different t-shirt.
    They better order them now or they might not get them before Week 3…

  2. as a die-hard panthers fan, i would like for this team to put down the t-shirts and the newspapers and start practicing, getting prepared, and focusing on just winning a game.

    they looked terrible sunday. that o line was a joke on sunday. they need to worry about there not being 3 guys on cam or deangelo’s back behind the line of scrimmage every play.

    wake up!!!

  3. Things will be different this week with the Offensive line and Newton. Expect Newton to have a big day through the air and on the ground. Look for the Saints to play tight on Newton in the first half, where he will shred them with his arm. In the second half the Saints will loosen up on Cam and get run all over. Its gonna be a Panthers day. Brees can’t do it all on his own.

  4. The funniest part of Kalil’s story was when he said he specifically didn’t tell anyone about his plan to put the newspaper ad because he was “worried someone might try to talk [him] out of it.”

    In any case- the t-shirts are a nice gesture, but the Panthers’ best way to save Kalil’s credibility is to start, you know, winning.

  5. Brees is going to chew up the Panthers and Cam’s going to spend most of the game looking sad and downcast while sitting on the bench with a towel on his head.

    Rivera needs to be cracking the whip and studying film to make sure the Saints aren’t going to “show him more looks” he’s never seen before instead of printing up t-shirts.

    If the Cats go 8-8 this year, it’ll be a miracle on the order of the bread and fishes during the sermon on the mount.

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