Romo deal unlikely for now

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Cowboys owner Jerry Jones says that the team isn’t looking to extend quarterback Tony Romo’s deal.  ESPN’s Ed Werder reports otherwise.

A source with knowledge of the situation tells PFT that, regardless of what the Cowboys want to do, a new Romo contract is unlikely, for the time being.

“It’s hard to do a deal at this point,” the source said.

Jones has a habit of trying to buy low.  With Romo’s deal lasting through the 2013 season, Jones may want to get Romo locked up before Romo finally fulfills his potential and drives his price tag higher and higher.

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  1. Sometimes you have to buy low when the owner of a division rival leads the charge to dock millions off of your salary cap for breaking rules that did not exist. Oh yeah, that game was big. Ask John Mara. It was so big he constructed a huge unfair competitive advantage for his team and lost anyway.

  2. Barring a catastrophic injury, Romo has nothing to lose by waiting and potentially lots to gain.

    I think the people that don’t like Romo need to realize that he’s by far Dallas’s best option. There is no better QB in the league that is going to leave his current team any time soon. I’m going to guess that Aaron Rodgers will probably re-sign with Green Bay.

    We just saw Matt Schaub get 4-yrs, $62M. A deep playoff run this season, and Romo is going to get in the $17M-$18M range. Heck, he might get that now.

  3. Extend him the day after the season ends in late December right after he chokes away another playoff berth. That’s when his value is always at its lowest.

  4. What’s with all the media guys trying to constantly create contract drama? Romo is under contract. The media needs to stop trying to create the news and get back to just reporting the news. That’s the way it’s supposed to work.

  5. Really?

    You mean like Roy Williams?($9 mil a year and 1st, 3rd and 6th round draft picks) Or Miles Austin?($57 mil for a guy who has generated 800 yards per season since and missed 6 games) Or Doug Free?($8 mil a year for an average Right Tackle) Or Orlando Scandrick?($5 mil a year for a backup CB) Or Gerald Sensabaugh?(over $4 mil a year for a second rate safety) Or Nate Livings($3.75 mil per year) and Mackenzy Bernadeau?($2.75 mil)(For two guys who have been anything from backups on the low side to average starter on a good year on the high side)

    Yeah, I’d say Jerry likes to buy low. I see what you mean.

  6. “Romo finally fulfills his potential”

    Given his age and years of experience, I’d say that what we’ve seen from Mr. Pre-December IS his potential.

  7. “Jones may want to get Romo locked up before Romo finally fulfills his potential”

    He threw for 4200 yards, 31 TDs and only 10 INTs last year. He’s got the 2nd best passer rating in NFL history.

    What more do people want from the guy before you can even give him an inch?

  8. mazblast says:
    Sep 14, 2012 6:12 PM
    “Romo finally fulfills his potential”

    Given his age and years of experience, I’d say that what we’ve seen from Mr. Pre-December IS his potential.


    Pretty sure Favre are the best year of his career in year 1 with Minnesota.

  9. idanevalor says:
    A deep playoff run this season, and Romo is going to get in the $17M-$18M range. Heck, he might get that now.

    What has Romo done in the past, with teams loaded with pro bowlers, that leads you to think a deep playoff run happens this year

  10. @Philsimmsisadouche Miles Austin had 1 bad season watch miles will have a great season this year, by the way who’s your team since your spewing hate at Team Cowboys

  11. jerrah the gm in action for the cowgirls = good news for the rest of the nfc east. got exactly 1! playoff win from his $$67 mil qb . yes he looked good week 1 , but he’ll find a way to give it up when it counts most , in december.

  12. here is the question: can you do better than Romo if you let him get away? if you think you can and you are not sure he is your guy, you wait. if he is your guy no questions… sign him asap

  13. For ALL YOU HATERS (Yes, you, Justintuckrule) who thinks Romo chokes it away and he is the cause of the Cowboys’ demise in December, here are the FACTS when it comes to Romo and December the last two years (2010 not included for the broken collarbone – it must be specified so you haters won’t try to argue why 2010 wasn’t mentioned):

    Romo 2011, December (1-4 Record)
    101/142 71.1% 1158yds 10TD (7%) 1 INT (0.7%) 115.9 rating
    Romo 2009, December (2-2 Record)
    107/157 68.1% 1239yds 8TD (5%) 1 INT (0.6%) 106.1 rating
    Total performance last two Decembers:
    208/299 69.5% 2397 yds 18 TD (6.0%) 2 INT (0.7%) 110.7 rating

    As the stats show, the Cowboys record in December is HARDLY the fault of Romo. At what point is it on the team for not performing? When your QB has 2 turnovers in 9 games, scores 18 Tds, averages 8 yards per attempt, nearly 70% completion rate and your team is 3-6 in that stretch, the problem is elsewhere.

    It is time to expose the press and haters on this topic. Romo isn’t the problem, and hasn’t been for quite some time. Now Dallas has a secondary and an overall defense in place this year that won’t give up 5 fourth quarter leads like last year.

  14. I’m far FAR from a Cowboys fan but IMO Romo is the most unfairly criticized QB in the league. Sure he’s made some boneheaded plays at bad times. So has my team’s QB, including an awful throw in this past year’s SB right to Chase Blackburn (ugh).

    Romo is a very fine QB and deserves a nice contract. In a world where Ronnie Mexico who has QBed a single W more in the playoffs has gotten TWO 100 mill deals, we’re downing ROMO??? The reasons Dallas hasn’t won more than 1 playoff game have very little to do with Romo and a lot to do with the mental makeup of their players. Dallas fought through some adversity to beat the NYG, so perhaps things are looking up for them.

  15. Jerry finally understands that he can’t win a Super Bowl with Romo – I bet Romo is traded during the draft and the Cowboys will push to draft a new prima donna QB next April.

    The Cowboys are not a very good team and it is apparent that the head coach is not the right guy for the job.

    If San Diego tanks and offloads Norvette, look for Norvette to go back to his precious Cowpukes.

  16. Looks like Jerrah come out from under that percocet haze he had after his latest botox Found out there was talk about Romo getting extended and immediately squashed that deal because he knew it was a terrible idea.

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