Safeties Williams, Mays, Moore fined $21,000 each


Playing safety in the NFL can get expensive if you can’t learn to avoid collisions with opposing players’ heads, and three NFL safeties learned that the hard way today.

Redskins safety Madieu Williams, Bengals safety Taylor Mays and Broncos safety Rahim Moore have all been fined $21,000 for hits to opposing players’ helmets in Week One.

For Williams, it was a helmet-to-helmet hit on Saints tight end Jimmy Graham late in the Redskins’ win at New Orleans. For Mays, it was a helmet-to-helmet hit on Ravens tight end Ed Dickson on Monday night. And for Moore, it was unnecessarily striking Steelers receiver Emmanuel Sanders in the head and neck area on Sunday night.

The $21,000 fines are the standard amount for the 2012 season for hits to the head or neck area of a defenseless receiver. That represents a 5 percent increase in the fines over last year, when $20,000 was the norm, as permitted by the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

11 responses to “Safeties Williams, Mays, Moore fined $21,000 each

  1. I’m impressed Taylor Mays got close enough to anyone to actually warrant a fine.
    Top line speed, zero instincts, must have run into someone by mistake.

  2. Rahim Moore’s hit was legal, I can’t believe they actually fined him, he was going low (just the NFL is asking) and Emmanuel Sanders lowered his head at the last second. I hope there is some sort of appeals process. I would even argue that Rahim Moore took the worst of the hit. This is absolutely over board. But who is really to blame for this? Not Goodell… it’s the old guys that are now suing the NFL over this kind of stuff. Goodell has to inforce this kind of garbage now.

  3. LOL that horrible Redskins D. Can’t wait till my Eagles destroy them. Or the giants or even cowboys for that matter LOL. You will be last in the division once again skins fans.

  4. Wow, no Saints were fined for dirty hits, pretty much par for the course the last three years for one of the cleanest teams in the NFL in regards to late hits…

  5. @broncofanatic7

    I totally agree. There was absolutely nothing Moore did wrong or could have done differently on that play. He was obviously going low just like he is supposed to do. Did they even watch the tape? Complete BS fine.

  6. The NFL really needs to define what is helmet to helmet and what isn’t. If the goal is to protect the players from serious injury,the league is doing a bad job overall. Drew Brees was drilled in the helmet by Texans LB Brian Cushing last year,but since Brees had tucked the ball and ran,he was considered a Rb and the hit was allowed to stand. The same with Pierre Thomas in the Niners game. Before someone chimes in and claims this is sour grapes from a homer, it isn’t. I’m merely saying the rules as they stand now need to be seriously re-worded. This is just my opinion, but I don’t believe James Harrison should have been fined for the hit on Colt McCoy last year. To me, it looked like Colt was about to tuck the ball and start running. The game is played at incredible speed and Harrison did his job and reacted quickly.

  7. stoptrippn says:Sep 16, 2012 9:43 AM

    Randallflag and locosu. You never played a day in your trashy life. Shut your pie hole sound dumb like Romney


    I did play football throughout high school, and I played safety as a matter of fact.

    Mays can’t play in the NFL, thats why San Fran traded him away a year after drafting him in the second round. He is a joke.

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