Tebow denies that he’ll ask for trade, or live in Hoboken


Tim Tebow may now officially be a New Yorker.

He’s denied his first trade rumor.

They grow up so fast.

Tebow joked about yesterday’s report in the New York Daily News that he might seek a trade after the season if he wasn’t the Jets starter.

“Yeah, that’s what these guys told me about a little bit ago. I find that pretty funny,” Tebow said, via Mike Garafolo of USA Today. “It’s about as true as me living in Hoboken, I think.”

That’s a reference to reports this spring he had moved into a condo in Frank Sinatra’s hometown.

“I guess that’s just part of what you have to deal with, rumors and stuff like that. I don’t know,” Tebow said. “But all I can say is I love being here as a Jet. I’m thankful for it, I want to be here for a long time. It’s just one of those things you have to put up with.”

As polarizing as he can be, you can’t argue that he handles such things with grace, which is part of the reason he’s as popular as he is.

19 responses to “Tebow denies that he’ll ask for trade, or live in Hoboken

  1. Look I like Tebow and I like what he stands for but get off his junk already. “Tim Tebow ate breakfast today.” Boom, its a story. Come on now!!

  2. it’s a shame what journalism has come to. people speculate or make stuff up and then call it a “report”. unnamed sources are equally lame. poor ethics and lazy fact gathering nets us a poor product. ww never used to assume “reports” were untrue; now most of them seem to be made up simply for profit via name recognition or internet page hits.

  3. No matter what the NFL future may bring for him, his run of games last year, capped off by the win against the Steelers…was one of the most remarkable, spine-tingling sports miracles of my life-time.

  4. Personally I believe its true. This kid has led a really weird life, one in which his parents have always led him to believe the world revolves around him.

    From home schooling, to sueing the state of Florida to allow him to participate in activities at schools he refused to attend, to commuting across town as a teenager to play for a school that handed him a starting qb job, to the documentary made about his high school career, the documentary made about his heisman year, the documentary made about his draft preparations, to the release of an autobiography at the age of 22, etc., etc., etc.

    I think he really does believe the world revolves around him and that’s why he is the way he is and why he pulls the passive-agressive crap he pulls when he doesn’t get his way.

  5. He’s a nice guy, handles the media well, and had a good college career…

    But there is absolutely NO reason the Media should give him even a fraction of the coverage they do.

    Why does the media push Tebow so forcefully and for seemingly no reason.

  6. What’s most troubling, is he asks for none of the attention. I’m a lifelong Bronco fan, and all he did last year, was played when he was asked to, & despite your opinion of his “throwing motion” he got the ball where it needed to be. He was told week after week he couldn’t do it, & he said nothing with his mouth but led the team with his heart & gave it 110% all the way to knocking the Steelers out of the playoffs. My honest opinion is he does need practice throwing, which comes with time on the field, & I have No doubt he can succeed as a QB in the NFL. I, unlike many, do not hope he fails but continues to succeed, because you can tell he is playing with everything he’s got. Many players just look to cash in and only give what’s necessary to get by.

  7. I dot think Tim is contemplating a trade right now. He just wants to get on the field. But things change and if he sees it as being in his best interest to play some where else its his free choice to ask; and it’s the Jets choice to grant the request or not.
    Point is, just like in life, in the NFL things change.

  8. “He denied his first trade rumor.”

    The one started based on nothing but speculation by the media?! Unbelievable that he even has to answer that question.

    “So and So from [insert blog] thought that you should ask for a trade. How do you respond?”


  9. Timmy, you just told your 1st lie. Felt good, didn’t it? Sinner…learn to complete 60% of your passes and most of us “haters” will shut up.

  10. ” sueing the state of Florida to allow him to participate in activities at schools he refused to attend”

    His parents paid property taxes, which is how public schools are funded. No reason they shouldn’t reap some benefit from their taxes like everyone else does.

  11. I think he’s talking about his religion less because he’s getting questioned about it less and he hasn’t been interviewed after winning a game.

    I have never understood why he gets singled out for trying to push his religion on people. I only ever heard him go in depth about his religion when asked about it. He gives his God the glory for a win, like many other athletes do. He say God bless to end an interviews.

    I love the guy. I don’t think he’s a very good QB, but blaming him for what the media pushes on us is unfair. It ain’t his fault they shove him on everyone 24/.

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