Andrew Luck: RGIII’s big day “hasn’t crossed my mind”


In his first NFL game, No. 1 overall pick Andrew Luck had four turnovers as the Colts lost. Meanwhile, No. 2 overall pick Robert Griffin III had a huge game in leading the Redskins to a victory over the Saints, and was named the NFC offensive player of the week.

Clearly, that means Luck is the new Ryan Leaf and RGIII is the new Peyton Manning, right?

Not quite. Although it’s tough to resist the temptation of overreacting to the way Luck and Griffin looked in their first games, Luck told Mike Garafolo of USA Today that he hasn’t given any thought to the way Griffin played: He’s too busy thinking about the next defense he’s going to play to spend any time thinking about an offensive player he’s not going to play.

“No, honestly, that hasn’t crossed my mind. I’ve never been into creating rivalries, sort of fabricating rivalries,” Luck said. “I’m an offensive player, I worry about what the defense is doing of the team I’m playing that week. Beyond that, if you start thinking about that, at least in my mind, I’ll get in trouble and start thinking about the wrong things. So the short answer: No.”

Even though Week One didn’t go the way he wanted, Luck said he thinks it was a learning experience for him.

“I feel much more competent,” Luck said. “I’m a big believer in competence over confidence. I feel like, ‘OK, I’ve been through a game and understand the situations better, I understand how the speed is.’ So understanding that, I guess, gives me more competence.”

Luck will need to be more than just competent to be better than Griffin. But he’s right not to get caught up in comparisons. Especially after just one game.

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  1. Exactly Andrews! !! Its only one game and the league wants to crown rg3 the king? Its a.big joke!!! One game doesnt measure u as a great one, now after 2 years then compare..leagues a joke!!

  2. To me, it seems pretty obvious that both of these guys are going to be really good QB’s. I don’t think it’s really fair to compare them though. The Colts are at the very beginning of a rebuilding phase where the Redskins are three years into theirs. Griffin has a better chance of success this season simply because of the situation.

  3. What kind of journalist has the courage to ask such dumb questions to Luck? In the grand scheme of things, the only ties between RG3 and Luck are the Heisman race & NFL 2012 draft class. I can’t stand this constant comparison if one does something and the other doesn’t. Just accept that they are both going to be great and quit trying to make this a black vs white thing.

  4. The only people that are so worried about rg3 and luck comparisons are redskins fans, and the media. See, we in Indy have got to experience 2 Superbowl’s since 2006, we know that this is a rebuilding process, and can be patient after 1 season, let alone 1 week. The only people that think rg3 will have a better career, live in DC. They are so thirsty for relevance, they jump to these conclusions that rg3 is some phenomenon. When 90 of your yards come on a 10 yard pass catch and run, that is certainly a reason to jump for joy. You’re only lucky that the ball wasn’t thrown directly to garçon, or it would have been a drop….. Bask in your one week glory rgme, your game is already a fluke, and running a spread offense will soon be the laughing stock of the nfl… Luck will take his bumps, but, I would rather have a pure pocket passer than a tebow wannabe….

  5. The only fair “comparison” should be in regards to the two teams. Both qbs are great talents and what RGIII accomplished was extremely impressive and he should be proud, however, Washington is a better team in all areas and is past the rebuilding stage. The Colts are not nearly as good as a team. It could be another Peyton-like start for Luck and The Colts. He is wise to keep his focus on the next defense he will face. Lastly, Mr. Luck has his head screwed on tightly, is perceptive, intelligent and measured. He is in NO way, “the new Ryan Leaf.”

  6. and it shouldn’t cross his mind because “RG3” is a flash in the pan, and will be out of football within 3 years. Andrew Luck is the real deal. He will lead the Colts to a Super Bowl in the next 6 years.. book it.. (NOT A COLT FAN)

  7. Somehow I don’t think either one of those guys are going to win very many games if they spend their time worrying about what the other one is doing from week to week, especially considering that their respective teams aren’t in the same division or even the same conference.

    This is just another figment of the media’s imagination.

  8. Michael rg3 Vick the second. Easy on the Rg3 hype, look no further then they where playing the NFL’s Worst ranked secondary and a team in turmoil.
    Besides how did Mike Vicks, Randall Cunningham,
    Kordell Stewart “aka” slash future turn out? Mediocre to say the least. We seen these type of qb’s before, they run they scramble they dazzle they get hurt and they go no where. *RGyawn3* Seen em all before! Over hyped & Overrated!

  9. Is not going to get any easier Mr. Luck. Jared Allen and the Vikings D are salivating thinking about Sunday dinner,,,rookie QB is on the menu and it will be oh so delicious!

  10. How many years are they going to keep asking these two about each other trying to create a rivalrie. Ask real football questions that might give us some real info.

  11. Classy Dude, who know how to handle the media. Both he and Bob (RGIII) will be fine. On the other hand, Weeden and Tannehill need to turn in the football for a clipboard!!!

  12. Luck and RGIII will both turn out to be good NFL QBs. My guesstimate is that RGIII will be somewhat better, but one game [playing with a better-equipped team] does not establish this.

  13. even us skins fans know that half of griffins passes were screen passes… one step drops and then a short 10-15 yard pass that happened in a second or two. realistically any (self-respecting) dude in the stadium could have made them (the screen passes).
    it was more of a good job of coaching than anything else. what better way to get your young qb confidence than to give him easy passes and then rely on your veteran receivers to get y.a.c.

    smart skins fans haven’t drank the kool-aid just yet, we want to see what he does when he needs to fit the ball into a very tight window when he chooses to stay in the pocket instead of scrambling while knowing he perhaps is going to take the big hit from a defensive end or backer.

  14. @coltsluckdynasty

    Sorry to disappoint you, and other Colts fans, but Luck is not on anyone’s mind in DC. In case you don’t know, but Skins fans are, for the most part, not ex-Baltimore Colts fans so we give two ****s about your the Colts, your classy owner and the town of Indiannapolis. Enjoy Luck. He looks like a damn fine QB prospect.

    As for relevance, Indiannpolis is more relevant than Washington, DC? Ok.

  15. C’mon, people! These 2 rookies have played ONE game in the NFL!!!! It makes no sense to proclaim either of them a Pro Bowler or a bust. And you look foolish trying to do so. Besides, as others have mentioned….the Redskins aren’t near as bad as the Colts, so it wouldn’t be surprising if RG3 has a better rookie year than Luck.

  16. Hey hollywoodhulk how about you shut up since you know nothing about football. First off not any chump could throw a screen in the nfl. Yours wouldn’t get there fast enough and would be picked off. Second, those aren’t just screens. He has options on all those plays and decided to throw the screen. He read the defense and took what they gave him. It’s called the zone, read, option. It’s very tough to stop. Both QB’s will be compared during their careers for obvious reasons. Both QB’s are good. Any halfway cognizant NFL fan realizes this. You don’t have to be a skins fan to know RGIII is good and you don’t have to be a Colts fan to know Luck is good. Unless your name is Peytonsneck, then RGIII is a bum and only Luck is good, because he’s a petulant child. ” . . . measure you a great one . . .” what an awkward phrase.

  17. Redskins arent a rebuilding team? Isnt this the same team that WON FIVE GAMES last year? WHO are you people kidding? Colts werent much better last year. RG3 is the real deal. Luck will have a nice little career, but RG3 is going to do big things.

  18. Bob Griffin was drafted by an established coach, one who has had his system in place for a few seasons. Andy Luck was drafted by an organization that is in total transition, from the head coach to even a completely different defensive scheme.
    Gee, what a surprise that Bob might have a better rookie season than Andy…

  19. Yeah, Luck is no Leaf. In fact, Leaf threw for 1TD and only 2 INT’s in his first game, a win over a playoff-bound Buffalo team. It took him until his fourth start before he threw 4 INT’s in a game.

    So far:
    Leaf > Luck

  20. I think both are going to be very good. Its only one game. Both seem like good kids. I know the media would love to turn this into a rivalry but I dont think either of these guys are really interested in that stuff. They have enough on their minds

  21. Let’s see if RG3 continues getting praise after facing the Eagles D Line with Cole , Babin , Hunt , Jenkins ,Cox ,, Landri etc or with Dallas sending the monster Demarcus Ware , or the Giants Great line with J.PP , Osi , Tuck . I’ll bet anything that Griffin will have PLENTY of rookie moments having to face these squads 2x this year . Stop anointing him king already , I think he may turn out to be very good , but he’s going to make ALOT of mistakes this year . I guarantee that much .

  22. Comparisons are inevitable. It’s understood they’re on different teams and in different situations. That has never mattered before and the rules shouldn’t change for Luck.

    Besides, as soon as he has a better game than RG3, most of you will be happy to compare them then. You’ve all made your predictions, now let’s see how good you are at QB evaluation and projections.

    Hey, it’s just a game.

  23. Media hyping this guy too much.

    I picked redskins over saints cause saints defense is awful.

    RG3 has a better team. So far he has an easier schedule.

    Both are young great talents. But we won’t know who is better for many years to come. Many people thought Mcnabb was better than Eli when mc was going to NFC championship after NFC championship and eli was just little brother. Look who is hall of fame caliber now.

    I guess my point is just shut up and watch.

  24. it really amazes me that all of last year, all we heard was “suck for luck”. luck was THE most nfl ready qb in the draft. whoever got luck would be great. now after the game where he showed that maybe he isn’t able to “step right in and win” we get to hear all the excuses s to why another rookie qb had a better game. by the way, i am a packer fan that doesn’t like the redskins so it isn’t homerism talking.

  25. First the Bears defense is a lot better than the Saints … After all Rogers only threw 1 td and was picked off once. How did Luck do against the Bears D.

    RG3 will lose to the Rams … book it.

    This reminds of the big built up for the Seahawks Wilson and he couldn’t even beat the Cards.

  26. I see Andrew Couch is a double threat himself. He can’t play and he’s a liar. I find it amazing how much the PFT Planet hates such an incredible talent like Robert, but hey, the phonomonal ones are usually unappreciated. Jordan, LeBron, Griffin etc…are once in a lifetime athletes who just are born to be elite and unforgettable players…don’t get mad at Robert Griffin that he’s just better than your favorite QB. At 22 years of age, he’s already doing things that I’d say 98% of NFL players dream to do…dominate Madison Ave…dominate on a football field…dominate the respect of millions upon millions of people. RGIII is going to be the greatest football player of this era and the greatest QB of alltime when it’s all said and done…and nothing you haters spew will change that. I can imagine how much the PFT Planet will celebrate when the Redskins lose this season, but just know that will not happen to often. We are going to be undefeated heading into the Steelers game. Hail to the Redskins.

  27. I’d believe his words if he wouldn’t have been sooo arrogant to say that HE was studying the playbook instead of doing any commercials like RGIII. Obviously, RHIII can do both.

    Luck watches cable. Unless, he is still studying the playbook? Grow up, kid.

  28. 95% of NFL teams would want RG3 as their QB. 75-80% of NFL teams would want Luck. RG3 is much more than most expected and that is why this is such a big story. The saints D looked terrible because of RG3 not the opposite. Griffin also kept the D on the field for nearly 40 minutes which they are not used to. Wait and see, tread lightly, but this much we can all own up to…….. peytonsneck looks like the WORLD’S BIGGEST FOOL!!!! Garcon didn’t drop an 88 yard TD, and RG3 set rookie records. Enough said.

  29. Luck’s first regular season game doesn’t mean squat about his career and neither does RG3s

    they are different player types on very different teams this year so who knows….

    Luck has to avoid a transition to the big league problem …

    RG3 has gotta keep that ego under control, esp when things start to not go his way…

    both of them will almost certainly beat those problems…. but if I was forced to choose between Luck beating the transition problem and RG3 beating the ego problem….my money would be on Luck all day long every day….

  30. Why all the hate? Why can’t both be QBs be good, or even great? That being said lets not freak out and crown either one yet Peyton had an almost Identical first game as Andrew he turned out just fine! And please nobody EVER compair either one of these guys to Leaf. These guys are both much smarter than Leaf.

  31. Why would he be thinking about another player’s performance that 1) isn’t on his team, 2) isn’t a defensive player that would prevent him from doing his job, 3) isn’t even in the same division/conference? His answers were what I would want to hear out of a rookie QB. Focus on what and why you screwed up and take responsibility for it even if it even when it’s not your fault. WTF? I don’t get it. Great acquisition that played one game. I’m not even a Colt’s fan but ease up on comparing performance until you see a body of work with a developed team around the kid(s). Neither one has proven to rule the league or be a “bust”.

  32. Call me when RGIII plays a competent defense and isn’t running a college game plan designed to protect him. I am so glad I DVR’ed his game to check him out (I am Eagles fan always concerned about that the enemy is up to) because my opinion doesn’t depend on what the media said about his play. In sum, nice game kid, but this is the NFL, which means “Not For Long.”. We’ll see how it goes. And by the way, no one would take RGIII over Luck today, just like no one would have taken RGIII over Luck in the draft. Shanahan would have been happier than a clam if the Colts took rGIII.

  33. Let’s not kid anyone. The media will make sure that RGIII gets better press than Luck no matter what, because he is black. And it will continue that way until they discover he is a Republican.

  34. Put this in perspective RG3 did what he did against the Saints. The saints defense couldn’t stop a lady in a wheel-chair even if they had a bounty on her. I say this as a saints fan. We haven’t had a good defense since the 90’s.
    Luck played the Bears a little bit more formidable of a unit.
    One game isn’t enough to judge anyone.

  35. We get it … if Luck leads the Colts to the playoffs and RG3 goes 3-13 … RG3 is the better player.
    Delete … in 5 …. 4… 3… 2… 1

  36. How all posts that say anything negative about RG3 get deleted.

    Tomorrow when RG3 loses to the lowly Rams and Luck beats the Vikings nothing will change … RG3 is the GREATEST QB ever!!!!

  37. hey johnschatzan, so the redskins have played an easier schedule than the colts? really? so week one in chicago is tougher than week one at new orleans? i don’t think so and most of pft universe would agree the saints in the superdome is one of the toughest places to play. nobody fears going to chicago or playing the bears. your just a h8ter along with the rest of these trolls. like the guy that said rg3 will be out of the league in 3 years. probally the most retarded thing ive ever read in my life aside from the rgleaf comments by peytonsneck. the difference between us is when a comment comes on pft about your team or player on your team, we don’t crap all over your team or the player with stupid comments. here are the facts. redskins have a young, talented, deep, hungry team with a leader who is proving worthy of what we gave up for him and is a stellar individual and natural leader who despite all the comparisons to vick he is a thrower first. shows you people don’t know anything adout rg3 or what he did at baylor. as long as he stays healthy the skins are going nowhere but up and look like you and the rest of the h8ters will just have to deal with it. HAIL TO THE REDSKINS BABY!

  38. I’ve been visiting this site since its creation and this may be the most stupid post yet:

    coltsluckdynasty says:Sep 15, 2012 4:22 PM

    The only people that are so worried about rg3 and luck comparisons are redskins fans, and the media. See, we in Indy have got to experience 2 Superbowl’s since 2006, we know that this is a rebuilding process, and can be patient after 1 season, let alone 1 week. The only people that think rg3 will have a better career, live in DC. They are so thirsty for relevance, they jump to these conclusions that rg3 is some phenomenon. When 90 of your yards come on a 10 yard pass catch and run, that is certainly a reason to jump for joy. You’re only lucky that the ball wasn’t thrown directly to garçon, or it would have been a drop….. Bask in your one week glory rgme, your game is already a fluke, and running a spread offense will soon be the laughing stock of the nfl… Luck will take his bumps, but, I would rather have a pure pocket passer than a tebow wannabe….

    You should watch film before making comparisons (there is college film too). Comparing Griffin to a Tebow wannabe shows how much knowledge you bring to your comments. Go ahead and assume Luck is a clone of Manning (that also remains to be seen) but please don’t compare Griffin to Tebow. It is clearly evident that you are not football smart, are paranoid in defending your prodigy, have a man crush on Tebow (to compare Tim to the best debut in league history), or are scared your pundits may be right. Either way it does remain to be seen how their careers go, but I’d bet your room in you parent’s basement that both are far better than a “Tebow wannabe” and that you are far from an expert since you’ve “experienced those bowls you clearly had a hand in”.

    Enjoy the first pick yet again as we ‘Skins fan are clearly happy in our teams direction and don’t seem to worry as much about your QB as you do ours!?

  39. who cares!!? This crap about RG3 vs Luck is over!! This is the NFL and the only thing I care about is Wins and Losses, not who has better stats!! Their not in college anymore….

  40. “Andrew why aren’t you learning the offense and studying game film?”

    “Oh I’m obsessing over other rookie performances”

    does somebody get paid to ask these inane questions? does some other a-hole get paid to make a story of the answer?

  41. Luck is right though. I’ve been wondering about these so-called “QB match ups” myself. The same for the pitching match up in baseball. The two are never even on the field at the same time. This attempt to make the QB the only focus of a game that feature 10 other players on his side of the ball, 11 player that play the other half of the game, and a roster that has 52 other guys on it drives me nuts.

  42. So noone was telling Indy and the Colts fans to chill out when the media was hypin ANDREW LUCKS preseason stats!!! Yet, he goes out and throws three ints and now yall want the media to get off RG3 back when he actually performed good in a game that matter!! #whyYallMad

  43. @voiceofreason….ever heard of a dictionary?
    Most people aren’t RG3 “haters.” What we hate is people making idiotic comments about how he’s the greatest QB of all time and that Andrew Luck is a bust.

  44. youhavenoclue says: Sep 15, 2012 4:35 PM
    What he says:
    …“RG3″ … will be out of football within 3 years. Andrew Luck is the real deal. He will lead the Colts to a Super Bowl in the next 6 years.. book it.. (NOT A COLT FAN)
    What he means: (DEFINITELY A COWBOYS FAN)
    hollywoodhulkhoginsays says: Sep 15, 2012 4:47 PM
    What he says:
    even us skins fans… [think Griffin is garbage]
    What he means: “even us Cowboys fans with screen names very obviously designed to mock one particular Redskins fan… [hope Griffin is garbage]”

    And really? You could hit a moving receiver perfectly on his back shoulder from sixty feet away as a 6’4, 300 pound Will Smith came charging straight at you?

  45. @hollywoodhulkhoginsays : Guess you didn’t understand what you were watching on those first screen passes, huh? Those were what are called ‘packaged plays’. It’s like three plays in one. In most plays the line, backs and receivers all must work in concert for the plays to work but in this type of play the three different positions work independently.

    The QB has the choice for a bubble, a dive, a keeper, or a normal pass (or even a playaction). This choice is based on what the defense does pre snap, so the QB must READ what the defense is giving to the offense to determine pass or run. Then when the ball is snapped if he has chosen run he must determine if the ball should be handed off or kept for a play action (if the D does something that opens up a pass) or keeper.

    The Saints defense never adjusted during that first drive to a screen so Griff just kept throwing it. I think he kept the ball on the second play from scrimmage then again on the fifth (off of memory here) but it wasn’t Shanny trying to get Griff into a groove. In fact it was something that I’ve never seen before because of the option to run a stretch play out of the same formation.

    Wondering why the folks that know football seem to be going ga-ga over Griff? This is why. The kid is making these types of decisions, constantly readjusting the plays from pre-snap to conclusion. It’s a crazy amount of responsibility and it’s multiplied by two additional things.

    First, it’s a ROOKIE doing this!

    Second, he really takes care of the ball! All of this stuff swirling every play and he still takes care of the rock?! That’s something special…

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