Bears officially bring back Bell


Former Bears running back Kahlil Bell is indeed current Bears running back Khalil Bell again.

The Bears have announced that Bell is back with the team.

Safety Jeremy Jones has been waived to create a roster spot for Bell, who was cut in August after refusing to reduce his base salary.

Bell provides depth behind Michael Bush, given that Matt Forte could miss two-to-six weeks with a high ankle sprain.  Armando Allen is the other running back on the roster.

Bell visited with the Patriots during his free agency (which veteran with a recognizable name hasn’t?).  The former UCLA Bruin rushed for 121 yards on 23 carries in a 35-21 loss to the Packers last Christmas night.

7 responses to “Bears officially bring back Bell

  1. I don’t blame Cutler for pushing around his line. They SUCK. A potato could hold the line better than those lineman.

  2. Kahlil Bell is another back that can come in at any time of the year and give you 100%. He is a between the Tackles type of runner like most RB’s in the league, but what stands out with him compared to most of the other backs is the fact that Bell doesn’t run either hot or cold, he runs hot all the time. As long as the O-line is blocking good, he’ll get you the yards. I’m not sure why the Bears let him go in the first place. Kahlil reminds me of another Bell, Joique who I think plays for the Lions right now. The Buffalo Bills had Joique for a spell but in the end chose to let him walk, big mistake, the kid is a great halfback, runs the same way that Barry Sanders ran. Maybe the Bears will decide to let Allen go when Forte comes back.

  3. Did I happen to see a Joique Bell—-Barry Sanders comparison somewhere above? This is his 3rd season in the league and he’s got one regular season carry so far I believe, has spent most of his time on practice squads. If that’s not some kind of homer post, I’ve never seen one.

  4. I’m excited to have Kahlil Bell back in a Bears uniform!! I’m also glad he’s gonna be paid his normal salary rather than the pay-cut they were trying to force on him. I have to say I’m pretty surprised that he wasn’t on someone else’s roster already, this is a guy who could be an above average starting RB if he had been picked up by the right team. There are probably 10 teams out there that would have made him their starter or redzone back if they had brought him in for a look..

    Glad your back #32!!

  5. “Former Bears running back Kahlil Bell is indeed current Bears running back Khalil Bell again.”

    They’re making him move the H in his name?! Those jerks!

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