Childress doesn’t want four-pick game to make Weeden too careful


Just because Browns quarterback Brandon Weeden threw four interceptions in his NFL debut, that doesn’t mean the Cleveland coaches want him to be more careful with the ball.

In fact, Browns offensive coordinator Brad Childress says that the message to Weeden this week is that he’s got to fire away.

“You prop him back up and get him back on the horse,” Childress said, via the team’s website. “I’d worry about him if he didn’t keep shooting. You’ve got to keep shooting. You’re trying to give him throws that he’s comfortable with, which we had our chances. We had some swings at them; we just didn’t execute quite the way we needed to execute.”

Childress said rookie quarterbacks are bound to make mistakes, noting that Weeden only threw one more interception than Colts quarterback Andrew Luck on Sunday.

“The first pick in the draft threw three,” Childress said.

Childress says reining Weeden in after one game would be an overreaction, and Weeden will evolve as a player as his rookie season progresses. Considering how he looked in Week One, it’s hard to imagine Weeden getting any worse.

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  1. “The first pick in the draft threw three,” Childress said.

    Yeah, except your quarterback is almost 29-years-old! The whole reason they took Weeden was that he was supposedly the most ready to play because of his age. If a 29-year-old is going to play like a rookie, what’s the point? Stupid, stupid draft pick, but that’s not surprising coming from the Browns. It’s almost par for course.

  2. No Matter how good qb is. He still needs an O-line that protects him and wr’s that get open. A running game wouldn’t hurt either.

    Its not all Weeden’s fault it was a team effort

  3. You’re trying to give him throws that he’s comfortable with

    Maybe he’s just not comfortable being an NFL quarterback…But he’s just a young rookie…ok, a middle aged rookie.

  4. It’s probably too late for Colt, but I wish he would’ve been shown the same consideration.

    Shurmur has it out for Colt because he wasn’t his pick, and will “baby” Weinke 2.0 because he was his.

    Either way, the fans lose.

  5. Chilly’s been watching too many cowboy movies, what with all his “git on yer horse” and “shoot, shoot, shoot” and “rein in” talk.

    Reminds me of the cowboy who rode into town. Tied up his horse in front of the saloon.

    An old man was sitting in a rocker in front of the saloon, watching the cowboy.

    The cowboy finished tying up his ride and then instead of walking into the saloon strolled behind his horse and lifted its tail up high and then kissed his horse right on the butt where the tail met the arse with a big wet smack.

    The old man was shocked and stopped rocking. “I ain’t ever seen that a’far,” he said to the cowboy as he started up the three steps to the saloon’s swinging doors. “Never seen a poke kiss his horse’s ass in all my 82 years.”

    The cowboy, a laconic sort, looked into the old man’s eyes and explained, “Chapped lips.”

    “What, what?” the old man asked. “Kissing yer horse’s ass cures chapped lips?”

    The cowboy tilted back his hat and said, “Nope. But I don’t lick ’em so much.”

  6. WOW, 1 whole NFL game under his belt and he’s ready for crucifixion. Anybody remember a guy named Peyton and how his first season went? Yeah, I thought so.

  7. They could have had RGIII but ended up with Chris Weinke 2.0. How incredibly frustrating it must be to be a Cleveland Browns fan. Knowing you’ll never win anything but always hoping.

  8. While It’s pretty much a far gone conclusion that every QB on the Browns not named Brandon Weeden including Josh Cribbs probably wins that game, to be fair only 2 of the four picks were on Weeden. Now the lack of offensive touchdowns on the other hand was ALL Weeden.

  9. Childress doesn’t want four-pick game to make Weeden too careful

    That’s right. He’s capable of throwing five or six picks a game.

  10. jhorton83:

    You’re comment is pretty ignorant. Just because a rookie is 29 years old doesn’t mean he should play like Manning or Brees. The Browns felt Weeden’s age would benefit him in terms of emotional maturity because he has more life experience and played professional baseball for five years. I hope people were easier on you when you shoved a diet cola through the drive-thru window instead of regular during your first week on the job.

  11. Put both QB’s in a head-to-head shoot out with starters on the practice field and the winner starts.

    Earn the spot and the other guy waits his turn. Sadly, I suspect in-house politics won’t help the Brown’s with that kind of real competitin.

    My money would be on Colt. I think he’d spank Weeden.

  12. i forgot that Chilldog was the OC over there now. good luck boys. enjoy colonel klink’s KAO.

    as far as weedon, its a rough first game but he does have talent to play in the league. he needs to learn pretty fast though

  13. A) Weeden was drafted for several reasons, none being NFL Ready. 1: Could make all the throws 2: Solid arm & good spin 3: Maturity to command the huddle. All good qualities for an NFL QB, none meaning NFL Ready

    B) Stupid throws? Certainly a few of them, especially trying to throw overtop taller corners on the sidelines to hit a 5’10” WR. On the same note, the playcalling by SHURMUR (not Chilly) is god awful! Shurmur continues to force QBs into the WCO of 1963 rather than doing as Shannahan did & take pressure off with a running game & implement plays suiting RGIII, as if you know the Baylor spread, you saw flashes of it this past weekend. Weeden needs to be in the shotgun early & often.

    C) Weedens has 2 huge issues. 1: he doesn’t slide in the pocket, rather he buckles from pressure off the edges. Needs to learn to step up & slide to elude the rush. 2: needs to learn to look off defenders. I watched him stare down receivers on atleast half of his passing attempts.

    D) Need the running game to take pressure off. For that to happen, the Guards need to pull their collective heads from their grande asses! The run blocking was awful. Surprisingly, pass protection was solid. Guards & rookie Schwartz all released from their blocks WAY too early trying to hit the second level. Need much more stout play from the Guards & Schwartz moving forward.

    Weeden should grow, but Shurmur needs to become more flexible & have the ability to scheme around his teams strengths, not just shove his style onto young guys who don’t understand it. Honestly, Shurmur needs to hand the playcalling over to Childress & concentrate on not throwing the challenge flag for stupidity!

    Browns 24-Bengals 20

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