Cox not fined for flipping, stepping on Finley


49ers cornerback Perrish Cox, who somehow avoided a conviction for rape in 2011, somehow avoided a fine for knocking Packers tight end Jermichael Finley to the ground and then perhaps accidentally (or perhaps subtly) stepping on Finley’s lower leg.

The league office advised PFT that Cox wasn’t fined not knocking Finley down and then applying a cleat to Finley’s leg while walking away.

In all fairness to Cox, Finley got a little aggressive before Cox flipped Finley, pressing his knees/legs into Cox’s back.

We realize that it’s football, but Cox should be a little more coy.  Accused of impregnating a woman who had passed out in his apartment two years ago, a jury in Denver acquitted Cox even though:  (1) he denied in an interview with police having sex with the woman; and (2) Cox’s DNA matched the DNA of the fetus that was growing in the victim’s uterus.

Cox still faces a civil lawsuit for his alleged conduct.  But he won’t have his legal defense fund diminished in any way by the league office for the interaction with Finley.

23 responses to “Cox not fined for flipping, stepping on Finley

  1. I really don’t know why you would think anybody would deserve a fine for that minor scuffle anyway, probably just a good excuse to bring up Cox’s scummy past.

  2. Everytime Cox is mentioned you bring up the criminal history that he was found NOT GUILTY of. Criminally he didnt do what he was convicted of. That fact of the matter was Finley intentionally walked into him. And the cleat was unintentional. Get over it!

  3. The more interesting “no fine” was the helmet first head butt than Gore took after he had scored his TD.

    A very dangerous cheap shot that seemingly both the refs and the league office missed.

  4. I guess it couldnt have been real rape or else she wouldnt have gotten pregnant. Amazing what these rich children get away with. Freedom dwells in the hands of those who can afford it.

  5. If anyone should be fined it would be Finley who INTENTIONALLY gave Cox the business at the end of the play.

    I don’t like Finley. Dude is a punk. There was no call for that. Argue your case with the Refs but the contact after the play was straight up punk. If that’s how the man plays the game I hope he ends up on the wrong side of the business every time. He was only trying to get Cox out of the game cause he couldn’t beat him on the field.

  6. If you watched the play you’d have seen that Finley was trying to pull the old “walk over” trick. Cox was just quick enough on the uptake to stand up and get Finley with some instant payback. A ref threw a flag (well, a hat) but another ref who had been looking at the whole situation was seen visibly waiving him off.

  7. Given his semi-obnoxious nature, Finley’s probably one of the few NFL players that the league deems it okay to stomp.

  8. If anything, Finley should have been flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct for stepping OVER Cox and keening him in the back as he was trying to get up. I like Finley more than Cox, but that was low-class.

  9. It is funny you don’t mention rape every time Big Ben comes up in an article. He has two instances you could bring up.

  10. He was intentionally trying to induce an unsportsman-like call in a close game which the refs were leaning to the Pack on constantly – but they were beaten physically, mentally and scoreboard-wise.

    Of course, it didnt help that Pack receivers were dropping TD passes, either.

  11. Just about everything in tyrant godell reign of terror against the players could be described as
    “arbitary and capricious.”

    Hopefully, after the next CBA he will be selling beer and hot dogs to nfl fans.

  12. tatum064 says:Sep 16, 2012 12:11 AM
    “He was intentionally trying to induce an unsportsman-like call in a close game which the refs were leaning to the Pack on constantly”

    So all those obvious false starts that the 49ers offensive line got away with and those pass interferences their defensive backs got away with along with the phantom roughing the passer call on Clay Matthews mean the Packers still had the refs on their side now?
    smh… haters ain’t even using logic anymore.

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