Guion fined, Allen not fined for hits on Gabbert


The first weekend of real football brings a laundry list of real fines (then again, so does four weeks of fake football).  Among the financial penalties was a member of the Vikings defense.

Tom Pelissero of reports that defensive tackle Letroy Guion was fined $7,875 for landing with his full weight on Jaguars quarterback Blaine Gabbert, after Gabbert was down.  The play drew a personal foul on Guion.

Not fined, according to the league office, was Vikings defensive end Jared Allen, who came in below the knees on Gabbert in the first half of Sunday’s game.  The move wasn’t flagged, and the potential foul wasn’t even mentioned by the announcers.

5 responses to “Guion fined, Allen not fined for hits on Gabbert

  1. Opposing players who knock Gabbert out of the game should be suspended by the team they play for.

    You want to keep him IN the game.

  2. He was fined? I still have a hard time seeing how he was penalized, since it wasn’t even clear that Gabbert had been touched by a Viking player before he went down. You can’t hit a QB above the shoulders, you can’t hit them below the knees, and now you can’t belly flop on them when they go down without certain defensive contact. Maybe he should have mailed him a letter saying “you’re tackled, and by the way, excuse me.”

  3. I don’t see how that is a flag. I couldn’t even tell that he had been touched, and Guion didn’t land on Gabbert with his full weight, he dropped down on Gabbert (in order to get te sack) an landed on his hands and knees. Gabbert probably only took 10% of the force of Guion’s belly flop… which obviously wasn’t designed to cause injury. It was just covering the guy up.

    Also, Allen came in low on that play because he was blocked to the ground by the tackle. On a previous play Allen sacked Gabbert but it was ruled offsides, which was proven to be a ridiculous call after seeing it on replay. He simply beat the tar our of the Jags left tackle.

  4. “Beat the tar out of the Jags left tackle”?? I saw that Allen was clearly offsides on that play. However, I may be wrong – did Allen play at all against the Jaguars? I looked at the stats, and don’t seem to see Allen – no sacks, no tackles, nothing… So who beat the tar out of who?

  5. Guion’s hit was very dirty, you don’t hit the QB when he’s already down. The only thing I question was why he wasn’t fined more. Jared Allen should have been fined as well.

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