LaRon Landry not a fan of Bill Belichick, Mike Shanahan

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After one game as a New York Jet, safety LaRon Landry says he feels right at home on Rex Ryan’s team. But Landry isn’t such a fan of a couple of other high-profile NFL coaches.

In a wide-ranging profile of Landry by Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News, Landry says that he considered signing with the Patriots when he became a free agent this offseason, but he was put off by the fact that head coach Bill Belichick didn’t show up when Landry visited New England.

“He wasn’t even there,” Landry said. “So that was a no-brainer. I should have never taken that visit. I was like, ‘Damn, if you’re going to visit, the head coach [should be] there.’ I felt, ‘Okay, that’s a slap in the face.’”

Landry also suggested that his two season-ending Achilles injuries during his time with the Redskins were not treated properly by the Redskins’ medical staff, and he said he didn’t enjoy playing for Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan.

“That’s why they have great doctors and they have okay doctors, great trainers and okay trainers,” Landry said. “[The Redskins] had people who just had the job title, but not the passion for their job. . . . I don’t respect the training staff at all. I don’t respect the coaches over there. I don’t respect [Shanahan]. I do respect Coach [Joe] Gibbs, who brought me there, and Coach Gregg Williams. I respect that 2007 organization. After 2007. . . . nonexistent.”

And Landry’s respect for Belichick and Shanahan is nonexistent.

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  1. LaRon respects the 2007 LiL Danny and Uncle Vinny led Skins organization? That says it all folks.

    Also, Landry never once showed up for offseason work with his teamates his entire career with the Skins. He sure didn’t respect his teamates. Makes me wonder if LaRon knows what the word respect means.

    Enjoy NY, LaRon, and good riddance.

  2. Gregg Williams should have been the head coach. His defense was always in the top 10. Or defensive coordinator now just blitzes everybody on every 3rd down. No scheme, no strategy, no purpose. Haslett doesn’t have a clue. From top 10 to 31st with all the same players says it all.

  3. Stop putting words in his mouth. He never said he didn’t respect Belichick. It’s the other way around, he’s saying he feels disrespected by Belichick. There’s a difference between not liking someone and not respecting them.

  4. Maybe Bill didn’t show because he knew this is the type of stuff Landry would do. Run his mouth and whine about being disrespected when he just came off two injury-riddled seasons and can only play in the box… The type of safety the Pats didn’t need at all.

  5. I’m sure Belichek respected you enough, that he didn’t want to be there to shake your hand too hard and tear your bicep, or something. Seems you can’t tie your shoe without tearing your achilles. However, I will say, I’m a long time Bronco fan, & Shanghai was only as good as Elect made him look, & he better hope RG3 saves him.

  6. I’ll miss Laron’s huge celebrations after tackling a runner beyond the first down marker. Not! What a loud mouth chump – Laron is in the right place.

  7. Where does it say he doesn’t respect Bill? Bellichek not showing up to recruit him (Which is odd) felt like a slap in the face & played a factor in his desicion to not sign with NE.

    As for Shanahan, he’s pissed off a lot more people than Laron Landry in his career. Overrated Head Coach in my opinion & that sentiment is shared by A LOT of other people as well. Besides they did a crap job handling his achilles injury in Washington.

  8. Did the Patriots actually offer Landry a roster spot?

    Saying he had a ‘choice’ between the two teams would indicate he was offered a job – but my guess is he was insulted by more than BB’s absence.

  9. I can’t wait for Gronk to truck this fool. The Jets haven’t been relevant since the moon landing, no one legged trash talking scrub is going to change that.

    Belichick and the Pats have made a living off embarrassing trash talking safeties. Remember Anthony Smith? He ran his mouth the Steelers got a beat down and he was never heard from again.

  10. @skinsfanwill

    You obviously don’t know what your talking about. Yes, the defense fell off but that’s because he switched from a 3-4 to a 4-3. And no almost half of the defense is gone, whole new line, the linebackers are the same, and whole new DB except for Hall. So your obviously not a true skins fan if you didn’t know that.

    As for Landry, yeah I liked you just because of your big hits, but you couldn’t do any pass coverage, and you get hurt way to easily. Hmm wonder why Shanahan let you go and Bellichek didn’t show up for your visit. Redskins fans don’t miss you, and never will. Have fun playing in NY, I hope we play the Jets in the future, so he can see how easily Garcon blasts right by you.

  11. Based on his attitude I seriously doubt he would fit in with the “Patriot Way” anyways. I’m sure BB already knew that.

  12. Not only are you terrible in coverage LaRon, but you are also terrible in attempts to blast folks you dont like.

  13. Well first of all Mr. Landry how do you show up for work but could never play because your hurt, then you want to blame the coaching staff about your Injury. I look at it like this 1 you wanted to play like the Late Great Sean Taylor he made YOU, after he left you were no more. Second you want to lift all these DAMN weights and get BIG either your a Football player or a Bodybuilder pick one, that’s where your injuries came from your body isn’t built for that. I like how your pointing fingers at coaches when it’s your fault your in the position your in they didn’t put you there, and Truth be told I don’t think your gonna play a FULL SEASON this year either now what your gonna blame Rex Ryan huh get yourself together first before you go pointing fingers at someone remember 3 are pointing back at YOU. I’m GLAD your gone from the SKINS because you were nothing more than a Cancer to us anyway…

  14. Obviously you Landry haters haven’t been watching Him destroy RB’s over the past month,ask Johnathan Stewart & Fred Jackson how they feel about I expect to see him send some else to the infirmary on Sunday

  15. I have seen two games with Landry this year and both times I have seen him trying to hurt other players by being a high-speed missile and targeting players’ legs. or their head This weekend, he hurt Fred Jackson on a blatant cheapshot. The other player where I saw a blatant cheapshot attempt by Landry was on Victor Cruz in the 2nd preseason game to the head. No idea how Cruz walked away from it, other than he got lucky.

    If you want respect Mr. Muscle-Knucklehead, quit trying to hurt other players. Commissioner where are you?

  16. “Blah Blah blah, me me me’…..
    “I went to LSU, everyone should fear me, I’m a playah”

    You haven’t done a damn thing since Sean Taylor died, without that great safety behind you you’re just another Roy Williams-ish injury prone steroid head

  17. I can’t wait until Coach Belichick gets a chance to “slap him in the face” again this season — twice.

  18. Two words for sum up Laron Landry’s cover abilities… “double move”. He is the epitome of the word disrespected because nobody respected his overrated talent at least good riddance from a Skin’s fan.

  19. los5828 says:
    Sep 15, 2012 6:33 PM
    How can you be a fan of Rex Ryan but not Bill b.

    You remember when they were doing the player surveys last year? Most overrated player (Tebow), most hated player (Vick), least popular coach (Coughlin). Well I’m pretty sure Rex Ryan was the #1 coach that players wanted to play for……

    After all, I think it was Kenny Phillips last year that said he wishes Coughlin was more relaxed like Rex Ryan. Maybe not Phillips, but someone in the Giants’ secondary.

  20. Even if for a short while, he can be a good player, but he never made those around him better. Just didn’t seem to be a student of the game.

    Sean Taylor is so missed. a loss that took years to recover from. Laron Landy is already forgotten.

  21. geniusfan says:Sep 15, 2012 7:07 PM

    I can’t wait for Gronk to truck this fool. The Jets haven’t been relevant since the moon landing, no one legged trash talking scrub is going to change that

    Yet the irrelevant Jets have a lifetime record vs. the Pats of 51-52-1.
    I’d say genius in your name is a misnomer.
    Fan could be up for debate as well.

  22. Laron Landry is a stud footballer, maybe the coaches didn’t know how. To get the best out of him. Obviously Rex Ryan is the man for the job, did you guys see the hit on Fred Jackson knocked him out 4-6 weeks. He is arguably the best safety in the game.

  23. Landry is an in the box safety with little coverage skills.
    He was drafted to complement Sean Taylor. He not a true safety, more of a linebacker safety mix. Who ironically, regardless of all the weights he lifts and celebrations he has, will never hit harder then Taylor did.

  24. Does Landry actually think he’s so important that BB needs to work on his terms . He should accomplish something first then do it ten more times and maybe he will be in a league with these NFL greats ….. Welcome to the middle of the pack ….

  25. “Assistant defensive backs/safeties coach Jim O’Neil sends video cut-ups of upcoming opponents to Landry’s iPad on Tuesdays. By Sunday, Landry isn’t interested in any more analysis. He’s ready to drill somebody, a mind-set that “makes people notice in this league,” safety Yeremiah Bell says.
    “Whenever he’s on the field, everybody wants to watch him,” O’Neil says. “Because they know he’s going to blow somebody up.”
    Ryan likens his punishing style to Hall of Famer Dick (Night Train) Lane. Landry’s never heard of him. It doesn’t matter.”

    BB cut another nitwit safety last year, why would he want to bring in another? If he can play a whole season, he won’t – Roger will suspend his butt for “blowing somebody up”.

  26. All too often with the Redskins, Landry would be called for a stupid personal foul at a critical moment, and then show he was stupid. Proud of himself, he was.

  27. Okay, I get it. Belichick is one of the top coaches of all time. But to complain about Landry because Belichick clearly disrespected him makes no sense.

    I used to have a lot of respect for Shanahan. But after watching luck clueless on the sidelines last season I kind of lost it.

  28. Did he say this after or before he was flexing above a dude who just had a 20 yard gain on his team??? Redskins defense is better without him. This is not a question.

  29. Laron’s father needs to pull himself aside and tell him that it is better to remain silent and be thought of as a fool than to open his mouth and remove all doubt.

  30. I am a lifelong Redskins fan and I’ve seen Landry every game he’s played in. Yes, he is a strong guy with big-hit power and every now and then he makes a good play or two. But… overall he is average in coverage and gets beat alot. Like the time he talked smack to Desean Jackson during warm-ups and proceeded to get burnt on the 1st play on a long td pass caught by Jackson. He refused to have achilles surgery that the Redskins wanted him to have and choose his own “natural healing” process. He’ll either snap his achilles or get busted for steroids (no one gets arms that big just by lifting). I’m glad he’s gone.

  31. Ocho….. Hilarious… Landry’s career as we knew it became what we now know it today that night when Jacobs absolutely trucked him. Who could ever forget? Good riddance

  32. As a long time Redskins and Laron Landry fan, I can say that his hit on Fred Jackson was disgusting, it’s the sign of a guy that plays dirty and has lost a step. Remember Roy Williams, he gave the horse collar rule as his parting gift to the league, because he had lost a step.

  33. @skinsfanwill
    I didn’t get that either I figgured GW was a shoe-in for the skins gig but they passed over him.
    I know he is an unpopular guy right now but GW is a darn good coach. Lots of passion for what he does.

    That said he does say pretty stupid over the top stuff and you can’t do that as a head coach. I laugh at all the folks in an uproar over the stuff he got caught on tape saying in SF that’s just him being him like your friend that gets mad all the time and says he is going to kill so and so. They aren’t really going to kill anyone it’s just how they talk and that is GW. He says over the top stuff but he isn’t some kind of monster. He is a good coach that has a passion for what he does.

  34. ” This weekend, he hurt Fred Jackson on a blatant cheapshot.”

    Landry hit Jackson in the left quad, and hit him so hard it sprained the ligament in his right knee.
    It also happened right in front of the Bills bench, and none of them said a word, or got upset about it. Good look at the tape, Zippy.

  35. The dude perpetuated his own injury, the idiot refused surgery for “natural” healing and wound up doing the worst thing possible for someone with an Achilles injury… Building up their upper body and taking steroids to the detriment of his Lower body. You build your body to be completely disproportionate and the weaker part is going to be strained to h*ll. Yeah blame the trainers you fool. And to the dude who tried refuting that he isn’t a good safety with “ask deangelo and Freddy” your just as dumb as he is. He’s always been a good box safety but a safety has a larger role than just stopping the run, it’s called pass coverage and he is terrible at it and he isn’t even that great at stopping the run just ask C.J. Spiller.

  36. Laron, never burn bridges in the NFL you dummy. When the Jets drop you, who’s gonna want a guy with a track record of chewing the hands that fed him? You were overpaid in Wash so they dropped you. It wasn’t personal it was financial. That’s life. Take the high road and set yourself up for future employment rather than b and moan. Your agent should’ve muzzled you.

  37. the name sounds familiar, dont remember him playing for the skins. haha. he must have been on the sidelines aloy

    i remember him now. always getting burnt, wanting to act like big man on campus by hitting someone. unfortunately it was after a big play that he got burnt on. stupid personal fouls at the worst time

    whats the odds oin vegas on how many games he plays before hes hurt??? if over/under is 6. im taking the under

  38. As a Skins fan, I can say with certainty that Jets fans will learn this very soon: Landry will have 1, maybe 2 or 3 absolutely amazing games every year. Then, he will play 5 games where he is invisible, will Superman-miss some big plays by going for the hit vs. just wrapping up and tackling, and will blow tons of coverages. He will also miss half of the season while he continues to burn sage, look at astrological charts, and pray to Vishnu that his achilles gets fixed, vs. actually having the surgery.

    His talent is undeniable. His brain is the size of a walnut.

  39. you can look it up, that blown coverage that you guys keep talking about with landry and desean was not landrys assignment, it was doody doughtys. nevertheless landry is a trash safty and would probably be better off being a linebacker than a saftey… so basically he’s useless.

  40. i think he’s just caught up in the moment of actually playing in, and finishing a football game… so i’ll cut him some slack.

    one down.. 15 to go Laron…you were the catalyst.

  41. Rule number one: NEVER burn a bridge you might need to recross one day. He may find himself with no offers of workouts in the future and would gladly take an offer from either of these guys just to visit the facility ….. But oh well. Not smart.

  42. With BB, nothing is coincidental. He respected Landry’s multi-million dollar talent, otherwise there would have been no work out. What BB wanted to find out about was Landry’s ten cent brain. After this outburst, Belichick got all the information he needed.

  43. Dude Laron is a little cry baby, this aint peewee league and you get upset because your dad doesnt show up to your practice. Bill has got better things to do than babysit him. Plus he has a permanent reservation on the IR list anyway, just a matter of time till he shows up for his table.

  44. axltcu says: Sep 15, 2012 7:12 PM

    “…I seriously doubt he would fit in with the “Patriot Way” anyways. I’m sure BB already knew that.”
    Because that “Way” requires extensive knowledge of zoom lenses, f-stops and clandestine filming techniques as pioneered by Allen Funt.

  45. Memo to Landry:

    The Patriots are not looking for any guys who demand to have their butts kissed as a prerequisite to signing with them.

    If that’s the “me-first” diva entitlement mentality that you’re carrying around, then it’s a fair bet that the Patriots would not want you there after all.

    As BB would say: “That’s not what we’re looking for”.

  46. He is a cheapshot artist. Went knee hunting last week vs Buffalo. No wonder he likes Greg Williams. Him and Rex can go take a seat next to Williams and Vilma.

    Also, Bellicheck’s tight ends will have a field day against him.

  47. He didnt enjoy playing for Shanahan,big deal,he did enjoy cashing those big bucks checks he recieved every two weeks I bet and thats what its all about to players isnt it,when they leave a good team for a bad team just for the money they really dont enjoy anything but making more money,enjoyment and loyalty have nothing to do with it.

  48. Pretty sure he doesn’t like/respect Belichick nor Shanahan because they ran double moves on him and he never saw them blow by…I find it funny that a 2nd year player (DeJon Gomes) made more plays to preserve a victory in one game than Laron did his entire career here in DC. In fact, I prayed intensely when a game was on the line that the opponents didn’t run a double move deep into the secondary when he was on the field late in the game. Don’t get me wrong, he was a beast when close to the line playing run, but actually covering someone deep was always an adventure.

  49. Landry has no clue what the definition of respect is, especially since he included the names Gregg Williams and Rex Ryan.

  50. laron landry clearly doesnt respect cheating coaches who would have never accomplished squat without all time great qbs.

  51. I very much despise how you fans of football write notes to the players and coaches like there is any chance in hell of them reading your messages. Yes, it’s true the PR(public relations) crew does relay some stuff from the media, but very little from comments.

  52. You know what’s funny? Bill Belichick doesn’t care what you think and the fact that he wasn’t even there for your tryout says that you probably aren’t a good player anymore…That being said Landry was really talented before all his injuries and if Sean Taylor hadn’t been tragically gunned down they could have had one of the best safety tandems in league history

  53. skinsfanwill says: Sep 15, 2012 6:34 PM

    Gregg Williams should have been the head coach. His defense was always in the top 10. Or defensive coordinator now just blitzes everybody on every 3rd down. No scheme, no strategy, no purpose. Haslett doesn’t have a clue. From top 10 to 31st with all the same players says it all.
    They say hindsight’s 20-20, so it must take someone really special to be completely blind in hindsight.

    I’m guessing your under 14 years old, so I’m going to take it easy on you. Being a terrible human being aside, you understand how monumentally ruined the Redskins franchise would be right now if Gregg Williams had been made head coach, right? Stupid question: clearly you don’t.

    First of all, if Gregg Williams had been the head coach, the Redskins would not have a head coach right now, he would probably be permanently banned from the NFL. Also the best defensive players on the team would almost certainly be suspended for the season. Additionally, say goodbye to a potential franchise quarterback, they would probably be starting Brandon Weeden right now: without the second round pick the Saints lost in the bounty scandal, the Redskins would not have had the ammunition to trade up for Robert Griffin.

    On top of that, yes, the Redskins went from the no. 10 defense in the league to no. 31 after the switch to Haslett, but that was due to a switch from the 4-3 to the 3-4, a scheme they really did not have the personnel to run yet.

    But what really “says it all” is that they jumped back up from 31 to 13, the next year, after acquiring the right players to fit in a 3-4 system. As for blitzing on every third down, that was literally Gregg Williams specialty, so that’s more or less a complete non-issue.

    And for a guy with no clue, no strategy and no purpose, Haslett must be really, really lucky, considering that the Redskins were tenth in the league in both sacks and turnovers in 2011.

    I guess, in summary, my central message here is: you’ve got to be kidding me.

  54. The most I remeber about Laron is after a good hit he gets a 15 yard penalty for taunting or him getting TRUCKED by Brandon Jacobs. I must say the worst Redskin Jersey investment I ever made!!!!

  55. I’m not a Jets fan, but

    I’m a Colts and Giants fan (Manning-family fan basically) so there’s more of a bias against these two head coaches for me.

    and I think that for

    1) Belichick is by far the best head coach this season (definitely top 10 coaches ever)

    2) Mike Shanahan is also a very good head coach. He’s more of an offensive minded head coach, but that works when you can beat Brees in a shootout with a rookie quarterback. Griffin is good, but so is that Shanahan play calling.

  56. Ya know what I don’t respect ? Is how Landry seemed always to over play the tackle! The main thing I don’t respect is how Landry got trucked by Jacobs last season UTTER !

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