LeSean McCoy sees “some lanes to run” in Ravens’ defense


The Ravens are coming off a dominant 44-13 victory on Monday night, but as Eagles running back LeSean McCoy prepares to face the Ravens on Sunday, he sees a team with some flaws.

Specifically, McCoy said, Baltimore’s defense showed that it has some holes in that victory over Cincinnati.

“The Bengals actually did a good job just running the ball, setting up on blocks,” McCoy said, via CSNPhilly.com. “I think there will be some lanes to run in.”

McCoy has a point: Bengals running back BenJarvus Green-Ellis picked up 91 yards on 18 carries against the Ravens, and backup Cedric Peerman added 22 yards on three carries. The Ravens didn’t give up many long runs (the Bengals’ longest gain on the ground was 14 yards), but Cincinnati picked up consistent chunks of yardage all night.

“They do a good job of just bending a little bit, but they don’t break,” McCoy said. “They’re a tough defense. They’ll give you the quick two or quick three but not too [many] big [plays].”

McCoy will need to make some big plays when those lanes to run open up in front of him.

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  1. Why do players say things like this just before getting pummeled by the Ravens D? The two worst braincramps had to be Chad Johnson (“I’m not afraid to go across the middle where Ray is.”) and Chris Johnson as a rookie (“I’m not afraid of Ray Lewis.”) Less than a day later, Ray obliterated him with his official “Welcome to the NFL” hit.
    -Titans fan

  2. I think everyone saw the holes in the Ravens D for someone to run through. The problem was the Ravens got up on the Bengals so they were forced to become one-dimensional which played right into the strengths of the Ravens D right now.

    If the Ravens fail to put up points and force the Eagles into passing a lot (which they do anyway since Reid has an affinity to big passing plays) than McCoy could see some holes. If they go down 30-10 good luck convincing anyone you need to be running.

  3. the eagles need to run the ball more. give it to lesean mccoy 25 teams against any team and he will produce. ravens are old, still good however. they were gassed at points vs the bengals and it showed. but they are bend dont break these days. their offense will be tested against a revamped eagles d. this will be a good barometer for both teams going forward this year.

  4. Did LeSean ever consider that the Ravens may look at the film of the Bengal game and see why those holes were there and MAYBE make some adjustments for the Eagle game? Harbaugh mentioned that the defense wasn’t happy with their gap discipline and it WONT happen again.

    Just maybe LeSean will hit some brick walls this Sunday.

    I don’t hear any Ravens saying stupid stuff like they’ll expect Vick to throw 4 stupid interceptions again this Sunday just because he did it last Sunday.
    But then again who ever said LeSean was very bright to begin with.

  5. Rashard Mendenhall said he was going to break 100 yards against the Ravens and have a big game.

    All he broke was his shoulder when he ran into Ray Lewis.

    LeSean… just check Vick’s track record against the Ravens. It’s not good. And like others have said… you were lucky to get a win against the Brown in Week 1. Do you really think Ravens are going to worry about the passing game with your mediocre receivers? DeSean Jackson is a 1 trick pony, so much to the point where Webb probably won’t even need safety help. The Ravens are going to be free to blitz all day against the Eagles.

    It will come down to how Flacco handles the Eagles defense, and whether he gets flustered and reverts back to his inconsistent self, or if he finally builds off one solid performance and keeps it going the following week.

    Face it LeSean… you’re a non-factor in this match-up. Yout biggest contribution will be milking the clock to either keep the blowout from being worse, or simply to keep Ravens offense off the field to give your defense a breather.

  6. McCoy can actuall say anything he wants. He is actually better than any player on the Ravens defense at this point in his career. 1st team All-Pro. So he has ALOT of credibility.

  7. Everyone in Baltimore knows the run-D wasn’t good enough last week, it wasn’t disastrous, but yeah Law Firm had some good carries. Ray Lewis and Haloti will help the new blood fix their mistakes. When the Ravens see a weakness and emphasize fixing it, they generally manage, like a lot of NFL teams, to make sure it doesn’t cost them the game.

  8. Three things
    1. I am sick of this old crap. Lewis and Reed are old, but still better then 95% of the safeties and linebackers in the NFL. After that I believe Suggs is the oldest at 28.
    2. Baltimore has probably spent all week trying to improve their run defense.
    3. Last week Baltimore probably game planned to stop Greene and Dalton, while this week it is McCoy and Vick. Two very different game plans

  9. How is ANY of what McCoy said running his mouth? He was probably answering a question asked to him, by a reporter who probably asked him if he saw some holes in the Ravens’ D. What’s he gonna say, no?

    I can’t stand people sometimes.

  10. Prediction: McCoy will end up with less than 50 yards rushing against the Ravens…….not because the Ravens rush defense is so good, but because the Eagles will get behind in the game and throw on almost every down. Look for another 3 or 4 picks from Michael Vick.

  11. marinomax13 says:
    sep 15, 2012 2:17 PM

    How is ANY of what McCoy said running his mouth? He was probably answering a question asked to him, by a reporter who probably asked him if he saw holes in the Raven’ D. What’s he gonna say, no?


    There is a way to answer a reporters question without it becoming bulletin board material, he should have learned that by now, time will tell!

  12. No homer here Im a Niner fan but those would be some scary lanes to run through…Be prepared to get rocked McCoy…

  13. Ravens fans better worry about Flacco. He will get hit this week. Every QB looks good with no pressure. I think Babin and Cole will introduce themselves to Joe Montana I mean Flacco.

  14. McCoy isn’t even trash talking. He didn’t say he was going to run all over the Ravens or anything. It would be like Vick saying he thinks he’ll be able to complete some passes.

  15. michael vick likes to talk, now it has rubbed off on Lesean…I’m quite sure those comments will get back to the ravens and they will use it as motivation…these guys are not media smart with their answers..c’mon, praise the other team, don’t motivate them..geez.

  16. feel kinda sorry for mccoy. great back and seems like a decent guy. too bad he’s surrounded by idiots.go ahead and pull it down and take off, vicky, they better have the cart ready to tote you away. reid and vicky are both gone after this season, noplayoffs4u

  17. I wish we were playing the Ravens late in the season when the old men were tired instead of now when they are fresh. I just can’t see the Eagles winning unless our defense does it. I’m not on the Flaco bandwagon any more than most people are on Vick’s. I think King Dunlap is in for a long day. If I were Harbaugh I would blitz Vick with impunity, but I guess he already knows that.

  18. ianwetpantscom says:
    Sep 15, 2012 2:36 PM

    There is a way to answer a reporters question without it becoming bulletin board material, he should have learned that by now, time will tell!


    You mean like this?

    “They do a good job of just bending a little bit, but they don’t break,” McCoy said. “They’re a tough defense. They’ll give you the quick two or quick three but not too [many] big [plays].”

    It’s not bulletin board material. He said he saw holes that the law firm used. He thinks its possible to get something going on their defense, but big plays are going to be tough.

    I don’t see anything wrong with that.

  19. The Ravens bark has always been much worse than their bite. People still seem to think that they are the 2000 Ravens defense, but they’re not. They have a good defense, but they are not dominant like they were in 2000. We heard this same hype about the Ravens after week 1 last season, and then they went into Tennessee and laid a big egg. The Ravens are a good team, but the media has a tendency to overhype them like they are 5-time defending Super Bowl champs. Let them earn the hype by actually winning the Super Bowl. As of now, they are a lot like the early 2000 Eagles who could never get over the hump. That team got a lot of criticism. This Ravens team gets a free pass from the media. It’s put up or shut up time for the Ravens this season.

  20. @dag
    Lewis, Reed, Webb, Ngata, Pollard. All better than McCoy at their respective positions. And nobody is worried about joe. He was sacked twice and hit 3 times last week and did just fine. Worry about Vick.

  21. Yeah, doubt it, Shady. I am very concerned about our pass rush though, or lack thereof. Flacco may not light it up like last week but he will be solid. The key is that we have to contain Vick without Suggs ballin so hard on the edge. Yes…”We”. Get over it.

  22. @ rockthered, shady led the league in rushing tds, what did any of those guys lead the league in? best at their respective positions and all on the same team? nice try homer.

  23. The Ravens defense wasn’t all that great last week. Benjarvus Green-Ellis gashed them and their pass rush wasn’t very good. They got almost all of their sacks in garbage time, not having Suggs is going to catch up to the Ravens.

    I think Mccoy is going to find some lanes, Jarret Johnson was a solid run stopper for the Ravens defense and he’s gone now. If Vick can pay cleanly (BIG if) I see the Eagles pulling off a surprising win.

    Eagles 23

    Ravens 13.

  24. I’m a huge Ravens fan but I think the Eagles will crush us tomorrow. I mean we’re playing against the great Michael Vick. lol What a joke.

    Vick = Most Overrated Player Ever

    I actually think the game will be close until about midway through the 3rd quarter. Then you’re done Philly.

    Get ready for 150 yards and 3 td’s from Ray Rice.

  25. You ravens fans need to shat ap and go home. You really think LeSean McCoy sweats OLD Ray Lewis? LOL come on… Ohhh big bad Ray Lewis… We will see how Ray Lewis can handle Barry Sanders (LeSean will cut him up and break his ankles). Time to hunt for Ravens.

  26. Everyone is saying a OLD Ray Lewis and nothing to fear. Rays stats last week vs the Bengals…14 tackles 1 sack 1 forced fumble…I will take a OLD Ray Lewis over any other linebacker in the NFL!!!!!!

  27. He said there were lanes to run in and guess what?

    He’s right!! If anybody can exploit them its Shady McCoy. Love my guys but our Run D is not what it should be. BGE gashed us for 91 yards and McCoy is a much better back. I think this stuff gets taken out of context. McCoy is a really great guy and I’m probably more worried about him and Coles/Babin on defense than anything else. Go Ravens!

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