Mike Patterson gets a pay cut after brain surgery


Mike Patterson is going to have a million fewer dollars with which to pay medical bills.

The Eagles defensive tackle is expected to miss the entire season after having brain surgery in January, and was placed on the reserve/non-football injury list.

The Eagles then cut his base salary from $2.1 million to $1.05 million, via Reuben Frank of CSNPhilly.com.

The Eagles shut him down in July, after some early optimism he’d be able to return from an arteriovenous malformation, a tangle of blood vessels in his brain.

With other tweaks in a recent restructure, the move clears more than $2 million worth of salary cap room for the Eagles. They’re now more than $26 million under the salary cap. Which means they didn’t cut Patterson’s pay because they needed to. They did it because they could.

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  1. Unbelievable! This is why I will never complain about a player wanting a new contract when he outperforms his current deal. These teams will cut their salary without blinking when a player gets injured or doesn’t perform up to expectations.

  2. That’s mighty magnanimous of them in light of his brain surgery. Salary cap champs! They must have what, like $25 million in cap room now? Maybe they’re gonna sign a guy. Or a bunch of them lol

  3. Wow. You just can’t buy great publicity like that. But I guess you can get it by taking money back. Classy. Hope everyone remembers it the next time they curse the “greedy players.”

  4. I understand Business is Business, but damn your 26 million under the cap…

    Would it really of killed your team to stand by the original contract? As if the guy doesn’t have enough on his plate right now, you have to add more? #Dickmove

  5. Just remember: the unions are the evil ones. Not the guys cutting a worker’s salary in half after brain surgery.

  6. That’s a dark move by the Eagles. I’m a fan of them, but definitely not of this. Mike has played hard for the team for years and to cut his pay because of a medical condition is wrong. I wonder if that’s even legal.

  7. And you will still hear cries of “He should honor the contract he signed!” whenever a player holds out. Such a double standard.

  8. The Eagles are not just trying to screw over a guy who had brain surgery. He had a $4 million cap hit next season and would cost the Eagles nothing to cut or move him. He’s basically taking a pay cut so he can stay on the team. If they cut him, he would probably get a veteran minimum offer because of his surgery and missing this year so taking a pay cut will actually still make him more money. I don’t blame the Eagles for getting rid of some salary from a guy that won’t play this season when they’re already stacked at DT. I’m sure they’re hoping Fletcher Cox will be a full time starter next season so it won’t leave much room for Patterson. This is move along with the others this year will help their cap situation tremendously over the next few seasons. And while they’re over the cap next season, Bell will be cut so they won’t be paying him $9 million. You will probably see the Eagles towards the top of the cap space list again next season with all the money they are going to carry over. Meanwhile the rest of the NFC East will not have the money to sign any impact free agents.

  9. You got to love these rich republican owners, they can’t make enough money to feed there greed. Bill Thegreatgabbert..what is your point with the half-wit statement?

  10. Why is everyone ripping the eagles for this? Yea the guy had brain surgery. That his health insurance probably paid for. Its not like they straight up cut the guy. He wanted to play this season but the docs said no. He’s not in the hospital on life support or anything. So this guy is getting paid 1MM bucks to sit on his couch for the next year. Which is way more money most of us will make this year working 40hrs per weeks. On the other side of the coin its not like they really needed to cut his pay.

  11. That’s my Philadelphia Eagles, the gift that keeps on giving. If they wanted to save money they could have cut Lombardi’s 4.5 million per year and hired one of the beer vendors to coach the team. Might even wind up with a better record. Zero SuperBowls and counting.

  12. This is a business decision – period. The guy is getting paid to play and he can’t. Getting paid a million bucks to rehab doesn’t sound like top bad of a deal anyway. Sensitivity doesn’t belong in professional sports.

  13. This is a non-football injury. I think the Eagles are required to pay him zero, zilch, no dollars. They gave him a cool million. Would your boss do that for you if you were to get sick and not work for a year? When Maclin and Rogers-Cromartie get their new contracts in the next few months the Eagles will have the money to pay them.

  14. His surgery was not a football injury. By rule, they do not have to pay him. Even though it sounds ruthless to “cut his pay” you can look at it the other way and say they gave him $1 million

  15. Sure, sure, business decision and all that. Save less than a single percentage point in cap space. Well worth it I’m sure when weighed against player sentiment in the locker room. This isn’t some short timer, he’s been a fixture on the team that originally drafted him nearly a decade ago.

  16. actually the Eagles are giving him the million because had he played he would have been cut and earned NOTHING.

  17. Let me see if I understand this correctly…People are complaining the Eagles are going to pay him $1.05 million while he recovers from a non work related injury??? If the rest of us were in a similar situation we would be lucky (not to mention grateful) to recieve a significant portion of our salary. Don’t forget the NFL is performance based. Paying half of his salary seems very generous to me for a player who will likely not take the field this season!

  18. What is worse…cutting his salary to over 1 million…or just cutting him? I think a million for a guy that won’t play this year is fair.

  19. Patterson is a great guy and deserved every penny on his contract.If they wanted to give any player on this team a pay cut then it should be Vick.This move was dirty.This does not make me proud as an Eagles fan.

  20. Not sure why it’s Philly that always gets the bad rap and sh*t end of the stick. Assuming all of the smack talk is coming from North Jersey (the refinery capital of the world) or NY. Get your own team. The Nets went – follow accordingly. Take Jersey Shore and all of those house wives shows too. Philly is much more passionate about its teams than the hodgepodge of fans in that area. This is a decision that probably would have been made by any team – its all business and nothing personal. The birds want to reduce their cap hit.

  21. troybulletinboard says:Sep 15, 2012 3:22 PM

    you smell that? it’s the smell of how much the Roger Goodell & the NFL really cares.

    Uhhh, no. It was the Philadelphia Eagles that cut his salery. I can guarantee you that Mr. Ford and the Detroit Lions would not have done it.

  22. I’m not sure how much the Eagles are paying Jason Peters this year but his injury also was non-football related (actually it was but not legally). It’s my understanding that they’re paying him also. How many teams are paying 2 guys this that they’re not required to compensate? Anyone with an answer?

  23. SO….He gets over a million so sit at home and recoop for over a year? If I were out of work for medical reasons, I doubt my employer would pay me anything. That is why companies like “Aflack” exist.

  24. “If the rest of us were in a similar situation we would be lucky (not to mention grateful) to recieve a significant portion of our salary. Don’t forget the NFL is performance based.”

    Michael Vick is laughing.

  25. Why in the world would you pay a guy $2 million to do absolutely nothing? I have no idea why anyone would even say this is a bad thing to do? Everyone is scared the eagles are going to steal your star players with all our money? Apparently so!

  26. and they will save and even more millions when they don’t pick up the option on Vick’s contract after this season because he stinks and is a turnerover machine

  27. Im pretty sure the Eagles pay for his health plan… also I wouldn’t mind making a million for not playing!? Hope he recovers quickly though… that surgery sounds scary!

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