Reaction to Rodgers underscores his difference from Cutler


Bears Jay Cutler caught plenty of heat Friday after bumping left tackle J’Marcus Webb and swearing at him on the field for a bad play.

But in the same game, Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers showed some frustration with wide receiver James Jones, when a miscommunication led to an interception.

“I was expecting him to come out flat,” Rodgers said after the game, via Rob Demovsky of the Green Bay Press-Gazette. “He started out flat and then kind of took it up. That’s about as frustrating as it gets right there.”

Granted, Jones made a mental mistake, while Webb was simply beaten. That gives Rodgers more latitude. A quarterback needs to trust his guys to be in the right place at the right time, but he can’t assume they always win one-on-one battles.

Packers coach Mike McCarthy said he didn’t think the exchange between quarterback and receiver had any malicious intent.

“There’s a line between playing with a lot of emotion and being disrespectful, and sometimes it looks the same,” McCarthy said. “I think that’s the reality of that particular situation. He’s not trying to disrespect James Jones by no means. He’s competing. He’s extremely competitive, and they talked about it immediately on the sidelines. I think that’s the case.”

The difference in the reactions to Cutler and Rodgers is based primarily on the difference in their careers.

Rodgers has won something, which goes a long way. But he also doesn’t have a track record of churlish behavior.

So it becomes constructive criticism when he does it, and not the kind of thing to dominate conversation for days at a time.

42 responses to “Reaction to Rodgers underscores his difference from Cutler

  1. 100% correct.

    Rodgers gets a bit more latitude, but they both yelled at their players for poor play.

    But, it was too easy for people to rely on a pre-constructed narrative of “leadership styles” based on brief snippets of what we see on a field and half-remembered conversations from years ago.

    Cutler got jobbed by his own line.

    Does anyone think Webb didn’t deserve to get yelled at?

  2. Why should it matter where they are in their careers or who has won something. How would you feel getting knocked down time and time again? Would you just sit there and take it? How many of you would not get pissed because your left tackle, probably the most important position on the o-line, keeps getting beat time and time again? Personally I would be getting pissed at Webb and at the coaches for not adjusting but hey what do I know? And thumbs down if you want. Just look at it without Packer glasses on see that it shouldn’t matter who it is.

  3. Reaction to Rodgers underscores his difference from Cutler

    Difference? Neither of them are liked by anyone but the fans of their own teams. Rodgers is a big crybaby demanding roughing the passer calls if he feels a breeze from an oncoming rusher. And Cutler is a quitter and a coward at heart.

  4. Packer QB’s have a long history of being excused for anything indiscretions by the fans and the media. It’s just the way it is over there…

  5. Rodgers started off the pre-game already whining about the officials not correctly calLing illegal contract Downfield. The officials made up for this by calling pass interference when one of the packers ran into a bear.

    If Cutler did the same interview he would be crucified by the morons at Fox and ESPN deliberately taking it out of context, or just blatantly making up stories, but hey, the guy has a pouty-face instead of sunken crackhead eyes, so I guess he has it coming.

  6. Cutler did what I would have done a year ago!!! A person can only take so much before a melt down. He wants the o-line to improve obiviously against the packers. Instead it is get worse and worse they showed not one bit of improvement!! Just as much blame needs to go on tice where the hell was the crossing routes under the defense none what so ever, just a couple times by forte. Who lead in catches. Something hester is good at, even dane “how ever you spell his name” but he was inactive so great game plan!

  7. Personally I wonder if Cutler’s reputation is earned or just a function of the media constantly hating on him. Of course, he’s also a diabetic, which can cause some moodiness, but the media seems to ignore that. And what kind of mood would you be in if a co-worker kept getting your butt kicked over and over and over again for a couple years?

  8. in other words rodgers sucks up to the press and Cutler doesn’t there for any thing he says or does we the press will make more of it than we should, I am sure rodgers and any other qb would react the sane way had they been sacked as much as Cutler has in his time with the bears. in fact he has been sacked more than any qb in the nfl the last 3 years but he is supposed act like it’s ok when it happens? matthews is good but had 6 sacks last yea and had 3 thursday so your saying Cutler should just act like there was nothing webb can do? I love how the media were burying the packers after week 1 but now that they have beaten the bears they are super bowl champs in Sept. hate to break it to you but they do play again this season and this time it will be in Chicago.

  9. “It is a reality of life that men are competitive and the most competitive games draw the most competitive men. That’s why they are there – to compete.”

    The media that has issues with competitive men is nitpicking… if you aren’t upset about a mistake being made in the pursuit of winning the game then you are not truly trying to win the game.

    Demand perfection and catch excellence along the way.

  10. I am not a big cutler fan in any way, but seriously this while thing is ridiculous… Rodgers gets praised for yelling at his receiver as being “competitive” yet Cutler gets destroyed on every play because his lineman can easily be replaced by a turnstyle and he is criticized for being pissed off? How is that less competitive? If you were to say cutler is less “competitive” for sitting outta that playoff game last year I would buy into that, but this,really?

  11. Great post…And I would also add, Jay’s ‘reputation’ for churlish behavior stems from media bias against him, which leads some fans into believing what the press tells them to believe…Then you add in the crap posted by trolls from Denver, and Jay doesn’t stand a chance.

    And yeah, not only did Webb deserve to get yelled at, he deserves to lose his starting NFL gig, too.

  12. thetokyosandblaster says:
    Sep 15, 2012 2:02 PM
    Also, Packers > Lions, Vikings, and Bears combined.
    Adrian Peterson and Harvin,Calvin Johnson and Julius Peppers are all laughing at you,,,what a ridiculous statement,,but,being a Packer fan with pretend ownership paper,,we understand your absurdity

  13. Cutler didn’t do anything wrong in that instance. It’s pretty much every else that he’s done or said, since and before, that has gotten him the rep he has. Rodgers might seem a little priggish some times, but Cutler *is* a lot priggish a lot of the time.

  14. The only thing cutler did wrong was put his hands on webb, go out on the next drive and throw a bad INT, then throw everyone under the bus after the game.

  15. mjkelly77 says: Sep 15, 2012 1:16 PM

    Reaction to Rodgers underscores his difference from Cutler

    Difference? Neither of them are liked by anyone but the fans of their own teams. Rodgers is a big crybaby demanding roughing the passer calls if he feels a breeze from an oncoming rusher. And Cutler is a quitter and a coward at heart.
    Finally, something Bears and Packer fans can agree on…This is the most asinine thing you’ve ever posted.

    In spite of your opinion, there are many NFL teams who’d love Rodgers or Cutler under center, and besides, who cares what anyone outside of GB or Chicago thinks of them?

  16. My message to all of the writers at “Think of something else to write about other than ripping on Cutler.”

    We all know you don’t like him, don’t like his body language, his reactions, etc. etc. We know your opinions now. It’s your default go-to article to pick on something else about Cutler, and it’s just getting really old and unoriginal.

    Please think of something original.

  17. I’m sorry but if I’m a qb and my line is getting almost killed half the time then I would be ticked. Thats a lot more important than getting mad over a blown route that causes an Int

  18. the packers are the biggest bunch of babies … starts with that coach to rodgers to mathews. jennings is the only one who is a class act. they cry about every call. teams dont beat them they only beat themselves apparently.

  19. Kind of like the different in tone of the media coverage between democrats and republicans. Rodgers=dem Cutler=repub.

  20. The Packers are up by 20 pts wth less than 8 min. left in the game, the Packers decided to pass on 1st down and Rogers gets intercepted and bitches at Jones …. First , what it tells me that you (McCarthy/Rodgers) are stat mongers and have been ever since the departure of you know who. Why else pass, on first down? The Bears off. was not doing anything, even a 3 and out series would have run time off the clock. Lucky Rodgers didn’t get hurt. Rodgers threw the pick and got upset. Not because it put the Bears in a rare scoring position but because that INT screws up his stat line.

  21. Maybe it’s the fact that Rodgers seldom yells at his own guys, whereas Cutler is always crying about something or looking as if he’s about to do it. There’s also the fact that Rodgers went to bat for Jones with GB management a couple of years ago, urging that he be re-signed. And the fact that Rodgers said the miscommunication was “frustrating,” not that Jones wasn’t doing his job. Stuff like that.

  22. Hi metalhead65

    I think that from 2009 regular season to 2011 regular season Rogers was sacked 117 times and cutler 110 times (source espn) – Just saying.

  23. I don’t think it helps Cutler’s case that his facial expression always seems like he just swallowed a turd.

  24. Aaron did what any qb does when his wide out runs off his route and cause the team to lose possession. Brady does it all the time. The difference is Aaron didn’t put his hands on this teammate or constantly blame his team for mistakes. Jay Cutler, well he does. You never see or hear Jay accept responsibility. That’s the difference.

  25. I think the difference is that Aaron was getting on Jones for a mental mistake. Something Jones has control over.

    Cutler was on Webb for physical/talent issues. Webb has no control over the fact that he didn’t stack up talent/ability wise. He was put in the position by his coach with NO help via TE or RB chip.

    If Cutler wants to be mad at someone – should be Tice for not helping Webb out.

    And people need to get off this “Cutler kept getting knocked down – Aaron didn’t/doesn’t have to deal with that – it’s understandable” bit.

    Aaron Rodgers has 168 career sacks in 71 regular season games.

    Cutler has 170 career sacks in 80 regular season games.

    So basically Aaron’s sacked more regularly. 2.4 sacks per game versus Cutler’s 2.1 sacks per game.

    Enough of the excuses for Cutler.

  26. damn you guys just sweat the f#ck out of rodgers, so it was ok he yelled at jones cause he faded on a route??? oh so when rodgers over or under throws a receiver or fumbles the ball in the air like he did thursday you’re saying it’s ok for a receiver to yell at him on the field in front of everyone???

    damn, we see your website sucks off the pack non-stop, but come on already!!

  27. Come on, Rodgers has built up so much good will in so many different ways, that the differing reactions was completely justified.

  28. and in 12 years when Cutler and/or Rodgers come out of retirement to”stick” it to their old team by using the attention starved Vikings…their “fans”lol will act like its the 2nd coming of Christ.

  29. Bears fans there are 14 games left this season an ONE of them is another game against Greenbay. Webb has a chance to pull it together… Tice has a chance to use a running back or tight end to help Webb with chip blocks an double teams to buy Cutler more time. an on the other hand Cutler could get the ball out faster or throw it out side. Bears fans the answers are here an Chicago wont have a game that bad again …. Bear Down

  30. kernelreefer says:Sep 15, 2012 1:13 PM

    Cutler got jobbed by his own line.

    Does anyone think Webb didn’t deserve to get yelled at?

    He should have been talked or “yelled,” at yes.

    Coming from a guy who was in the progress of a terrible game?


    Talk to the coaches tell them to figure something out to help him on his side of the line or bench him.

  31. You Bears people just don’t think very logically, do you? The difference is Cutler threw a hissy fit after a teammate did the best he could, and just got beat by a better player. You don’t do that to a teammate. Did his O-line get in his face when he threw of those 4 (FOUR???!!) interceptions? No. If your O-Line sucks, then fine, complain to the GM who is the one making those decisions. Complain to Lovey Smith who thinks Mike Tice still belongs on any sideline.

    Rodgers called out a player whose head was not in the game, which is exactly what that player needed at that time.

    Here’s a thought: Maybe there’s a reason Cutler gets sacked so often, and maybe it has to do with how his O-line feels towards him.

  32. I’ll make it simple for Ditka-style (scream first, think later) Bears fans: Rodgers called out a player’s Decision. Cutler called out a player’s Performance. HUGE difference.

  33. oospackerfan says:
    Sep 15, 2012 4:12 PM
    Hi metalhead65

    I think that from 2009 regular season to 2011 regular season Rogers was sacked 117 times and cutler 110 times (source espn) – Just saying.


    Coming from a Packer fan (and being one myself) I’m disappointed that you cannot even spell your superbowl winning, MVP bearing quarterback’s last name…

  34. minkytails says: Sep 17, 2012 7:16 AM

    I’ll make it simple for Ditka-style (scream first, think later) Bears fans: Rodgers called out a player’s Decision. Cutler called out a player’s Performance. HUGE difference.
    So if I’m at work, and normally do an outstanding job, but one time I screw up, my boss should yell at me?

    But if I’m at work, and constantly fail to perform the duties they pay me for, I should be forgiven ’cause I try hard?

    In the first example I deserve more slack than in the second example…And in the second example, if being yelled at doesn’t cause my job performance to improve, the next step is probably a pink slip.

    Or, looked at another way…If J’Marcus Webb is indeed trying his best and still failing so badly, then maybe he is not meant to be a LT in the NFL.

  35. larryboodry says: Sep 17, 2012 4:23 PM

    So if I’m at work, and normally do an outstanding job, but one time I screw up, my boss should yell at me?

    Your analogy is flawed for multiple reasons:

    1. Cutler is not Webb’s boss. Mike Tice is and Lovey Smith is. It’s arguable that Cutler isn’t even the team leader demanding respect. The general consensus is he’s a crybaby.

    2. At your job, I’m guessing there isn’t somebody competing against you trying to ensure you fail. ie, there is no Clay Matthews tackling you while you hand the fries and double cheeseburger to the customer.

    3. If your one screw up in your otherwise outstanding performance was a decision to send the factory plans to the competitor, then yes, you should get yelled at. Jones got yelled at because he made a decision that made no sense, and that the team has encountered 50 times before.

    J’Marcus Webb didn’t “screw up”. He’s just not that good. You don’t get in a guy’s face because he’s playing to the best of his limited ability. Do you yell at your 3rd grader for missing 3-pointers?

    It really comes down to that. Webb got yelled at by Cutler for playing to the best of his ability. Webb’s response should be, “you block him then. I’ll throw the ball and we’ll see who does better.”

  36. It ALL comes down to attitude. Rodgers is a fiery, intense player who (over) reacted momentarily… which he apologized for, later. He’s never been known as a problem child, as an attitude problem, as a pain in the rear.

    Cutler is widely known as a whiner, a complainer about teammates’ efforts, performance, and execution. Denver willingly let him go – even though Jay IS talented – because they’d had enough of the dark side of Cutler. Now, it shows up, yet again, in Chicago. Cutler has earned his bad rep, and he confirmed it, yet again.

    It’s all about attitude. Rodgers is respected, and Cutler’s attitude stinks. Period.

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