49ers take points off the board, put more on


The 49ers took three points off the board.

And then they put four more on.

If not a conventional choice, it was an effective one for the 49ers.

After a roughing the kicker penalty on the Lions gave them a first down, they elected to scrub the field goal and keep playing. Three plays later, Frank Gore made it 14-6 49ers with a short touchdown run.

The 49ers did most of the work without Vernon Davis, who appeared to have been poked in the eye.

But they’re playing their traditional physical game, and the Lions look a bit flustered early.

15 responses to “49ers take points off the board, put more on

  1. Nobody remembers it when teams take the FG down and score a touchdown, but they always remember when the team don’t score and they lose.

  2. Niners should never have had a FG attempt as the play before a bad snap sent Alex Smith back about 15 – 20 yards. He threw the ball away, but it never made it to the line of scrimmage. No penalty called.

  3. What was up with the intentional grounding that didn’t get called? I’m assuming I don’t understand the rule.

    Smith was between the tackles, even though he was about 30 yards away from the line of scrimmage.

  4. On the non-intentional grounding call I thought there was a 49er WR in the area, but I might have been seeing things because CC said there wasn’t one.

  5. @pop562

    Yeah, good call. I watched the replay and it was clear that there was a WR right under where Alex threw the ball. Perfect no call.

  6. Harbaugh said in his press conference after the game when asked about taking the points off the board, that in that situation he thought his offense would punch it in. He also has said in the past he has taken the points(i think he said he did it once or twice) instead of the first down. The intentional grounding call wasn’t called because a niners receiver was within a few yards of the ball. Yes it didn’t make the line of scrimmage, but a receiver was definitely in the area coming back to the QB, and I am a Lions fan. The refs missed a delay of game on the first touchdown pass. The second touchdown was result of a pass interference that happened on a play that was snapped after the quarter ended. Who knows what would’ve happened if those plays didn’t happen. 49ers probably at least still get field goals, but who knows. As a Lions fan I like how our defense played(besides the last 49ers series.) Defensive line looked like advertised, secondary played resonably well for having 3 of our 4 starts out. The loss is on Stafford, in my opinion. He missed open recievers, missed easy passes, not really sure what happened on his interception. Stafford plays like he normally does and the Lions win that game, he was just off for some reason and it wasn’t the defense. The Lions offensive line held up really well and gave him plently of time to throw all game and receivers were getting open, he was just missing them. Hope to see the 49ers again in January.

  7. i think the only reason this was posted was because the niners took a field goal last year instead of the first down agaoinsgt the cowboys… and they lost in OT. some teams just take the points. it shows confidence in alex smith.

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