Aaron Hernandez ankle not broken, but out up to six weeks


The good news for Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez is that there are no broken bones in the ankle he injured in today’s game against the Cardinals. But the bad news is that he may be out a while.

PFT’s Mike Florio is reporting that Hernandez is out up to six weeks with the ankle injury he suffered today. Hernandez left the stadium in a protective boot and on crutches after today’s loss.

For the Patriots, that’s a big blow for a key cog in their offense: New England runs a base two-tight end formation with both Hernandez and Rob Gronkowski as starters, and not having Hernandez will limit what the Patriots can do offensively. Tom Brady never really got going after Hernandez left today’s game.

Injuries like this one are a reminder why players like Hernandez — who signed a long-term contract extension this summer — want to get their guaranteed money as soon as they can.

11 responses to “Aaron Hernandez ankle not broken, but out up to six weeks

  1. Going to miss him big time…. Maybe they bring back deion branch to help pick up his production

  2. I have little doubt that Coach Belichick will come up with a way to overcome this obstacle. I say this as someone who loathes him, but respects his ability to adapt and improvise.

    McDaniels? I’m not so sure about him. But if there’s one thing we’ve learned about Pats assistant coaches, it’s that Belichick gets the maximum out of them (because they’ve not exactly lit it up as head coaches themselves).

  3. This team has plenty of offensive weapons.

    Can’t use the 2nd tight end as an excuse for not scoring points.

  4. I think hoodie jr. stinks. Cost them a perfect season. Why are you running Woodhead on 3rd and 2 on the 10 yard line?

  5. O’oh Mootumbowee-san didn’t exactly light it up in there for Hernandez, either. Got beat on more than one block.

  6. Was the game plan yesterday pass to Hernandez, hand off to Ridley, and pass to Woodhead in the flat? Because once Hernandez was out it seemed the Pats offense just didn’t know wtf to do.

    If you ask me I think they threw this game on purpose. They do this once a year, lose to a bad team, and then pin this loss on the blackboard to teach the team a lesson. They’ll go 14-2, and this is how Bill teaches rookies.

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