Chris Johnson off to another slow start for Titans


Remember when the Titans had this really good running back named Chris Johnson? Whatever happened to that guy?

Johnson had 11 carries for four yards last week in a 34-13 loss to the Patriots.

Thus far today, he has five carries for 10 yards.

That’s 16 carries for 14 yards on the season, a whopping 0.875 yards per attempt.

He’s far from the only problem the Titans have, as Jake Locker’s kind of all over the place (7-of-18 passing for 70 yards, with an interception). The Titans trail the Chargers 17-3 at halftime.

But Johnson’s the one with steadily increasing paychecks and steadily declining production, so people are going to ask the obvious question until he answers it.

17 responses to “Chris Johnson off to another slow start for Titans

  1. Chris Johnson has ruined the market for running backs for the foreseeable future. Can’t blame any team for not wanting to pay these guys, after what the Titans paid this guy, and what they got for it.

  2. Cris Johnson is stealing from Bud Adams every week. Every owner now will never , EVER, give in to a running back holdout after seeing how C.J. just blatantly ripped off old man Adams and refuses to work now.

    How he can stand to look at himself in the mirror is appalling.

  3. what happened to that offensive line?

    they’re not even pass protecting well today. where’s the article about how there are 3 hall of fame offensive lineman on the titans staff and the line still plays like crap?

  4. The Titans coaches basically told him to stop dancing around and run. But our O-line is absolute crap.

    And Chris Palmer seems to only have a handful of plays to call. Pathetic.

  5. Is CJ the long-lost brother of Albert Haynesworth? Does Goodell have the authority to order DNA testing? And if not, can we please get Maury involved?

  6. And now people understand why the Jags did not pay MJD. But I think every case is different. MJD is a hard worker. I seriously doubt CJ works as hard as MJD, AP or Ray Rice.

  7. it nearly never makes sense for a team to give in to player ego….. there have been a ton of contracts that were the result of holdouts where the player concerned did nothing for the rest of their career…

  8. I made this screen name when Chris Johnson was holding out last off season and the Titans are regretting the big contract now and so am I… And to consider the Titan’s head coach is a hall of fame offensive lineman and the offensive line coach is another hall of fame offensive lineman and these coaches can’t coach/teach the offensive lineman to run block makes no sense at all…drastic changes need to happen on both sides of the ball…NOW! Bench Locker for Hasselbeck and bench Chris Johnson for Harper/Reynaud combo and change out the offensive line until you find a lineman who can actually run block…

  9. you guys are idiots if you think it’s CJ’s fault. No running back can get off running draws out of the shotgun formation. this isn’t the pistol offense in college. On top of that 11 carries doesn’t even give you a chance. He had 4 carries then they were down 2 touchdowns. Nobody runs without blocking. This entire coaching staff needs to be fired. I’ll bet if they trade CJ he will have to anywhere else he will have at least 1500 yards.

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