Coaches warned about bullying replacement officials


As Peter King pointed out a few weeks ago in his Monday Morning Quarterback column, a replacement official picked up a flag for pass interference after the official was berated by a head coach.

Though there’s no evidence that any official changed his (or technically her) mind on a call over the reaction from a coach, the league didn’t like the reactions of some of the coaches to some of the officials.

Jay Glazer of FOX Sports reports that NFL sent a memo this week warning the coaches against bullying the referees.  One coach who prompted the memo was 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh.

Glazer also reports that Harbaugh was quietly fined for his “headache” comments about the officials during the preseason.  It’s unknown whether other coaches who said anything directly or indirectly critical about the officials were fined.

16 responses to “Coaches warned about bullying replacement officials

  1. I’m sure there are several high-profile coaches who regularly play the “do you know who I AM?” card, regular or replacement refs. It’s not news.

    It’s also not nearly as widespread as the variable strike zone in MLB or the worst of all, the different rules for different players in the NBA.

  2. Coaches warned about bullying replacement officials

    Hairbough bullies everyone. Well, maybe not bully. More like whine and cry about every call.

  3. I’m definitely going to watch tonight’s game. If the Lions hold a late lead on the 49ers, Hairbough’s head will explode. Now that’s entertainment.

  4. officials are grown men/women if they can’t take the heat from their screw ups, don’t be a official. suck it up!!! NFL need to stop baby the officials!!

  5. Well they have been headaches since the get go..they want it to stop, get better. If teams lose games on awful calls consistently those coaches get fired

  6. overall New Refs are doing fairly well…. every week last year there were multiple questionable calls by Refs Classic….

    Refs Classic were a little better at dealing with coaches… but New Refs will get used to the bluffing…

    the real issue is, will Refs Classic allow some level of discipline in their contract…. I hope they do, because it’ll be better for the game….

  7. It’s a really sad commentary when you have to tell a grown man such as Harbaugh not to be a bully but it’s obviously what we’ve all come to expect from him

  8. None of this really matters. The 40whiners will be sitting home again this year watching the Superbowl. Most overrated team I have witnessed.

  9. I see. So I guess it was only Harbaugh that complained about the refs. Belichick never made any comments about the replacements, I suppose?
    Or any other coach?

    sarcasm mode off.

    and the jealous posters that take time out ot bash Harbaugh? Carry on. Won’t matter a bit to Harbaugh, the niners will keep on winning.

  10. There’s a fine line between keeping pressure on these refs (they are refs, not “scabs”) and being a bully. Some coaches have tried to bully the regular refs.

    BTW, the fact that the ref in the picture looks like they are 12 makes it even more hilarious.

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