Coughlin calls on Giants elders to pick it up

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For all the attention being paid to rookie running back David Wilson’s fumble, it was some of the Giants veterans that drew some scrutiny from their coach as well.

Coughlin told Alex Marvez of that he was disappointed in the lack of attention to detail following last week’s loss to Dallas, which was different than what he saw during the Super Bowl run.

“I just finished in February with some of the best practices I’d ever been around,” Coughlin said. “For me to go out and be disappointed like that, I wasn’t a very happy camper.

“You’ve got a third of the team that’s new or thereabout (in 2012). But what I’m always after is for the veteran players — the guys who have been there, the guys who know what it takes — to reach out and grab a hold of these people who have no idea and sometimes, quite frankly, don’t come out here and help us set the tempo the way we want it. The veteran guys have to take over.”

Right guard Chris Snee said he can tell when practices aren’t going right when “I can hear Coach yelling a lot.”

And the message was received.

“I think the mentality of the guys when we came in (last Thursday) was, ‘Hey, we’ve got to pick it up. We’ve got to play better. The things are correctable,’” quarterback Eli Manning said. “That’s a good attitude to have.”

Keeping the old guys focused after they’ve won is a harder challenge than selling it the first time, which makes Coughlin’s job this week more difficult.

6 responses to “Coughlin calls on Giants elders to pick it up

  1. Giants sound like a team that feels they can just flick the switch and play good football again. I’d say that never works but they’ve won 2 Super Bowls after finding that switch.

  2. What are you some deadskins or filthadelphia eagles fan that sits in your room and cries while the giants win super bowls left and right and your team flounders away in mediocrity every year? Call it lucky, call it a hotstreak, call it what you will. I call it winning super bowls and its something your team has not done as many times in the past five years as the giants have. So why don’t you take your jealous rage and post some comments under your team’s articles instead of posting ignorant, unsubstantiated comments about other teams that are better than yours. Or better yet maybe you should actually watch a football game this weekend and then you might start to get an idea of what you’re talking about because as of right now you obviously don’t…great thanks

  3. “voiceofresonsays”, you REALLY need to get a life besides hanging out on PFT, always waiting for new stories to be posted so you can be the first to comment. I pity you, brother. How sad your life must be.

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