Coughlin upset with Schiano, Bucs after Giants comeback win


In boxing, this is what you call an undercard.

49ers coach Jim Harbaugh and Lions coach Jim Schwartz are renewing hostilities on Sunday night, which meant no one saw it coming when Giants coach Tom Coughlin and Buccaneers coach Greg Schiano appeared to exchange some unpleasantries after the final gun of the Giants’ 41-34 win. Coughlin was upset about the way the Bucs defense played out the final kneeldown of the game after Josh Freeman’s last-ditch chance at continuing the game was intercepted and appeared to be telling Schiano that he thought what Tampa did was the fecal matter of a male cow. He cleaned things up a bit later.

“I don’t think you do that. I don’t think you jeopardize the offensive line, I don’t think you jeopardize the quarterback. Thank God nobody got hurt. That I know of,” Coughlin said in his postgame press conference.

It was fitting that a wild game had a wild ending, though. Eli Manning dug an enormous hole for his team by throwing three interceptions in the first half, all of which led to Tampa touchdowns, and then added another check mark in his fourth quarter comeback column by leading the team to 25 points in the final 15 minutes. Manning finished with 510 passing yards, a career-high, and both Hakeem Nicks and Victor Cruz had huge days against a Bucs defense that was fairly easily shoved aside by the defending champs when Manning wasn’t throwing the ball right to them.

Manning wound up getting his team back in front twice in the final minutes with Freeman getting the game back to a tie in between on a 41-yard touchdown pass to Mike Williams that he corralled after it caromed off cornerback Justin Tryon’s helmet. Manning then found Nicks for 50 yards and Andre Brown, who gave some life to a moribund Giants running game, ran in the winning score.

Williams almost put the Bucs in position for another touchdown with 12 seconds to play, but couldn’t hold onto the catch after a hit by Giants safety Antrel Rolle. Freeman was picked off on the next play, the Giants got their first win of the year and Coughlin got a reason to show off his world-class angry face during his meeting with Schiano.

49 responses to “Coughlin upset with Schiano, Bucs after Giants comeback win

  1. Coughlin is forever whining about rules that don’t exist. You can’t play hard at the end of games. You can’t claim injured players off waivers. Did someone send him a different rule book? CFL maybe?

  2. Talib could have been called at least 5 more times for holding against Nicks. One of the worst officiated games I’ve seen yet.

    And yeah, that was more than Bush League to try and take out Manning on a kneel down. Pathetic, but I would expect no less after a day of cheap shots and infractions that they got away with. What’s one more?

  3. Coughlin should be giving him grief for that. It was classless and stupid. Even if they got him to fumble, they would not have had time to run a play. I get playing tough, and the Bucs did that all game, but at the end like that, you have to show some class and professionalism. The Bucs failed in that compleatly

  4. Lost in this mess is that Tampa was taking advantage of the replacement officials big time. Aquib Talib was holding Nicks every play. Saw Cruz being held, and they held Cruz on Eli’s pick and Vicent Jackson pushed off on his TD catch.

  5. I know the term “Play the whole 60 minutes” but then there are times like this. Don’t be a sore loser and risk someone being injured on a 0.1% chance of a fumbled snap and recovery. Save that effort for preventing a team from scoring 25 points in the final 15 minutes.

  6. Being a Bears fan, I’m a bit unclear on the whole “elite quarterback” thing. Both Brees and Tom Brady lost games they were supposed to win, and Aaron Rodgers hasn’t looked impressive in his first two starts. My conclusion: there is a lot of parity in the NFL and the “elite quarterback” thing is something the pundits say when they’re running at the mouth.

  7. Bucs got absolutely hosed on that call overturning that catch late at the very end. if that wasn’t a catch, then that also wasn’t football being played. So sad. A catch isn’t a catch anymore unless the guy comes down with both feet, and then jukes 3 defenders.

  8. I agree with Coughlin… you don’t rush a kneel-down like that… and other teams will take note, especially if Schiano orders a similar play again in the future. Freeman better hope he’s not in the same situation down the road.

    Eli was money again in the 4th quarter, as he was all of last year. Yes, he stunk it up in the first half (he threw high all afternoon), but redeemed himself with 21 straight points down 27-13 in the 3rd.

    Glad Cruz got a TD to salute his late grandmother.

  9. smstonrock…

    510 yards says he is elite.

    2 Superbowl MVP’s says he is elite.

    15 4th quarter td’s says he is elite. Including 2 today.

    The list goes on but u get the idea.

    Stop hating…

  10. All they did was push the line, I don’t see the big deal. It’s not like they tried getting through to hit Eli.
    Officiating was terrible on both sides of the ball today, was an exciting game to watch though.

  11. The game wasn’t poorly ref’d, if Giants fans really want to complain about Talib holding a couple times, look at your own damn offensive line and say they didn’t get a way with a couple, it balances itself out. Plus Nicks torched him for 199 yards, come on, shut up!

  12. Per Giants beat writers — Bucs players said it was “coach’s orders.” classy stuff

    Yeah, there’s a reliable source of information…….Giants beat writers.

  13. eyeh8goodell says:
    Sep 16, 2012 5:07 PM
    Bucs got absolutely hosed on that call overturning that catch late at the very end. if that wasn’t a catch, then that also wasn’t football being played. So sad. A catch isn’t a catch anymore unless the guy comes down with both feet, and then jukes 3 defenders.
    No, it wasn’t a catch. Williams did not demonstrate a “football move” after getting both feet down, and he did not maintain possession while going out of bounds.

    If Mario Manningham drops that ball in SB 46 after catching and getting both feet down, then the Giants don’t win last year. But he maintained possession, and it WAS a catch. Today, Williams dropped the ball. Know the rule before you comment.

  14. tombradyspoop says:
    Sep 16, 2012 5:12 PM
    All they did was push the line, I don’t see the big deal. It’s not like they tried getting through to hit Eli.
    Yeah, I’m sure Eli just “fell down” without being hit. What was he trying to do, get a penalty on TB?

  15. The defense job is to tackle the ball carrier, maybe the giants offensive line shouldn’t be taking off plays because they think the game is already won.

  16. Worst officiated game I have seen in a while. How is that not a catch by Williams? How was that not a blow to the head when the giants d blew up VJax? Just a poorly officiated game all around..

  17. And I’m a Bucs fan and the right call was made on the Mike Williams drop. No football move was made. That play has been called like that for years and was obvious.

    Pass defense was bad but Mike Williams had 3 chances to make a huge play and failed twice. And the two times he did fail were plays that should be made with ease.

  18. The Bucs played some dirty football today. They were going at guys knees, holding, and always taking the extra cheap shot. That style of play wont fly with any opposing coach not just Coughlin.

  19. ripster65 says: Sep 16, 2012 5:22 PM

    I missed the play. What,exactly, happened? No mention of what the incident was. I guess maybe a D lineman tried to tackle Eli on a kneeldown…?
    On the final play of the game (5 seconds on the clock), the Giants lined up in kneel-down formation. When the ball was snapped, the Bucs rushed the line and Eli fell backwards, prompting some pushing and shoving as the Giants took exception to the move… it’s considered professional courtesy to not rush a kneel-down.

    It’s standard practice for the O-line and D-line to verbally acknowledge it’s a kneel-down, and the O-line usually just stands up and makes a half-hearted “block” to the equally half-hearted “rush” by the D-line, as they’re not bracing themselves for an actual play. That’s why Coughlin was mad because his O-line could have been rolled up like Diehl had been earlier in the game.

  20. What’s the problem? They played to the end. If you think you can get the ball back and win the game, why not? If a team is down by a lot then, yeah it’s unnecessary and pretty unsporting, but not when it’s close.

    Seems to me Schiano wanted to send a message that when you play the Bucs, it’s for 60 minutes.

  21. As a Bucs fan, I don’t particular care for what happened on the last play. That being said, there was still some football left to be played. Eli could have backed up a few steps and kneeled it. Regardless, I don’t agree with it.

    And with all these people all on here complaining the refs missed penalties on the Bucs. What about the blatant facemask on Doug Martin that would have put us on the Giants 35? Instead we had to punt. That could have changed the entire complexion of the game. What about the phantom hold on Talib that resulted in a Bucs pick? Could have changed the game again. The helmet to helmet on Vincent Jackson? The Giants got the call on a less obvious play in the first half. On top of that I saw several holds by the Giants O-line that went unnoticed.

    At the end of the day we lost and our secondary got absolutely embarrassed in the second half. Moot!

  22. The Giants took the first 3/4 of the game off as they knew they would only need 15 minutes to beat the buc’s

    As for the last play Josh Freeman will now pay for his coaches calls.

    30 other teams now see what the bucs are all about

    510 pass can you say Elite with saying Eli

  23. What was Schiano thinking? This is the NFL . Their is no place for that kind of nonsense at the end of the game. Enough players get hurt under normal circumstances. We don’t need this guy trying to make a name for himself trying to do something foolish. Come on Schiano do you really think your the only coach to think about trying to do this? I’m sure many others have but none were foolish enough to try. Your not going to get the ball. Take the loss like a man and move on.

  24. I thought new Yorkers were tough? I have never heard so much crying after a win! Who would have thought new York and green bay had so much in common

  25. Great game but the refs blew too many calls. Yes talib held a lot but martin got his face masked pulled in the 4th qtr and no flag, V Jackson got hit from that Dude launching himself and a helmet to helmet but no flag.

    As a bucs fan I’m ok with this loss. We went toe to toe with the champs! Schiano is an ex linebacker and will knock coughlin out, 1 hit.

    GO BUCS!

  26. It’s football not flag football. If you’re going for a kneel down with time on the clock that means the game isn’t over yet. You guy complaining about that must be wearing skirts. IT’S FOOTBALL! …. I don’t think the lingerie football league ladies would care or cry about it.

  27. Because the entire Bucs D line rushed, I have to believe that this was ordered by the Bucs Coach. If it had been only one player , then I say it was just one hothead that was pissed off. But this horsesh*t goes on Bucs Coach and the rest of the NFL will take note. I think Karma will put Freemen in the IU later in the season. NFL players have their own way of policing the field, with or without replacement refs.We all know the Raiders set an NFL record of flags last year , which cost them so many games . We all know about Suh and Harrison ‘ antics. Their teams won in spite of their cheap shots. Tampa is not at the Steelers or Lions level, so look for a long losing season again.Good teams don’t beat them self with stupid plays in critical moments. AND YES, ELI tripped because he had 600 pounds of O line fall on his feet.

  28. magicbucs says: Sep 16, 2012 11:45 PM

    Great game but the refs blew too many calls. Yes talib held a lot but martin got his face masked pulled in the 4th qtr and no flag, V Jackson got hit from that Dude launching himself and a helmet to helmet but no flag.

    As a bucs fan I’m ok with this loss. We went toe to toe with the champs! Schiano is an ex linebacker and will knock coughlin out, 1 hit.

    GO BUCS!
    you were only IN the game because of the non-calls on holding. Ken Phillips’ hit was the biggest hit this season that was actually clean. Get over it. You got a pick 6 as a RESULT of a blatant hold that wasn’t called. The WRs still had 400 yards receiving DESPITE being held on 3/4 of all passing plays. You didn’t stand toe to toe. The Giants spotted you points with uncharacteristically sloppy play early. The final 20 minutes of the game were more indicative of what the game would have otherwise been.

  29. As a Buc fan I’m upset with Schiano too.

    The time to get feisty is not with 5 seconds on the clock and Eli taking a knee. The time to get feisty was when you had 4 minutes left, an 8 point lead and were 4th and about 1 yard to go on the Giants side of the 50 yard line. Instead Schiano was throwing a fit at Mike Williams for not getting the 1st down on the previous play.

    If you had gone for it on 4th down and made the first down, you could have run another minute off the clock and possibly driven down into field goal range. With an 11 point lead and less than 3 minutes you would have likely gotten the W.

    I put this loss squarely where it belongs, on the Head Coach. You don’t hand the ball back to the World Champs with 4 minutes left, especially when your defense was getting torched on the pass all day.

  30. Coughlin needs to quit whining. Ive been a huge football fan all of my 33 years and some unspoken rules are stupid.

    How is kneeling ruled to be down? All other plays the opposition must touch or tackle the ball carrier or go out of bounds to rule the play dead on a run. This kneeling with no touch doesnt follow any of the other rules.

    Spiking should be intentional grounding also. How isn’t it?

    Play the game hard all the way to the whistle and dont complain because the other team doesnt want to rollover and hand you the win.

  31. To say that, ‘it’s football, take your skirt off,’ is a product of a moron who obviously doesn’t understand how much money these guys make and that it’s a business. I wonder how mad Schiano and the Bucs would have been if Eli threw a deep ball to Nicks or Cruz and scored a big touchdown to run up the score? The game was over, the Giants kneeled the ball because it’s the gentleman’s thing to do. Schiano will understand by week 8 that his Rutgers tactics only work in the Big East.

  32. If you quit working an hour early at your job your boss would be pissed. These guys have 60 min to earn big money… So if there’s time on the clock, play ball, especially if your only down by a score. As a fan, former player and current coach you want your team to play every second of every down and anything less is bulls**t.

  33. I keep hearing people say, “It would be different if the Giants had run a play.” A kneel down IS a play. The game ends when the clock reads all zeroes, not when the Giants decide it does. I could see it if the Giants were up by two scores, then there’s no chance. But of ALL the teams in the NFL, the Giants should know that anything can happen on that final snap. And it’s not like the Bucs disguised what they were doing. They lined up in a four-point goal line stance. Anybody with eyes could have seen that they were coming. It’s on the Giants O-line to block them, not let up because hey, we have the ball and the lead, game over.

  34. yes the other teams will take notice of how the bucs play. but the bucs better realize when they do that again that they have to play the saints twice and we all know that the saints have a program to take out qbs. so schiano better worry about getting his qb hurt next time he pulls a stunt like that

  35. I think in a 7 pt or less game, its on. When the game is more than one score, take your medicine and let the clock roll. But when a strip could change the game, keep playing.

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