Dolphins offense explodes in second half for first win of year

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The Dolphins offense was fell asleep for most of the first half, but Reggie Bush found a way to jolt things back to life.

Bush scored on runs of 23 and 65 yards about four minutes apart in the third quarter to turn a 10-7 Raiders halftime lead into a 21-10 lead for the home team. Both touchdowns featured everything that once made Bush the second overall pick of the draft as he weaved through defenders and flashed spectacular speed to get into the end zone twice and swing all the momentum in the game in the favor of his team.

Bush has now topped 100 yards from scrimmage in six straight games. He finished this day with 197 yards and helped jolt his team to life in a 35-13 victory.

Ryan Tannehill took the team 80 yards for another touchdown by hitting Brian Hartline, who had an excellent game, several times for first downs. He capped the drive with the first throwing touchdown of his brief NFL career, a strike to tight end Anthony Fasano, and then the rout would be on a short time later when rookie running back Lamar Miller went 15 yards for yet another score. Tannehill finished the day 18-of-30 for 200 yards, but the most important number was the zero in the turnover department.

Carson Palmer put up much bigger numbers in the passing department — 373 yards, but only 134 in the second half — but the Raiders couldn’t turn that gaudiness into points. It would have helped if they got more than 23 rushing yards on the day, but the Dolphins defense wasn’t giving them anything on that front. Throw in the defense’s inability to stop the Dolphins in the second half and you’ve got a recipe for nothing other than empty passing yards. At 0-2, the Raiders are making their effort to end their playoff drought a much more difficult one.

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  1. Huge win for the Phins. Reggie Bush looked every bit the No. 2 overall pick, Tanehill was poised, and the defense, outside of one atrocious play, kept the Raiders out of the end zone.

    Still no deep threat in the passing game, but nice job protecting the football and bending-but-not breaking on defense for Miami. Helps validate Philbin in that locker room.

  2. wow, got our butts kicked…raiders looked lethargic in this game…no intensity or emotions from players or coaches.. and some boneheaded mistakes throughout game..need to start watching db’s at the college level because no doubt that is what we are using the first rd pick on this year….still scratching my head on why we cut dvd, even more so now.

    Bottom line Raiders look like a team that has 24 new guys on the roster, and a rookie head coach. We need to get this thing corrected ASAP.

    Go Raiders!

  3. Hartline is their best receiver in this offense and Bess is good as a possession guy. The Dolphins still need a burner that can catch though. Tannehill played well, ran well, no tip issues and his decisions were good all game. His accuracy is getting better but he needs to lead running receivers. Most of his completions were spot throws and there were some yards that could have been gained after the catch. Overall, this team plays well when they have confidence. Bush looked good. The defense looked better but the Raiders never really used the TE much and that is where the Dolphins have the most issues on defense. Raiders caught a bunch of balls but most were immediately tackled.

  4. The Raiders are suffering from a total lack of identity. Palmer is actually fairing okay however he’s throwing way too much. DMC looks nothing like the playmaker of previous seasons either. On a positive note, the penalties have lessened.

  5. Did you hear that? It was the collective sound of warm Bud Lights being thrown at TV’s all at the same time.

    Nice job Raiders. You’re fighting hard to claim that prized 32nd ranking in the league.

    “Nation” excuses start…3…2…1…

  6. The running game has to get better. Won’t win many games throwing the ball times 50 times a game. Defense had a huge letdown in the second half. Special teams still not giving us many drive starts with decent field position either.

    Overall, not many positives from this one.

  7. how they heck do they plan on stopping manning and his wr if they can’t stop tannehill and his scrubs? so irritated right now

  8. I didn’t hear any news on the Raiders long snapper. I guess that means no bungles today? Despite the loss, that would have to be considered a positive if there is to be a chance for them to win their first game soon.

  9. Congrats to the Dolphins and HC Joe Philbin on their first win of the season. Don’t know what the rest of the season brings, but this feels great right now. Also nice to see the Pats blow it after getting a gift.

  10. shocking improvement by the phins, besides the obvious Bush explosion:

    – Tannehill, after some scary throws in the first series… looked pretty good…. stunning improvement from last week….

    – Hartline showed some chops last year, but he’s firing on all cylinders now… he stretched the field a few plays and can pretty much play any WR role now…

    – O line put up a real performance for the first time in a year and a half….

    the Phins Jets game coming up just got actually interesting…. no way Sanchez pulls that out… Phins by 7….

  11. Full marks to the Dolphins, they played hard and won the game easily.

    Traveling to Miami on a short week for an early game in that heat is tough, but it doesn’t explain not showing up at all to play the game.

    The Raiders better figure out how to run the ball in the ZBS, or it’s gonna be a hell of a long season.

  12. Good game by Tannehill….
    As a Raider fan, I’m already hoping they fire Knapp again.
    But it can’t be all his fault. They were bad in too many areas the past two games.

    I’m a fan, but right now they look like the worst team in the NFL. Nowhere to go but up.
    Or maybe to get even worse….

  13. Just admit the Fins are not as bad as you thought. Even the game against the Texans was close until Miami gift wrapped 3 TD’s to them in the second quarter. That was a 3 point game until that comedy of errors caused them the game. Sure they are limited in passing the ball but they can run the ball and stop the run. They will be respectable. But they will still have a losing record.

  14. Eveyone can see that knapp is horrible. Back when we had him the first time it was struggles all day and now its just embarrasing. Im with the black and silver all day everyday but when the fanbase can see what’s the problem and the exec just sit back and say we gotta progress. We all I’ve seen is cable turned a corner started looking up then they canned him. Hue was looking good, a little static sometimes, but he wanted it you could hear it in him. But they can him. Now Dennis Allen doesn’t know whats going on out there. You can tell he lost his team and they don’t care. Which is sad and we as raider fans have to sit back and take another year of losses. The most un proffesional organization in the league. Big reg should start looking for a real coaching staff. And players who want it.

  15. Raiders were clearly affected by the short week, cross-country travel, and blistering heat in their black uniforms.

    Nonetheless Miami actually looked competent today. I can see this Dolphin team winning as many as five games this season, three more than I predicted.

  16. dlh1970 says: Sep 16, 2012 5:36 PM

    Congrats Phins! Nice win. Anybody else think it’s strange that Tannehill says Go to hike the ball instead of Hut?
    What is strange is that he says it twice, every time, and Oakland still didn’t get a jump on the snap. It’s almost like Cassel shouting “Omaha” before he fumbles or takes a sack.

  17. The raiders always lose to the dolphins..this game shouldnt be a surprise..greg knapp has to realize that he has the #1 runningback in the backfield..USE HIM! Dont do checkdowns to him every single game and have Carson throw 50 passes a game..Other than that the offense looked pretty good..Defense was awful..The cornerbacks got embarrassed by no name recievers all day..

  18. raiders1995:

    That’s the whole problem. Because McMuffin is the ENTIRE Raiders’ offense, they have no choice but to break things up and try to establish the passing game. Even if it means nothing more than constantly checking down to him. It actually worked against SD a few times, with #20 running the slant.

    But if Oakland tries to run him out of the backfield, all game, then teams will load the box, and he’ll breakdown from the abuse. Simple as that.

  19. Am I the only long time (25+years) Raider fan that can’t take it anymore? We have no heart, no pride. “Big Reg” is making idiotic moves and why in the world would we go to ZBS when our offense was top 10 last year. We are the worst organization by far….at this point I don’t plan on supporting the Raiders until they can field at least a decent product. My loyalty has worn out…..

  20. The Fins may not finish the season above 500, however today they are at 500 and tied with the rest of the east at 1-1. We got to enjoy this win and get ready for Tony and the jets, the Pittsburgh radio announcers were saying that Tony was getting predictable in his calls, perhaps he watch Miami with 5 touchdowns and no field goals, so the fist pump just went away. Bill

  21. Must have been the free hats.

    By the way, the halftime FG attempts for $10K were from 30 yards. They didn’t come close.

  22. Great game by the Fins. Hartline did great as well as Bess. Bush looked amazing and I hope his teammates now see why he puts in so much extra time and hard work and I hope they start to follow his lead. Fins still need some play makers on offense but that will have to get addressed in the draft. Even if it was just for a day, as fans we got to see what it is that Philbin is trying to do….there was no field goal celebrating on Sunday!!!!! The kid(T-Hill) looks mature and does not get rattled easy, nice td run. Glad to see Bush as one of the leaders of this young locker room and negative guys like Y Bell, V Davis, and B Marsh gone after causing locker room problems in the past. GO PHINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Congratulations to the dolphins and all their fans for a great victory. We’re playing the steelers next week. If I don’t see Carson Palmer in shotgun formation everytime he throws the ball, I might as well turn my T.V. off because it’s gonna be a bloodbath. He is too slow to take a 5 step drop against the steeler defense. Get his ass in shotgun formation where he has that extra second to throw the ball because he’s gonna need it. Last week I saw Peyton Manning disect this steeler defense like I’ve never seen happen before. Carson, I can only hope you can put your blockers in the right place like Peyton did.

  24. Its time for Reggie to go “Orlando Magic” mode and start gutting this team to have lots of money to spend and get the right players for next year.

  25. It is flat out humiliating to be 0-2. Just wait until we’re 0-5, Hue Jackson is laughing at Mark Davis as we , the fans, suffer again. The zone-blocking scheme is a disaster and Greg Knapp was probably the worst person they could’ve hired, must’ve come cheap. Allen looks like Kiffin more every day. Yeah, I’m mad, cat-spittin’ mad, Al is rolling over in his grave. And the team should be ashamed.

  26. The raiders can forget about competing for a playoff spot, not gonna happen. Instead, they could compete with the chiefs for 3rd place, time to push that panic button because you have sleepers next, then the broncos, then falcons, 0-5 sounds like a great start to fold.

  27. Reggie isn’t as great as everyone makes him out to be but he’s tore up the Raiders each time he plays them. I hate Greg Knapp and his offense. The defense just broke down. Hard to see how a rookie QB can come in and do what he did, so I have to give him credit.

  28. And the race for the AFC West cellar is on!! The Raiders are in the lead but the Chiefs are running neck & neck. Who will win? Get your money down while you can folks, here we go!

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