Eagles come back to take hard-fought win over Ravens


In a hard-fought game that dragged on for more than three and a half hours and wasn’t decided until the final minute, the Philadelphia Eagles proved that this year’s version of the team can win the tough games that last year’s “Dream Team” lost, beating the Baltimore Ravens 24-23.

It was a game in which much went wrong for the Eagles, from Michael Vick throwing an interception on the first drive to losing starting offensive linemen King Dunlap and Jason Kelce, and yet when it was over they had come from behind to win.

It was also a chippy game that the replacement officials at times appeared to lose control of: Pushing and shoving after the play was the norm, and tempers flared at several points.

But it was mostly a game in which the Eagles showed poise and resolve, falling behind 17-7 at halftime but coming back to dominate the second half. The Ravens’ offense fell apart late in the game, with Ray Rice becoming a non-factor and Joe Flacco becoming wildly inaccurate. Vick, meanwhile, settled down and became much more effective in the second half, throwing a 23-yard touchdown pass to Jeremy Maclin in the third quarter and running for a touchdown in the fourth quarter. Vick did have two interceptions and a lost fumble, but he also had 371 passing yards and 34 rushing yards.

The Ravens, who looked so good in their Week One win over the Bengals, now look like they have some problems on offense. And the Eagles are now 2-0, with back-to-back last minute wins to start the season.

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  1. Too all the Ravens fans that commented on here yesterday on that Lesean Mccoy Post. I would just to say. HA.

  2. The Ravens don’t represent the state of Maryland. Philadelphia believe me when I tell you…the Redskins WILL sweep you all. Michael Vick needs to constantly be treated like a baby. Forever ringless.

  3. i like the ravens but the week leading up to this game made me like their fans less. the most smack i’ve ever heard from a non rival. go eagles.

  4. Absolutely ridiculous, the refs took that one away from the Ravens. If you saw the game, you would know just how insane the offensive pass interference call on Jacoby Jones that robbed the Ravens of a touchdown, you would agree.

  5. That’s right folks, can’t say they didn’t beat a good team this week!! I told you guys, the team you saw last week is not the team you’re going to see all season. They were better this week, still not great, but better. I think they’ve proven in this young season that, despite trying to beat themselves, they definately belong amongst the best teams in the NFL. Once they corral the turnover and the penalties, they’ll be really hard to beat!

  6. Problems on offense? You mean the offense that scored what looked like the game winner, but taken off the board by the phantom off. pass interference call…sure looked like nhamdi and jones both had their hands up to make a play on the ball. Oh well, good win eagles. I believe the ravens will be just fine!

  7. Good game to watch. That Ravens kicker was automatic.

    For every 2 great Vick passes, there was 1 destructive toss.

    That officiating was terrible for both sides but some great D on the field today

  8. and that fumble clearly should’ve been credited to Bryce Brown, not Vick. He had clear control and was hit right in the arm carrying the ball by a blitzing DB. In no way shape or form was that Vicks fault.

  9. Not enoug running with Ray Rice. At one point in the game he was 10 for 95. They put too much into Flacco and the passing attack.

  10. I’m a fan of neither team but I was watching the game because I live near Philly. I looked at Joe Flacco in the 4th quarter and the man looks like he just doesn’t have it. He looked confused and bright eyed today. People ask what separates him from the elite quarterbacks and its moments like the ones he had in this game and others that have so far defined his career. He’s a nice QB but not an elite QB.

  11. Absolutely ridiculous, the refs took that one away from the Ravens. If you saw the game, you would know just how insane the offensive pass interference call on Jacoby Jones was that robbed the Ravens of a potentially game-winning touchdown.

  12. Thanks to the refs not calling a blatant intentional grounding call by Vick the play before the TD Vick gets an easy TD to win. Winning is much easier when the refs are mentally challenged.

  13. Now that it’s cost us a game, I’m done with the replacement officials.

    I need that official to explain to me how that game sealing TD was offensive pass interference. It was disgusting. Not even close to anything at all. Losing is one thing, but it’s just not cool when it’s stolen from you like that. What a horrible call game changing call.

  14. Flacco was who we thought he was. Like any QB you put pressure on him and he withers. Raven fans were so pumped with his 299 yard and 3 td game last week.lol Wow must all be Raven franchise records. lol

  15. no one thought the eagles could win this game…but you we all wrong…we are legit forget what everyone says EAGLES ALL DAY 2-0..once we correct the turnovers its gonna be a wrap for every other team in the league…EAGLES BABY

  16. tonyarnold2 says:
    Sep 16, 2012 4:51 PM
    Absolutely ridiculous, the refs took that one away from the Ravens. If you saw the game, you would know just how insane the offensive pass interference call on Jacoby Jones that robbed the Ravens of a touchdown, you would agree.

    Anyone who watched the game knows Jacoby Jones did push off, had his arm extended outward and pushed, easy call. But what the refs didn’t call was roughing the passer the first half of the game on Vick. The refs helped nobody today, so your team just sucks.

  17. The refs made/missed terrible calls all day. For both teams. The Ravens’ offensive line was holding like crazy, but they only seemed to notice Philly doing it.

    Also, did Jacoby Jones even get his second foot inbounds during that negated TD catch?

  18. I wonder where all those trash talking Ravens fans are now? Hey ravenator are you there?

    This was one great win by the Eagles.Vick was pretty darn good today. He’s the first passer in 20 games to go for over 300 yards against the Ravens defense. The Eagles defense made Joe Flacco look inept, he was shut down completely in the second half. That’s what happens when you play a real defense Joe.

    Michael Vick was clutch for a second straight week, he had a game-winning touchdown drive against the Ravens defense that doesn’t happen often folks. If this team can cut down on the turnovers they are going to be very difficult to beat.

  19. An absolutely awful call on TD pass to Jones that was called interference. I defy anyone to find a receiver anywhere in the area where Vick threw the ball on the 1 yard line. The refs swallowed the whistle.
    This game was black eye for the NFL. Goodell get the officials back!

  20. Totally pushed off….good call.

    The real story was the Defense, Eagles rookies Kendricks and Boykin were phenomenal, as was Ryans….You have to hand it to Castillo, who has been mocked so badly since being named D-coordinator. The D has been great so far this year.

  21. Ravens fans, you can’t seriously be complaining about the refs. They weren’t very good, but you got guys got any advantage there was from that. No roughing the passer on Vick that was clearly there multiple times. Your right guard false started on at least 30% of the plays the Ravens ran and it was never called. There was a lot of contact both ways on that pass to Jones, but he shoved Nnamdi in the face right before the ball got there, which you just can’t do. Outside of the turnovers, the Eagles were clearly the better (though not dominant) team.

    You guys have a very good team, though. I wouldn’t be too worried about this one if I were you. I hope to see you guys in a rematch a few months down the line.

  22. This game was officiated like a nhl playoff, third period. They swollowed their whistles. The OF interfier penalty was lame, which is what ravens fans will remember, was only one missed call. The first half was nothing but missed calls……..Great win, Eagles! Correct the problem NFL!

  23. I am an Eagles fan; however, really like the Ravens so this was a great game to watch! What really surprised me was the Eagles O-line considering the injuries and how the D strapped it on – especially in the second half. Need to fix the turnovers and we’ll be “on the road to victory” E-A-G-L-E-S Eagles!!

  24. Great win for the Eagles. As always, the media has hyped the Ravens, who are a good team, into 5-time defending Super Bowl Champions. Happens every year. Just listen to the talking heads gush about how the Ravens are Super Bowl favorites, even though they haven’t been to one in 12 years. They are a lot like the early 2000 Eagles who couldn’t get over the hump and were heavily criticized by the national media. This Ravens team gets a free pass. Let them actually win the Super Bowl before we canonize them. It’s not the year 2000 any more. The Ravens D got shredded today. They are good, but not dominant and not deserving of such high praise.

  25. tough, tough game . the refs helped nobody by calling bad calls against both teams, well Ravens fans it was not the Blowout that you all predicted. good luck this season and maybe we’ll see you further down the road. Go EAGLES !!!

  26. They didn’t call intentional grounding because they ruled the play to be a fumble. You cannot throw a flag upon review except for 12 man on the field. So for anyone that thinks that was a blown call, you are incorrect per the rules of the NFL.

  27. That offensive pass interference call never should have happened. The holding call on 3rd down should NEVER have been accepted. I’m glad it worked out in the end, but why would you give a team another shot on 3rd down inside the red zone?

  28. Hey Return of meezle at least our team has won a couple of Super Bowls and are the only undefeated team in NFL history.Philadelphia teams when everyone picks them to win they lose.

  29. I think Reid was right to accept the holding penalty. If he declined it, they had a chip shot field goal. By accepting it, if the Ravens don’t convert 3rd and forever, it’s a 47 yard attempt. I think the uncertainty over a 47 yard attempt is worth accepting the penalty.

  30. “Mike Vick is clutch. What a game by Vick. Very underrated QB. People act like he is the worst QB in th eleague.”

    There are worse in the NFL, but he’s the worst starting QB in the NFCE.

  31. One last note, why is it roughing the passer for low hits at the waist (1 on Vick and one on flacco) but not when guys dive at Vicks knees (twice on first drive)?

  32. If the hit affects the throw, the ball is moving forward and is not far from any eligible receiver, I don’t think you would get the intentional grounding call anyway.

  33. Hey philly fans learn the rules! So T Smith wasn’t held by the sleeve going for the long ball? Jones pushes off on a guy with his hands in his chest? If the the guy’s playing the ball, okay, but that should’ve been defencive interference, come on. Those DB’s went to the Frank Walker school of execution, grab, cuddle and hold. Flacco had a reason to be befuddled…Vick will not play this entire season, don’t kid yourselves.

  34. Everyone acted like the Ravens were going to go to Philly and blow out that Eagles. Like I said that wasn’t going to happen. Eagles won and deserved to win. If the Eagles stop turning the ball over they can beat anyone.

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