Flacco rips replacement refs for “affecting the integrity of the game”


Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco is not happy with the NFL’s replacement officials after today’s 24-23 loss to the Eagles.

Flacco seemed to be particularly upset about an offensive pass interference penalty that nullified an apparent 25-yard touchdown pass to Jacoby Jones, and he told reporters after the game that he’s fed up with the officials who are working while the regular refs are locked out.

According to Bart Hubbuch of the New York Post, Flacco said after the game that the replacement refs are “affecting the integrity of the game.”

Flacco said he hates complaining because he doesn’t want to “sound like a baby,” but he felt it needed to be said. Ravens coach John Harbaugh added that he thought it was a “chaotic game.”

Harbaugh is right: There were several times during the game when the officials were far too slow to get things straightened out, and as a result the game lasted well over three and a half hours.

The question now is whether the NFL plans to do anything about it: If players and coaches continue complaining and insisting that the integrity of the game is being affected — and if the paying customers voice their agreement — then the NFL may have no choice but to listen, and to take steps toward ending the lockout.

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  1. The regular officials are the ones engaged in a labor standoff , why blame the replacement officials when they have no say in if they are used or not?

  2. The only reason the replacement refs are getting grief is because everyone knows they are “replacement” refs. The officiating isn’t really all that worse. Sack up Joe. You shouldve won this game and your crappy decision making lost the game, not a bad call by the refs.

  3. So Joe doesn’t want to sound like a cry baby? Too late. I agree with one thing. The replacement refs suck but they got the offensive pass interference right. You can’t put you hands in the face of the defender while he is going for the ball. If it was the other way around, the Ravens would be screaming for defensive pass interference. Great game! Loved the chippiness. Just stop crying Joe. You choked on your last drive and you could see it on your face.

  4. Gee Flacco…no comment about the “fumble” call before Vick scored? If that horrendous call hadn’t been overturned, you’d have won and never said anything. Crybaby.

  5. Just Jacoby Jones doing what he did while with the Texans, plays real good when called upon giving you just a few oooh and ahhh before he has a brain fart.

  6. I get that these guys are trying their best to call the games, and I fully expect some missed/bad calls, but it’s really getting out of hand around the entire league. They just aren’t experienced enough to handle all of it. An admirable attempt, but it’s just not working. Games are being decided by their mistakes.

  7. Objectively, this week has been a huge step back from last week’s performance by the replacement officials.

    I don’t remember seeing so many flags and I wonder what the final penalty count will be.

    I also saw three blown replay reviews on a catch and two fumble calls.

    And they still have the second half of the late games, Sunday night, and Monday.

    No bueno.

  8. The NFL did not handle this well – these refs should have been trained way better, and the NFL knew last year there was a ref issue in the works.

    Mark my words, the NFL hoped these replacements could be perminate.

  9. If anything the refs were beneficial to the Ravens’ chances to win. I would agree they weren’t great, and that we should get the locked out refs back in as soon as possible, but there is still going to be plenty of mistakes that impact all 32 teams.

  10. I am in agreement with Flacco. Replacement refs call a different game from the regular refs, and that changes the game. Lord Knows I am not a student of football, but I notice different calls. This must change the game, and change involving the referees is not good.
    (for the record, I am a Pats fan and not a Ravens fan)

  11. The replacement officials blew some calls. But they also are indistinguishable from the ‘regular’ officials. I saw bad, questionable and outright infuriating calls last year, and every year preceding. Nothing has changed!

  12. Why all the complaining about the Refs? All I see is hard nosed football being played in these games. The defense finally has a chance to cover WRs.

    Flacco’s just whining because his agent cut off contract talks because of last weeks game and he goes out this week and lays an egg.

  13. The Eagles D-back were holding the Ravens receivers the entire game. The officiating was absolutely atrocious. The no call on Vick’s intentional grounding and the offensive pass interference call on Jones were awful and changed the game.

  14. Flacco doesn’t want to sound like a baby. He also can’t play like an elite QB. He’s just not good enough. Whoever gives him the big bucks will regret it.

  15. is it just me or is someone in the ravens interior line false starting on every play? I might be misunderstanding the rules, but it doesn’t seem like they set for a full second before they snap it.

  16. I don’t disagree with Flacco on the refs in general, there were flags thrown both ways in ALL games today that were pretty bad. Not just the flags that were thrown, but the flags that were not thrown. I have been an advocate for the replacement refs, as I have seen so many blown calls by the old refs and I think they are being greedy and need to have some accountability. But after a not so bad first week, this is getting ridiculous. I have never seen so much uncalled holding both on the offensive line and in the backfield. No consistancy whatsoever. That being said, Flacco was throwing his arms up after nearly every play calling for a flag when there was no justification for one. Seems like the refs are listening too much to the fans and players when making calls and therefore players are calling for a flag almost every play.

  17. Nobody is saying the regular refs don’t make mistakes. They certainly do, but those are all judgment calls. These replacerees don’t know the actual rules and can’t keep pace with the game.

  18. The replacement refs are horrible. Several games I have watched have been poorly officiated. Even the simple stuff seems really complicated. As fans we should have a huge say, and these refs need to go and go very soon.

  19. I think Harbaugh has gotten into Flacco’s mind just a little too much. Seriously, off the top of my head, Jim and John Harbaugh are two of the biggest whiners when it comes to the refs

  20. The NFL refs lockout in addition to the (new) NHL lockout makes me wonder when fans will stage a lockout of the leagues/players.
    Fans pay the way, but neither side seems to care about the possibility of fans turning away.

  21. 100% correct. eagles did not win this game without the ref’s help. not say the real refs would have gotten it right but a huge game deciding blown call. eagles did not get the W

  22. If it’s not obvious to you that the refs completely screwed this game up at the very end, you apparently are blind. They called a CLEAR forward pass a fumble. That play should have been intentional grounding, but since they didn’t call that on the play and it was reviewed, they couldn’t admit to it. As a result you give Vick a 1 yard play to get the go ahead touchdown. If they penalty had been called instead of the asinine “fumble” where the ball traveled about 5 yards IN THE AIR from where it was “fumbled” the end of the game would have likely been with Baltimore kneeling down, instead of Philly.

  23. Christopher525, you could argue because Vick was hit while he was throwing he could not get enough on it to reach his receiver which would not be intentional grounding.

    It is a judgment call but I agree with you that should have been grounding as Vick was not trying to complete anything and was not out of the pocket.

  24. The Ravens have been complaining about the calls for years when they lose. Go into the Baltimore Sun archives after every Steelers victory and you’ll find plenty of whining about the refs in post game write-ups. Par for the course in Baltimore.

  25. The regular refs were not perfect because everyone makes mistakes, however, the replacement refs are terrible. A basic penalty call turns into a conference between 3-4 refs. Help us all when something more difficult than a holding call needs to be made. It’s almost like they only know the first couple of pages of the rule book. The flow of the game is being affected dramatically. So, bring back the regular refs and then we can debate close calls we disagree with instead of watching refs who aren’t good enough for Division III football.

  26. I’m tired of seeing a ref throw a flag then huddling up for five minutes to discuss it with the other officials. The same thing happened during the Pittsburgh game. And while you’re at it get the spot, downs and timeouts right. For gosh sakes it’s not rocket science and it really slows the game down.

  27. Intentional grounding? There was an Eagles receiver 2 yards from the spot that the ball went. He was pushed out to the sideline. I understand that people are bitter about the officiating, just as was I when the Raven’s left guard was false starting on 50% of the offensive snaps. It is what it is.

  28. christopher525 says:
    Sep 16, 2012 6:52 PM


    It was clear on the slow mo replay, it wasn’t clear at the time that it was a forward pass. It was plausible that it was knocked from his hand. It also was not intentional grounding. He was hit as he was throwing it which affected where the ball ended up.

    Noone made Flacco sail those passes over the receivers heads at the end of the game. That was 100 percent Flacco.

    I think the big thing is the “comfort level” the players/coaches have with the old refs. Jared Allen is on record of saying that the old refs “know him” and would “give him the benefit of the doubt”. Players and coaches are missing their “special considerations” because the refs “know them”.

  29. If you watch the play again, the receiver didn’t create much separation with the push off. The penalty was because he pushed Nnamdi in the face. It was also a makeup for the ridiculous illegal contacts they kept calling on Nnamdi as well. Late hits on Vick all game. It goes both ways. Eagles won, Ravens lost. Get over it.

  30. The refs had lost control of this game 2 series in. Players could have & prob were hurt b/c of lack of control. They have no idea what’s going on and ive never seen so much “discussing” post flag. At times, players, coaches, and I think I even saw a fan were consulted post flag, “hey so does anyone have anything to say about this penalty? Oh 3rd string db, u disagree, ok,” ” there was no flag for pass interference, sorry the 3rd db of the home team said he didn’t do anything wrong, so never mind no penalty!” this is another example of how roger goodell is single handedly ruining the nfl. It might take a few years, but I guarantee if he is still commish, this game will rapidly decline in popularity and no tebow or manning can save him then!!

  31. Flacco is right. But the replacements calling the Steelers game were much worse.

    Maybe the NFL should raise ticket prices a few bucks so they could afford to pay their experienced refs.

  32. The Refs do a good job, they are not all that overpaid, I mean if they were overpaid and a dime a dozen you would have replaced them with better refs.

    (Hows that working out for the league?)

    Enough said …………….PAY THEM

  33. Flacco had more problems today than the replacement officials. When is he going to stand up and play halfway consistently from week to week! Just when you think that the Ravens were going to dominate; they resort to blaming the refs for losses!

  34. I notice ravenator only opens his big mouth when Baltimore wins or Steelers aren’t looking good. just wanted to point that out. thanks for shutting up ravenator

  35. This is why Flacco will never be a truly elite QB.

    Have you ever heard Roethlisberger, Brady or Manning blame the refs for their loss? Of course not.

    Yeah Joey, I guess the refs made you go 5 for 28 in the second half, when it really counted?

    Flacco always seems to have someone else to blame for his own shortcomings. And when the team loses. Sorry Ravens, fans, that’s not the mark of a real franchise leader.

    But keep on dreaming he is.

  36. I’d love to see Flacco as a replacement ref. I wonder if he would go 5 for 28. The Ravens could use a replacement QB.

    All kidding aside there were missed calls on both sides as there was in every game last year too.

    Flacco was given yet another opportunity on the last drive when they called that borderline penalty on Nnamdi that gave the Ravens yet another first down.

  37. Cant say Joe’s not correct but just like Big Ben last week he had his chance to win the game and laid an egg! Terrible 2nd half stats think he went 6/24 ? and that last drive was awful..complaining about. Holds? What..his team wasn’t doing the same thing? Like I said..SUCK IT UP AND PLAY


  38. That was a terrible call. That should have been a TD for the Ravens. Having said that, Ravens benefited from ref calls all last year. The game they beat the Steelers. refs missed costly calls like the hit on Hines Ward by Ray Lewis and stretched the definition of what a catch is when one of the Ravens guy seem to not have control of the ball too well on crucial 3rd down conversion. Ravens also benefited last year in some other games.

    So you know these things average out. Ravens stop the whining.

  39. It’s the Ravens way; according to them and their fans, they’ve never lost a single game in the history of the franchise simply because they got beat by a better team. It’s always because of blown calls, or no media respect, or injuries, or ‘we beat ourselves’. WRONG. Sometimes the other team just shows up more ready to play and lays a smackdown on you. Take like men, not crybabies, and move on.

  40. Flacco was terrible and this no huddle experiment is a joke. They take just as long to call the plays as if there was a huddle and the Eagles had plenty of time to make substitutions on every play.

  41. Anyone saying it the offensive pass interference wasn’t an awful call is either 1) biased or 2) didn’t see the play. Bob Brookover from the Philly Inquirer (read: not a Ravens writer) even said it was a bad call. That being said, Ravens lost because of their poor offensive playcalling. But it’s worth noting had the bad call not been made, the Ravens do win this game.

  42. On their way to 1 win and 15 losses

    Maybe the replacement refs took his mustache and he lost all his strength

    Maybe the replacement refs were doing the play calling

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