Houston rolling Jags, holding them to negative passing yards


They gave out Shad Khan mustaches in Jacksonville today.

Maybe they should have opted for the entire Groucho-glasses set, as the Jaguars need a good disguise after this one.

The Jags have 44 total yards of offense, and minus-1 through the air.

Blaine Gabbert’s having a hard time getting passes off, and can’t get anything downfield. He’s also getting them swatted at the line of scrimmage, with J.J. Watt getting a pair already.

That’s why the Texans are off to an easy 17-0 lead.

Arian Foster became Houston’s all-time leading rusher, and keeps piling up yards. He and Ben Tate each have a rushing touchdown already, and nearly 100 yards in the first half.

This is only going to get worse.